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Troubleshooting Guide; Maintenance - Panasonic SV-SD50 Operating Instructions Manual

Sd audio player
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To remove the SD Memory Card
After stopping play, open the card
cover, and push on the center of
the card to unlock it.
Other operations
Skipping tracks
Press the shuttle key upward
) or downward (
) while
the display is on.
Press and hold the shuttle key
upward (
) or downward
) during play.
The operation display flashes dur-
ing search ("
" or "
Repeat play and Random
Press [PLAY MODE] while the
display is on.
Each time you press the button.
: 1 track repeat
All track repeat
: All tracks played once
in random order
no display: Cancel
Changing sound quality
Press [EQ] while the display is
Each time you press the button.
: Normal
: Adds powerful bass
: Further increases the
power of the bass
Reduces sounds that
may annoy others
Changing and
adjusting the display
Changing the display
Press [DISPLAY MODE] while
the display is on.
• The display changes with each
: Elapsed play time
: Track number
: Total play time
: Total number of tracks
: Type of data
: Bit rate
• A few seconds after changing,
the display returns to the track
title indication automatically.
If you want to maintain the dis-
play, press and hold the button.
• Track titles
, playlist titles
and artist information
from right to left if they do not fit
on the display. When any of the
above information is not includ-
ed, "
" will be dis-
• Titles including text data the unit
doesn't support cannot be dis-
Adjusting the contrast
1 Set [HOLD] to the on position
during play.
2 While pressing and holding
the shuttle key [
], press
] (darker) or [
] (lighter).
Care and use
• Keep the SD Memory Card out of reach
of children to prevent swallowing.
• Discontinue use if you experience dis-
comfort with the earphones or any other
parts that directly contact your skin.
Continued use may cause rashes or
other allergic reactions.
• Leave some slack in the cord of the
earphones and the neck lanyard if
you wind them around the unit.
Do not;
• disassemble, remodel, drop, or allow
the unit to get wet.
• use or store in locations directly
exposed to sunlight, corrosive gases,
a heat vent, or a heating appliance.
• use or store in humid or dusty loca-
• insert objects other than SD Memory
• use force to open the battery lid or
card cover.
• use cracked or warped cards.
• detach the label on the card or
attach other labels or stickers.
Listening caution
EST. 1924
Do not play your headphones or ear-
phones at a high volume. Hearing
experts advise against continuous
extended play.
If you experience a ringing in your ears,
reduce volume or discontinue use.
Do not use while operating a motor-
ized vehicle. It may create a traffic
hazard and is illegal in many areas.
You should use extreme caution or
temporarily discontinue use in poten-
tially hazardous situations.
Even if your headphones or ear-
phones are the open-air type designed
to let you hear outside sounds do not
turn up the volume so high that you
can not hear what's around you.
Sound can be deceiving. Over time
your hearing "comfort level" adapts to
higher volumes of sound. So what
sounds "normal" can actually be loud
and harmful to your hearing.
Guard against this by setting your
equipment at a safe level BEFORE
your hearing adapts.
To establish a safe level:
• Start your volume control at a low
• Slowly increase the sound until you
can hear it comfortably and clearly,
and without distortion.
Once you have established a com-
fortable sound level:
• Leave it there.
• Remove the battery if the unit is not
to be used for a long time.
Do not:
• recharge ordinary dry cell batteries.
• disassemble, short-circuit, or put in a
fire or water.
• peel off the cover or use if the cover
has been peeled off.
Mishandling of batteries can cause
electrolyte leakage which can damage
items the fluid contacts and may
cause a fire.
If electrolyte leaks from the battery,
consult your dealer.
Wash thoroughly with water if elec-
trolyte comes in contact with any part
of your body.
Display messages
• You haven't inserted a card.
• There is no SD-audio data on the card.
• You haven't created a playlist.
• The card isn't formatted.
• The data format isn't standard.
• The unit cannot play the card you inserted.
• Non-AAC,non-MP3, or non-WMA data is on
the card.
• The battery is dead.
• The card you inserted may not be an SD
Memory Card.
• If the card is an SD Memory Card, an error
has occurred.
Remove and reinsert the card. If this doesn't
correct the display, turn the unit off and on.
If this still does not correct the display, try
removing and reinserting the battery.
Now Busy
• The unit is manipulating data. Wait a moment.
• Because the unit cannot manipulate irregular
data on the card, the power is turned off.
• The hold function is on.

Troubleshooting guide

Before requesting service, make the below checks. If you are in doubt
about some of the check points, or if the remedies indicated in the chart
do not solve the problem:
In the U.S.A., contact the Panasonic Customer Call Center at 1-800-211-
7262, or e-mail, or web site
In Canada, contact Panasonic Canada Inc. Customer Care Centre at
905-624-5505, web site (, or an authorized
Servicentre closest to you.
No operation.
• Is the hold function on?
• Did you insert a card?
• Is the battery fresh?
(If so, try removing the battery and reinserting it.)
Cannot hear sound.
• Is the volume too low?
• Are the earphone plugs inserted correctly?
(Try plugging them in again.)
• Are the earphone plugs dirty?
Play doesn't start
• Is the play mode set to RANDOM?
from the first track.
• See "Resume".
There is a lot of
• Are you using the unit near a television or
mobile phone?
• Insert the CD-ROM.
Cannot install the
• Ensure you have specified the correct CD-
ROM drive.
Cannot start the
• Ensure the software is installed on the hard
disc. The software cannot be run from the
• Ensure the computer has at least the memory
space shown in "System requirements".
I want to install just
Install the driver from the included CD-ROM. In
the USB
the software selection screen of the installation
Reader/Writer driver.
procedure, remove the checks from RealOne
[with Panasonic plug-in].


Clean with a soft, dry cloth.
Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as
alcohol or benzine.
Check points or causes



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