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Miele SEB 213 - ANNEXE 561 Operating Instructions Manual page 4

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The powerbrush, electric wands
and electric hoses are not toys. Do
not allow children to play with them,
and pay close attention if they are used
near children.
If the appliances are not working
correctly, have been dropped,
damaged, left outdoors, or immersed in
water, do not use them. Bring them to
your Miele dealer for servicing.
Do not run the powerbrush over the
vacuum cleaner cord or extension
cords, and keep it away from heated
Do not handle the appliance with
wet hands.
Turn off all controls before un-plug-
ging the vacuum or powerbrush.
Do not use the powerbrush to vac-
uum anything that may damage the
rollers. Nails, safety pins, buttons, etc.
should not be vacuumed.
Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers
and all parts of the body away from
any openings or moving parts, and
never touch a rotating roller brush.
Use extra care when vacuuming
while on stairs.
Do not use the vacuum to pick up
flammable or combustible liquids,
such as gasoline, or use it in areas
where fumes may be present.
Do not use the vacuum or
power-brush to pick up liquids.
This also applies to freshly shampooed
carpets or rugs. Wait until they are dry
before vacuuming.
Do not pick up items that are burn-
ing or smoking, such as cigarettes,
matches, or hot ashes.
The vacuum and accessories
should only be cleaned when dis-
connected from the power supply. Use
a dry or slightly damp cloth ONLY.
Never submerge the vacuum or acces-
sories in water or use a dripping wet
The powerbrush will shut off auto-
matically if the rollers are pre-
vented from turning; for example if a
large object has been vacuumed.
Should this occur, unplug the vacuum
cleaner before correcting the problem.
Allow 2 - 3 minutes for this safety fea-
ture to reset itself before restarting the
Use only Miele attachments and
accessories. Use of non-Miele de-
signed items will decrease the effi-
ciency of your machine and may be
Do not attempt any repairs other
than those listed in the "Mainte-
nance and care section. Any other re-
quired service should be performed by
an Authorized Miele Service Agent.
Always unplug the machine before
connecting or disconnecting any
accessories from the vacuum cleaner.

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