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About This Programming Manual; Safety Notices - Panasonic KX-TDE100 Programming Manual

Pure ip-pbx
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About this Programming Manual

The PC Programming Manual is designed to serve as a system programming reference for the Panasonic
Pure IP-PBX. It explains how to programme this PBX using the Maintenance Console software.
The PC Programming Manual is divided into the following sections:
Section 1, Overview
Provides an overview of programming the PBX.
Section 2, Introduction of Maintenance Console
Explains the layout and menus of the Maintenance Console.
Section 3 – 13, Maintenance Console Operating Instructions
Serves as reference operating instructions when using the Maintenance Console software to programme the
Section 14, Appendix
Provides a list of all related PC programming items for each feature as Feature Programming References.
References Found in the PC Programming Manual
Programming Manual References
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Feature Guide References
The Feature Guide explains what the PBX can do, as well as how to obtain the most of its many features and
facilities. Sections from the Feature Guide are listed throughout this manual for your reference.
Installation Manual References
The Installation Manual provides instructions detailing the installation and maintenance of the PBX.
Sections from the Installation Manual are listed throughout this manual for your reference.
Links to Other Pages and Manuals
If you are viewing this manual with a PC, certain items are linked to different sections of this and other PBX
manuals. Click on a link to jump to that section.
Linked items include:
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Safety Notices

Please observe the safety notices in this manual in order to avoid danger to users or other people, and prevent
damage to property.
The notices are classified as follows, according to the severity of injury or damage:
PC Programming Manual
This notice means that misuse could result in death or serious injury.



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