Plextor PX-504A Installation And User Manual

Atapi dvd+r/rw and cd-r/rw drive.
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Model PX-504A

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    Plextor’s prior permission. Manual copyright ©2003 Plextor Corp. First edition, February 2003. Licenses and Trademarks Plextor and the Plextor logo are registered trademarks of Plextor Corp. All other licenses and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Record Your Serial Number For future reference, record the serial number and the TLA code (found on your drive’s label) in the space provided below.

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    The laser beam emitted from the optical pickup is invisible. Accordingly: • Do not open the optical pickup housing. • Obtain service only from Plextor-authorized personnel. CAUTION: To disconnect the drive from an electrical current, pull out the power plug. Top View of Drive Showing Location of Laser Caution Labels...

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    VORSICHT: DIE TRENNUNG VOM NETZ ERFOLGT DURCH ZIEHEN DES NETZSTECKERS. Zur Einhaltung der Funk-Entstörung von nicht selbständig betreibbaren Hochfrequenzgeräten (periphere Anlagenkomponenten). Dieses Gerät entspricht als Einzelgerät den Funk-Entstöranforderungen der Postverfügung Nr. 243/1991. Wird das Gerät innerhalb einer Anlage zusammen mit anderen Geräten betrieben, so muss bei Inanspruchnahme der “Allgemeinen (Betriebs-) genehmigung”...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Open the Computer and Prepare for Installation... 9 Determine Your Existing IDE Configuration ... 10 Set the Drive’s Mode Jumper... 11 Changing the Mode Jumper on Your Internal PX-504A Drive... 11 Select an IDE Configuration ... 12 About Cable Select... 15 Identifying Whether Your System Uses Cable Select...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting ... 27 Upgrading Firmware ... 27 Troubleshooting ... 27 Appendix A: PX-504A Specifications ... 29 Appendix B: Technical Support... 35 How to Contact Plextor Technical Support... 35 Before You E-mail/Log On/FAX/Call for Support... 36 Returns ...

  • Page 7: Getting Started, About This Manual, Meet Your Px-504a, What The Px-504a Does

    30-second fix to them. But we will never know unless you contact us. Meet Your PX-504A The PX-504A is a recordable DVD/CD-ReWritable drive that provides professional quality DVD and CD performance for writing, rewriting and reading.

  • Page 8: Features Of The Px-504a

    • High speed transfers: Supports PIO Mode 4, DMA Mode 2, and Ultra DMA33. • MMC compliance: Supports the MMC-3 command set. • Flash memory: Allows upgrading the PX-504A to the latest firmware revision (available from the Plextor web site) without opening the computer or physically accessing the drive.

  • Page 9: Minimum Configuration To Use The Px-504a, What You Can Do With The Px-504a

    • Operating System: Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98, 98SE. What You Can Do with the PX-504A Just look at some of the things you can do with your PX-504A: • Record slide shows or digital video onto DVD+R and DVD+RW discs.

  • Page 10: What's In The Box, Save Your Box

    Section 1. Getting Started What’s In the Box What you find in your Plextor box depends on what the company that sold you the box put in—or took out—while the Plextor drive was in their possession. Plextor currently sells its drive in this configuration: •...

  • Page 11: Px-504a Drive Features And Controls, Front Panel

    Turn OFF power before using this feature. • Eject button: Push once to eject tray. Push again to insert the tray back into the PX-504A. To prevent wear on the drive, always use the eject button to insert the tray.

  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    • IDE cable connector: Connects to IDE (ATAPI) interface using 40-pin IDE flat ribbon cable. • Power connector: Connects to your computer’s power supply to provide DC +5 volts and +12 volts to the PX-504A. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 13: About Software, Precautions

    CDs, please visit the web sites of the companies whose software you are interested in, refer to their user’s manuals, or look at the help option within the software. A list of various software packages that you can use with your Plextor drive can be found in the Support/Compatibility section of

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    • Do not clean discs using a circular motion. Instead, using a soft, dry cloth, wipe gently in a radial motion; start at the center of the disc and proceed to the outer edge. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 15: Installing Your Px-504a, Quickstart Installation—for Experienced Pc Users Only

    CD-ROM installed on the secondary IDE port. What to do: Change the CD-ROM to Slave, leave the PX-504A’s jumper set to Master and attach the PX-504A to the secondary IDE port. Windows recognizes the new drive automatically. If neither of these situations applies to you, or you’re not comfortable with...

  • Page 16: Determine Your Existing Ide Configuration

    If there are two IDE ports, one is for the primary IDE bus and the other is for the secondary bus. Before you install your PX-504A, your computer’s IDE configuration is usually one of the following: • Configuration A: Hard disks connected as Master and Slave devices on primary IDE port;...

  • Page 17: Set The Drive's Mode Jumper, Changing The Mode Jumper On Your Internal Px-504a Drive

    You do this by changing the position of a jumper on the mode jumper block at the rear of the drive. Your drive ships from our factory with its mode jumper set to operate the PX-504A as a Master. This will work in most custom system configurations. If your computer...

  • Page 18: Select An Ide Configuration

    Set the jumper according to the desired configuration, as shown in the tables and illustrations on the next few pages. NOTE: For best CD-RW performance, try to connect the PX-504A to the IDE port that is not connected to the hard disk drive or to a CD-ROM drive. In most cases, this will be the secondary IDE port.

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    CD-R or CD-RW media), or record at a lower speed for best results. We also recommend that DMA be enabled on your computer, if your system supports it. Figure 6. How to Install the PX-504A If Your Computer Is Originally Set Up in Configuration A Section 2.

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    Slave on the primary IDE port; nothing connected to secondary IDE port. Figure 7. How to Install the PX-504A If Your Computer Is Originally Set Up in Configuration B Before PX-504A Installation C Hard disk connected as Master device on primary IDE port;...

  • Page 21: About Cable Select

    D System uses special Cable Select cables; all devices are jumpered for Cable Select. Figure 9: How to Install the PX-504A If Your Computer Is Originally Set Up in Configuration D About Cable Select The Cable Select jumper position sets the PX-504A drive to use the CSEL signal from the IDE interface for configuration purposes.

  • Page 22: Identifying Whether Your System Uses Cable Select

    Section 2. Installing Your PX-504A NOTE: The IDE cable supplied by Plextor does not support CSEL. To use CSEL and Cable Select, you’ll have to purchase a CSEL cable, or use one that may be supplied with your CSEL-configured system.

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    If so, you can plug one of these into the power connector found on the rear panel of the PX-504A. If you do not find any additional connectors (either because they were not supplied or they are all in use), you will have to buy a “splitter”...

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    The drive can be mounted directly into your computer. Go to step 6. NOTE: Plextor does not provide rails. If you need rails, you can obtain them from the computer manufacturer or from a computer supply retail or mail-order store.

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    “key” in the middle. This key should fit into a slot in the middle of each connector of the motherboard, your PX- 504A drive, and any other internal IDE peripherals. Section 2. Installing Your PX-504A PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    Section 2. Installing Your PX-504A 8. Double-check your work. You must ensure the side of the IDE cable with the red stripe is matched to Pin 1 on the interface board and on the drive. CAUTION: In the case of only one IDE device, you must make certain that one end of the cable is always connected to the IDE connector on the motherboard.

  • Page 27: Using Sound Boards And Audio Cables, Choosing And Connecting Audio Cables

    Use only these screws. CAUTION: Do not mount your drive in your computer using screws other than those supplied by Plextor. You may damage the drive if you insert screws that are too long or the wrong thread type.

  • Page 28: Make Sure The Drive Is Recognized

    Plextor drive, the hard disk, and other CD-ROM drives, if present. The may be D: or E: or another designator. 3. If the PX-504A drive is not recognized in Windows, reboot the computer and use your computer’s setup program to program the BIOS to recognize it.

  • Page 29: Using Your Px-504a, What Media To Use, Dvd Media, Cd-rom Media

    • CD-RW: High-Speed, and Normal-Speed ReWritable CD. These discs support recording and re-recording (up to 1,000 times). You can also read them. See “Recommended Media” on page 29 for a list of Plextor-approved media at the time this manual was printed, and see the Plextor web site at for an updated list.

  • Page 30: Tray Loading And Operation, Handling Dvd And Cd Media

    Section 3. Using Your PX-504A Tray Loading and Operation To load and unload the tray: 1. While the drive is powered up, push the eject button on the front panel. The tray drawer slides out in 3–4 seconds. Figure 17: Loading the Tray 2.

  • Page 31: Cleaning Discs, Playing Dvds

    Section 3. Using Your PX-504A Cleaning Discs For proper read and write performance, your DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM discs must be clean. Trying to record on a dirty disc may result in a failed session and ruin the disc.

  • Page 32: Writing To Dvd Media, Writing To Cd-r And Cd-rw Media

    The Roxio Easy CD Creator DVD Edition and DirectCD software on the CD that accompanies your PX-504A contains this software. NOTE: The PX-504A does not write to DVD-R or DVD-RW media. However, the drive can read these discs. Writing to CD-R and CD-RW Media...

  • Page 33: Maintenance And Troubleshooting, Upgrading Firmware, Troubleshooting

    However, we advise that our customers always update drives with the latest available firmware. Before troubleshooting a possible problem with your PX-504A drive please visit our web site at to check if you have the latest firmware. To obtain new firmware for your drive: 1.

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    Section 4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting This page intentionally left blank. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 35: Appendix A: Px-504a Specifications

    Supported Media, Red/Yellow Book-compliant discs Stamped CD Supported Media, CD-R Orange Book Pt II-compliant discs (Type 74, Type 80) Supported Media, Orange Book Pt III-compliant discs CD-RW Supported Media Size CD: 12 cm DVD: 12 cm PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 36

    NOTE: When playing CD-DA (digital audio), reading speed is fixed to 4-10X CAV. Write Speed, Speed DVD+R/RW 4X CLV 2.4X CLV NOTE: 8cm media not supported. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DVD-RW – – – –...

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    Frequency characteristic: 20Hz to 20kHz (0dB +1/-5dB)* *Specification not confirmed at time of printing. Headphone Volume Wheel knob Control Appendix A: PX-504A Specifications CD-R High Speed Normal CD-RW Speed CD- Media RW Media – – – – – – PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 38

    Digital audio output for input to SPDIF or Digital-In input Mode Jumper Master (default), slave, cable select (CSEL) DVD Regional Setting Compatibility RPC phase-2-compatible Changing regional Max. 5 times setting PX-504A Installation and Users Manual DC +12V, DC +5V, +/-10% +/-5% 130 mA 55 mA 700 mA 480 mA...

  • Page 39

    Ultra DMA Transfers Mode 2 (Ultra DMA33) ATAPI Command Set Refer to the Plextor ATAPI command manual. Inquiry string PLEXTOR sp DVDR sp sp sp PX-504A sp sp (where “sp” is one space) Other Features Data Buffer 2 MB Error Rate...

  • Page 40

    Laser Canada Safety Europe Safety Laser Safety Safety Safety Taiwan Korea Australia/NZ PX-504A Installation and Users Manual Agency Standard UL 1950 FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 FCC Part15B-Class B CSA 22.2 No. 950 EN60950 EN60825-1 EN55024, EN50022 Class B...

  • Page 41: Appendix B: Technical Support, How To Contact Plextor Technical Support

    If you have not been successful in your quest, our Technical Support Department will help you solve problems that relate specifically to your PX-504A drive. In many cases, a problem that appears to be caused by your Plextor drive actually originates in another part of your computer.

  • Page 42: Before You E-mail/log On/fax/call For Support, Returns

    (e.g., CD-ROM, scanner, fax board, network board). Returns In the unlikely event that you need to return a drive to Plextor, you need an RMA (Returned Materials Authorization) number. You need this number before any Plextor drive can be returned for repair or replacement. Here’s how you get an RMA number and return your drive: 1.

  • Page 43: Contacting Plextor's Rma Department, Packing Your Drive, Shipping Your Drive To Plextor

    NOTE: The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the shipping box. Drives must be sent postage prepaid. We recommend that you insure your shipment, as Plextor cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during shipment.

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    Appendix B: Technical Support This page intentionally left blank. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 45: Appendix C: Warranty

    All product returns must be authorized in advance by PLEXTOR. Authorization is confirmed by issuance of the RMA number, which must be written prominently on the outside of the box in which the defective unit is returned to PLEXTOR. All drives returned to PLEXTOR must be securely packaged and shipped postage prepaid.

  • Page 46: If You're Outside The U.s. Or Canada

    If You’re Outside the U.S. or Canada Note that the warranty and RMA policy only apply to the United States and Canada. If you are in South America, contact your dealer or reseller for all warranty and RMA claims. PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

  • Page 47: Index

    · 6, 21 IDE interface · 6, 19, 32 power · 6, 20, 32 connectors and jumpers, rear-panel · 6, 32 controls, front-panel · 5, 31 cover panel, bay · 18 CSEL signal · 15 PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    · 31 eject button · 5 closing tray · 24 EMC standards · 34 emergency eject hole · 5 PX-504A Installation and Users Manual emergency eject tool · 5 environmental conditions · 33 error rate specification · 33 firmware obtaining ·...

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    · 29 region code · 25 changing · 25 reliability · 34 returns · 4, 36 RMA number · 4, 36, 37 ROPC · See running optimum power control running optimum power control · 2 PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    · 36 technical support · 35 temperature performance guarantee · 33 specification · 33 storage · 33 PX-504A Installation and Users Manual ticket number, tech support · 36 TLA code · 16 tray closing · 24 front door · 5 loading and unloading ·...

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    Notes PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    Notes PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    Notes PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    Notes PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    Notes PX-504A Installation and Users Manual...

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    LEXTOR 48383 Fremont Blvd. Suite 120 Fremont CA 94538-6509 Phone: 510-440-2000 800-886-3935 Fax: 510-651-9755 E-mail:

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