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Electrolux EOB53000X User Manual

Ultrafan® oven with fully programmable electronic timer
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user manual
Built-In Electric Oven



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  • Page 1 user manual Built-In Electric Oven EOB53000...
  • Page 2 We were thinking of you when we made this product...
  • Page 3 Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety instructions Description of the Appliance Before using for the first time Operating the Oven Usage, Tables and Tips Cleaning and care What to do if … Electrical Connection Installation Instructions Disposal Guarantee/Customer Service Service and Spare Parts The following symbols are used in this user manual: Important information concerning your personal safety and information on how to avoid damaging the appliance.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Electrical safety • This appliance must be connected by a qualified electrician only. • In the event of a fault or damage to the appliance: take the fuses out or switch off. • Repairs to the appliance must only be carried out by qualified serv- ice engineers.
  • Page 6 How to avoid damage to the appliance • Do not line the oven with aluminium foil and do not place baking trays, pots, etc. on the oven floor, as the heat that builds up will damage the oven enamel. • Fruit juices dripping from the baking tray will leave stains, which you will not be able to remove.
  • Page 7: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the Appliance General Overview Control Panel Oven Power Indicator Oven Functions Control panel Temperature Pilot Light Time display Clock function buttons Temperature selector Door handle Full glass door...
  • Page 8: Oven Features

    Oven Features Shelf positions Oven Accessories Shelf For dishes, cake tins, items for roasting and grilling. Grill set Grill Insert for the roasting pan for roasting and grilling. Roasting Pan For baking and roasting or as a pan for collecting fat. Top heat and heating elements Oven shelf runners, removable Oven lighting...
  • Page 9: Setting And Changing Current Time

    Before using for the first time Setting and changing the current time The oven only operates when the time has been set. When the appliance has been con- nected to the electrical supply or when there has been a power cut, the function indicator Time es automatically.
  • Page 10: Initial Cleaning

    Initial Cleaning Before using the oven for the first time you should clean it thoroughly. Caution: Do not use any caustic, abrasive cleaners! The surface could be damaged. To clean any metal front panels use commercially available cleaning agents. 1. Turn the oven function switch to oven lighting 2.
  • Page 11: Operating The Oven

    Operating the Oven Switching the Oven On and Off Oven Power Indicator Oven Functions 1. Turn the oven functions control knob to the desired function. 2. Turn the temperature control knob to the desired temperature. The power indicator is lit while the oven is on.
  • Page 12: Oven Functions

    Oven Functions The oven has the following functions: Oven function Light Convection with ring heating element Defrost Dual grill With this function you can light up the oven interior, e.g. for cleaning. For baking on up to three oven shelves at the same time. Set the oven temperatures 20-40 °C lower than when using Conventional.
  • Page 13: Inserting Shelf And Roasting Pan

    13 Inserting the Oven Shelf and the Roasting Pan Shelf runner safety and anti-tip de- vice As a shelf runner safety device all insertable components have a small curved indentation at the bottom on the right and left-hand edge.
  • Page 14 14 electrolux operating the oven Inserting the oven shelf and the roasting pan together: Lay the oven shelf on the roasting pan. Push the roasting pan between the guide bars of the selected oven level.
  • Page 15 15 Grill set The grill set consists of grill and roasting pan. The grill can used on both sides. Warning: There is a risk of burning when removing the roasting pan from the hot oven! Inserting the grill tray underneath: The grill tray rests in the roasting pan.
  • Page 16: Clock Functions

    16 electrolux operating the oven Clock Functions Function Indicators Time display Function Indicators Button Button Selector Button Countdown To set a countdown. A signal sounds af- ter the time has elapsed. This function does not affect the opera- tion of the oven.
  • Page 17 How to use the clock functions • When a function has been selected, the corresponding function indicator flashes for approx. 5 seconds. Dur- ing this time the desired times can be set using the • When the desired time has been set, the function indicator flashes for ap- prox.
  • Page 18 Countdown 1. Press Selection button repeated- ly, until the function indicator Countdown flashes. 2. Using the button, set the re- quired Countdown (max. 2 hours 30 minutes). After approx. 5 seconds, the display shows the remaining time. The function indicator Countdown light up.
  • Page 19 Cook time 1. Press Selection button repeated- ly, until the function indicator Cook time flashes. 2. Using the button, set the re- quired cooking time. After approx. 5 seconds, the display re- turns to the current time. The function indicator Cook time When the time has elapsed, the function indicator will flash, an acoustic signal will sound for 2 minutes and the oven will...
  • Page 20 End time 1. Press Selection button repeated- ly, until the function indicator End time flashes. 2. Using the button, set the re- quired switch-off time. After approx. 5 seconds, the display re- turns to the current time. The function indicator End time light up.
  • Page 21 Cook time and End time bined Cook time and End time be used simultaneously, if the oven is to be automatically switched on and off at a later time. 1. Using the function Cook time the period of time that the dish re- quires to cook.
  • Page 22: Usage, Tables And Tips

    Usage, Tables and Tips Baking Oven function: Convection with ring heating element Baking tins • For Convection with ring heating element bright metal tins are suit- able. 1 baking tray: for example, oven level 3 1 baking tin: for example, oven level 1 2 baking trays: for example, oven level 1 and 3 3 baking trays:...
  • Page 23 General instructions With Convection with ring heating element you can also bake two cakes at the same time in tins placed next to each other on the shelf. This does not significantly increase baking time. When frozen foods are used the trays inserted may distort during cooking.
  • Page 24: Baking Tables

    Baking Tables Cakes, Biscuits, Bread, Pies Using cake tins Cakes in Pound Cake tins Sandcakes/Cakes in loaf tins Madeira cake Dundee cake Large Christmas cake (10“) Victoria Sandwich Pastry cases Bakewell tart Swiss roll Flans & quiches Using baking sheets Short bread Biscuits Macaroons...
  • Page 25 Baking on more than one oven level Type of baking Cakes/pastries/biscuits on baking trays Cream puffs/Eclairs Dry streusel cake Biscuits Short pastry biscuits Viennese whirls Biscuits made with sponge mix- ture Pastries made with egg white, meringues Macaroons Biscuits made with yeast dough Puff pastries Rolls Small cakes (20per tray)
  • Page 26: Tips On Baking

    Tips on Baking Baking results The cake is not browned enough at the bottom The cake sinks (be- comes soggy, lumpy, streaky) Cake is too dry Cake browns unevenly Cake is not cooked with- in the baking time set Possible cause Wrong shelf level Oven temperature too high Baking time too short...
  • Page 27 Table: Desserts Desserts Apple pie Rice pudding Fruit crumble Pineapple upside down cake Pavlova Baked custard Baked apples Bread and butter pudding Apple charlotte Soufflé - sweet/savoury 1) Pre-heat oven Convection with ring heating element Shelf Tempera- position ture °C 180-190 130-140 150-160...
  • Page 28 Roasting Oven function: Convection with ring heating element Roasting dishes • Any heat-resistant ovenware is suita- ble for roasting. (Please read the manufacturer's instructions.) • Large roasting joints can be cooked directly in the tray or on the shelf with the tray placed below •...
  • Page 29 Table: Meat, roasting, casseroles Meat Pork Shoulder; leg; rolled; boned spare rib; loin of pork Beef Inexpensive cuts Prime cuts -rare -medium -well done Yorkshire pudding - small - large Lamb Veal 1) Pre-Heat oven Convection with ring heating element Shelf posi- Temperature tion...
  • Page 30 Table: Roasting, casseroles, au gratin Poultry, Game, Fish, Vegetables Casseroles, miscellaneous Casseroles Lancashire, Hot Pot Moussaka Meat Loaf Poultry / Game Chicken Chicken Duck Goose Turkey Turkey Pheasant, Wild Duck, Rabbit Partridge/Pigeon Fish (baked, steamed) Whole fish Fish pies, bakes Vegetables Stuffed pepper/aubergines Au gratin dishes...
  • Page 31: Defrosting Table

    Defrosting Oven function: Defrost perature setting) • Unpack the food and place it on a plate on the oven shelf. • Do not cover with a plate or bowl, as these can substantially lengthen the defrosting time. • For defrosting, place the shelf on the 1st oven level from the bottom.
  • Page 32: Grill Sizes

    Grill sizes Oven function: Dual grill maximum temperature setting Important: Always grill with the oven door closed. The empty oven should always be pre-heated with the grill functions for 5 minutes. • For grilling, place the shelf in the recommended shelf position. •...
  • Page 33 Drying Oven function: Convection with ring heating element • Use oven shelves covered with greaseproof paper or baking parch- ment. • You get a better result if you switch the oven off halfway through the dry- ing time, open the door and leave the oven to cool down overnight.
  • Page 34: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Warning: First switch off the appli- ance and let it cool down before carrying out any cleaning. Warning: For safety reasons, do not clean the appliance with steam blasters or high-pressure cleaners. Attention: Do not use any corrosive cleaning fluids, sharp objects or stain removers.
  • Page 35: Shelf Support Rails

    35 Shelf Support Rails The shelf support rails on the left and right hand sides of the oven can be re- moved for cleaning the side walls. Removing the shelf support rails First pull the front of the rail away from the oven wall (1) and then unhook at the back (2).
  • Page 36: Oven Lighting

    Oven Lighting Warning: Risk of electric shock! Pri- or to changing the oven light bulb: – Switch off the oven! – Disconnect from the electricity sup- ply. Place a cloth on the oven floor to protect the oven light and glass cov- Changing the oven light bulb/clean- ing the glass cover 1.
  • Page 37: Oven Roof

    Oven Roof The upper heating element can be fold- ed down to make it easier to clean the oven roof. Folding down the heating element Warning: Only fold down the heating element when the oven is switched off and there is no risk of being burnt! 1.
  • Page 38: Oven Door

    Oven door For easier cleaning of the oven interior, the oven door can be taken off its hinges. Removing the oven door from its hinges 1. Open the oven door as far as it will 2. Undo the clamping levers (A) on both door hinges fully.
  • Page 39 Hanging the oven door back on its hinges 1. From the handle side take hold of the oven door with a hand on each side and hold at an angle of approx. 45°. Position the recesses on the bottom of the oven door on the hinges on the oven.
  • Page 40: Oven Door Glass

    Oven door glass The oven door is fitted with two panels of glass mounted one behind the other. The inner panel can be removed for cleaning. Important Rough handling, espe- cially around the edges of the front panel, can cause the glass to break. Removing the door glass 1.
  • Page 41 4. Take hold of the door trim (B) on the upper edge of the door at both sides and press inwards to release the clip seal. Then remove the door trim by pulling upwards. 5. Take hold of the door glass on its up- per edge and take it out of the guide by pulling it upwards.
  • Page 42 Putting the door glass back 1. From above insert the door glass at an angle into the door profile at the bottom edge of the door and lower 2. Take hold of the door trim (B) at each side, position it on the inside edge of the door and plug the door trim(B) into the upper edge of the door.
  • Page 43 3. Open the oven door as far as it will 4. Fold up the clamping levers (A) on both door hinges back into their orig- inal positions. 5. Close the oven door.
  • Page 44: What To Do If

    What to do if … Problem The oven does not heat up The oven lighting is not operat- If you are unable to remedy the problem by following the above suggestions, please contact your local Service Force Centre. Warning! Repairs to the appliance are only to be carried out by quali- fied service engineers.
  • Page 45: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection The oven is designed to be connected to 230-240V~(50Hz) electricity supply. The oven has an easily accessible termi- nal block which is marked as follows: Letter L Live terminal Letter N Neutral terminal Earth terminal This oven must be earthed! The cable used to connect the oven to the electrical supply must comply to the specifications given below.
  • Page 46: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Attention: The new appliance may only be installed and connected by a registered expert. Please comply with this. If you do not, any damage resulting is not covered by the warranty. Safety information for the installer • The electrical installation is to be set up so that the appliance can be iso- lated from the mains with a minimum 3mm all-pole contact separation.
  • Page 47 47...
  • Page 48 48 electrolux installation instructions...
  • Page 49 49...
  • Page 50: Disposal

    Disposal Packaging material The packaging materials are envi- ronmentally friendly and can be re- cycled. The plastic components are identified by markings, e.g. >PE<, >PS<, etc. Please dispose of the packaging materials in the appro- priate container at your local waste disposal facilities.
  • Page 51: Guarantee/Customer Service

    Guarantee/Customer Service Standard guarantee conditions We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by rea- son only of faulty workmanship or mate-...
  • Page 52: European Guarantee

    European Guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in each of the countries listed at the back of this user manual, for the period specified in the appli- ance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of the...
  • Page 53 Str. Garii Progresului 2, S4, 040671 RO Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506 Mägenwil Electrolux Ljubljana d.o.o. Gerbièeva 98, 1000 Ljubljana Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce spotrebièe SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratisla- Electrolux Service, S:t Göransgatan 143, S-105 45 Stockholm Tarlabaþý caddesi no : 35 Taksim Istanbul 129090 Ìîñêâà, Îëèìïèéñêèé...
  • Page 54: Service And Spare Parts

    Customer Care For general enquiries concerning your Electrolux appliance, or for further infor- mation on Electrolux products please contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone at the address be- low or visit our website at
  • Page 56 822 928 083-M-110208-01...

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