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Why Was Md Selected As Media; What Is The Available Recording Time In 4Tr, St And Mono Modes; What Is The Difference Between Md Data And Normal Md; Does The Yamaha Md4 Accept A Normal Md (Mini Disc) - Yamaha MD4 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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MD / Recorder

What is MD?
MD stands for Mini Disc, which is a type of media that allows you to perform
magneto-optical digital recording. It first appeared on the market in 1992. Its main features
are Random access, good sound quality, Easy Song editing, and compact size.

Why was MD selected as media?

MD is removable and easy to handle and reasonably priced. Its quality and future supply are

What is the available recording time in 4TR, ST and mono modes?

Recording time:37 minutes for 4 track; 74 minutes for Stereo; and 148 minutes for mono. So,
recording time is proportional based on how many tracks are used.

What is the difference between MD Data and normal MD?

Normal MD is called "Mini Disc," and is used only for mono and stereo audio signals. MD
Data was originally developed to save computer data and other general-purpose data (such
as digital camera data). It can also work with handle mono, stereo, and four-channel audio

Does the Yamaha MD4 accept a normal MD (Mini Disc)?

A normal Mini Disc can be played back, but cannot be recorded on by the MD4. If you insert
a normal Mini Disc in a Yamaha MD4, the MD4 will not enter recording mode. (Only
playback is available.)


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