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Md System Limitations - Yamaha MDX-595 Owner's Manual

Natural sound minidisc recorder
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The recording system in your MD recorder is radically
different from those used in cassette and DAT decks and is
characterized by the limitations described below. Note,
however, that these limitations are inherent to the MD
recording system and are not a result of mechanical
"Can't REC" is displayed before the maximum
recording time (60 or 74 minutes) has been reached
Once 255 tracks have been recorded on one MD, "Can't
REC" is displayed regardless of the total recorded time.
More than 255 tracks cannot be recorded on one MD. To
continue recording, erase unnecessary tracks, combine
tracks to reduce the total number of tracks, or use another
recordable MD.
"Disc Full" is displayed before the maximum number of
tracks (255) have been recorded
During automatic track marking, fluctuations in emphasis
within songs may be interpreted as song intervals,
increasing the total number of tracks and causing "Disc
Full" to be displayed.
The remaining recording time does not increase even
after erasing numerous short tracks
Tracks under 12 seconds in length are not counted and so
erasing them may not lead to an increase in the recording
"TOC Reading" is displayed continuously
The "TOC Reading" display lasts longer than normal when
a brand new (blank) disc is inserted.
The total recorded time and the remaining time on the
MD do not total to the maximum recording time
• Recording is done in minimum units of 2 seconds each,
no matter how short the material. The contents recorded
may thus be shorter than the maximum recording
capacity. Disc space may also be further reduced by
• This unit displays the length of the largest continuous
blank area as the remaining time. Therefore, if there are
several separate blank spaces, the remaining time will
only display a time equivalent to the largest continuous
blank space.
If there is a 1 minute blank space and a 2 minute blank
space, the remaining time display will be "2" minutes. If
you then record 1 minute and 30 seconds of the 2 minute
blank, the remaining time display will become "1" minute.


Tracks created through editing may exhibit sound
dropout during search operations.
Track numbers are not recorded correctly
Incorrect assignment or recording of track numbers may
result when CD tracks are divided into several smaller
tracks during digital recording.
It is not possible to erase part of a track using the A-B
ERASE function
This unit organizes the audio data in sound groups and
clusters. The minimum size of these units varies according
to the number of channels being recorded. For a 2 channel
(stereo) recording, a single unit may not consist of less
than 10 seconds of sound. For one channel (mono)
recording, a single unit may not consist of less than 20
seconds of sound.
Limitations when recording over an existing track
• The correct remaining recording time may not be
• You may find it impossible to record over a track if that
track has been recorded over several times already. If
this happens, erase the track using the ERASE function.
• The remaining recording time may be shortened out of
proportion to the total recorded time.
• Recording over a track to eliminate noise is not
recommended since this may shorten the duration of the
• You may find it impossible to label a track while
recording over another track.
The correct recorded/playing time may not be displayed
during playback of MDs recorded in monaural.



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