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Panasonic SV-SD370V Operating Instructions Manual

Sd audio player
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Operating Instructions

SD Audio Player
Model No.
Before use, please read these instructions completely.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions SD Audio Player SV-SD370V Model No. SV-SD310V SV-SD570V SV-SD510V Before use, please read these instructions completely. EG EB GC SG GN GH RQT8640-1B...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Mode menus........39 Inserting and removing Indications ........40 SD Memory card ...... 24 Care and use.........42 How to use SV-SD370V/ Troubleshooting guide ....44 SV-SD570V (basic) ....25 Specifications ........46 Caution for AC mains lead (For United Kingdom and Hong Kong area) (“EB”...
  • Page 3 If a new plug is to be fitted please observe the wiring code as stated below. If in any doubt please consult a qualified electrician. IMPORTANT The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Blue: Neutral, Brown: Live.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    These operating instructions cover the SV-SD370V, SV-SD310, SV-SD570V and SV-SD510. The illustrations in these operating instructions are for the model SV-SD370V and SV-SD570V, but part of the description is for other models. Please note that the actual controls and components, menu items, etc.
  • Page 5 Insertion of connector Even when the connector is perfectly inserted, depending on the type of inlet used, the front part of the connector may jut out as shown in the drawing. However there is no problem using the unit. 1 Approx. 6 mm A Appliance inlet B Connector -If you see this symbol-...
  • Page 6 ≥ “EB” on the packaging indicates the United Kingdom. ≥ Panasonic will in no way be liable for any losses of data caused by this product. ≥ Panasonic will also in no way be liable if you are unable to record due to a problem with this unit or an SD Memory card.
  • Page 7 ≥ E-mail: Technical Support for AV Software ≥ For UK, ROI: 08701 505610 Direct Sales at Panasonic UK ≥ Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and confidence by phoning our Customer Care Centre Monday–Thursday 9.00 a.m.–5.30 p.m., Friday 9.30 a.m.–5.30 p.m.
  • Page 8: Accessories

    ∫ SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 Accessories ∑ Stereo earphones ∫ SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 (L0BAB0000206) ∑ Stereo earphones ∑ AC mains lead (L0BAB0000206) For the United Kingdom and ∑ AC mains lead Hong Kong area For the United Kingdom and (K2CT3CA00004) Hong Kong area For other areas...
  • Page 9 ∑ Clip holder 2. Place the covers 2 over the sides 1 of the unit. (RFC0112-K) If the strap becomes twisted, turn the toggle to adjust it. 1 How to attach 2 How to detach The toggle will ≥ Hold the unit firmly and then come apart if press the hole on the back of the pulled strongly.
  • Page 10 ≥ You can use SD Memory your arm. cards with the following capacities (from 8 MB to 2 GB) in this unit. (Panasonic cards are recommended.) 8 MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB (maximum) ≥...
  • Page 11: Location Of Controls

    10.Status indicator Location of Controls Blinks: ∫ SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 During charging, play etc. (Refer to P43 for details.) Lights: While stopped or when the power is turned on Off: When the power is turned off or charging finishes 11.Operation buttons 1/∫...
  • Page 12 ∫ SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 11.Operation buttons 1/∫ Play/Stop ≥ This is also used to turn the power on/off. On: Press the button briefly. Off: Press and hold the button for more than approximately 2 seconds. Skip/Search (Fast- forward) Skip/Search (Fast- rewind) r, s Volume Mode switch 1.
  • Page 13: Operating Environment For The Software On The Cd-Rom

    Operating environment for the software on the CD-ROM Personal computer: IBM PC/AT compatible personal computer ® ® Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 2, 3, 4 ® ® Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional, or Service Pack 1, 2 supported ® ®...
  • Page 14: Installing Sd-Jukebox

    ≥ Operation is not guaranteed when used on Windows OSs except those above. ® ≥ These software are not compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1, ® ® ® ® Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ® Windows NT and Macintosh. ≥...
  • Page 15 3. Click [SD-Jukebox Ver.5.1]. ≥ SD-Jukebox records audio data in an encrypted form on your PC’s hard disk. Encrypted music cannot be used if you move or copy the files to other folders, drives, or PCs. ≥ Unique identification specific to your processor and hard 4.
  • Page 16: Starting Sd-Jukebox

    ≥ If the icon is not on the desktop: from the [start] menu, Recording CDs to your PC select 1. Start SD-Jukebox. [All Programs]#[Panasonic]# 2. Insert a music CD in your [SD-JukeboxV5]# PC’s CD-ROM drive. [SD-JukeboxV5]. 3. Click 4. Select the checkbox next to the tracks to be imported.
  • Page 17: Installing Voice Editing

    Adobe Acrobat Reader. 3. Select the checkbox next to the tracks to be imported. Installing Voice 4. Click only SV-SD370V Editing SV-SD570V When recording WMA/MP3 files Voice Editing is a software to an SD Memory card, first program for editing and import them with SD-Jukebox.
  • Page 18: Starting Voice Editing

    ≥ Choose [Yes, I want to restart instructions (PDF file) From the Windows [start] menu, my computer now.]. The PC automatically restarts. The select [All Programs]#[Panasonic] # installation is now finished. > [Voice Editing] [Voice Editing Operating Instructions]. ≥ Refer to P17 if the file containing the operating instructions does not open.
  • Page 19: Connecting To A Pc

    ≥ Do not disconnect the USB ≥ Turn the PC on. cable while “ACCESSING” is displayed or open the battery lid SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 while recording. This can cause the data on the SD Memory card to be lost, or render it unusable.
  • Page 20: Formatting Sd Memory Card

    PDF operating instructions reader/writer and is recognised by the PC as an external device. for SD-Jukebox. ≥ If you are using SV-SD370V/ This enables data other than music data to be saved from the SV-SD570V, you can format PC to an SD Memory card by an SD Memory card on the drag and drop.
  • Page 21: Power Supply Preparations

    2. Charge the rechargeable Power supply preparations battery. Charge before initial use. SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 1. Insert the rechargeable battery. SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 1 Open the USB lid. 2 Insert the AC adaptor cable straight in to the USB terminal with the arrow facing upwards.
  • Page 22: Rechargeable Battery

    10 minutes when “EMPTY to remove the battery. BATTERY” is displayed, the unit SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 can be played for about 3 hours in [AUDIO] mode. (Depending on the surrounding temperature, and if the rechargeable battery ≥...
  • Page 23: Battery Indicator

    ¢ recording set to [ON] (P31), a beep is ¢ — File erase not heard when you turn the ¢SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only power on. ≥ Operation buttons do not light Off: Press and hold 1/∫ for up. (SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 more than approximately only) 2 seconds.
  • Page 24: Inserting And Removing Sd Memory Card

    ≥ If the AC adaptor is connected during FM reception, the sound will stop being output for a while. However this is not 2. Insert the SD Memory card. a malfunction. (SV-SD370V/ SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 SV-SD570V only) ≥ If the AC adaptor is connected during recording, the recording will stop.
  • Page 25: How To Use Sv-Sd370V/ Sv-Sd570V (Basic)

    To remove the SD Memory How to use SV-SD370V/ card SV-SD570V (basic) 1 Open the card lid. ∫ Turning on the unit 2 Press the card until it clicks. 1. Press 1/∫. 3 Pull it straight out. ∫ Changing the mode ∫...
  • Page 26: How To Use Sv-Sd310/ Sv-Sd510 (Basic)

    ≥ If you record an FM file or a Voice file and then start play in [VOICE PLAY] mode, the resume function is cancelled and play starts from the recorded file. (SV-SD370V/ SV-SD570V only) ∫ Adjusting the volume (0–25) Increase: Press i...
  • Page 27: Playing Tracks (Audio Mode)

    : or 9 ≥ If [BEEP] is set to [ON], the (Search) sound will stop being output when you press an operation button during FM reception or Voice play. Set [BEEP] to [OFF] to prevent this. (SV-SD370V/ SV-SD570V only) RQT8640...
  • Page 28 SD-Jukebox. play BEST TRACKS 1. Press Select tracks classified in BEST TRACKS by a Panasonic device with the BEST TRACKS function. ≥ This is not displayed when no 2. Press : or 9 to select track is classified in [BEST an item and then press 1/∫.
  • Page 29 4. Press r or s to select a MOOD playlist and then press 1/∫. Select a playlist classified with the Music Sommelier (Mood Analyzer) ≥ Each time you press i or j, function in SD-Jukebox. the selected playlist changes. ≥ If you keep pressing j (i) MARKED TRACK after the last (first) playlist Select tracks from marked tracks.
  • Page 30 2. Press : or 9 to select play. [AUDIO SET] and then 2. Press 1/∫ at the start point (A) press 1/∫. (SV-SD370V/ and once more at the end point SV-SD570V only) (B) in the same track. 3. Press r or s to select an ≥...
  • Page 31 [TITLE&PL] ([AUDIO] mode) [FILE NAME] ([VOICE PLAY] ¢ mode [BEEP]: [ON] ¢ [STEREO/MONO] (Tuner) [STEREO] ¢ [TUNING MODE] : [MANUAL] ¢ [FM DISP. SET] : [FM DISP. 1] Volume: ¢ SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only ≥ [VERSION] The unit version can be confirmed. RQT8640...
  • Page 32: Grouping Favourite Tracks (Registering Marks)

    (with ¡). Register marks in advance to make selecting tracks simpler. ≥ Press 1/∫ to turn the power 2. Press MARK. 1. (SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V 3. Press r or s to select only) [YES] and then press 1/∫. Select [AUDIO] mode. (P25) (within 5 seconds) 2.
  • Page 33: Using The Fm Radio (Fm Tuner Mode)

    ≥ Noise will be heard when Using the FM radio only indicators on the display panel SV-SD370V (FM TUNER mode) SV-SD570V light. ≥ Insert earphones as far as it ≥ The sound will stop being output while the [FM TUNER SET] will go.
  • Page 34: Presetting Stations

    [TUNING MODE] [SYSTEM] ≥ [MANUAL]: Refer to [SYSTEM] in the [AUDIO SET] menu. (P31) You can select the stations (frequencies) manually. (P34) ∫ Presetting stations ≥ [PRESET]: automatically (up to 20 You can select the preset stations. stations) [STEREO/MONO] 1. Select [AUTO PRESET] from ≥...
  • Page 35: Recording The Fm Radio

    [TUNING MODE] to file names” in [VOICE REC] mode. [PRESET] and then press : or 9 to select a station. An Voice recording only SV-SD370V icon such as [ ] is displayed. (VOICE REC mode) SV-SD570V ≥ Insert an SD Memory card...
  • Page 36 ∫ About file names ∫ About Recording (FM The “xxx” in a [ recording and Voice VOICExxx ]) file name is the TUNERxxx recording) recording counter. It increases ≥ This unit does not have a clock by 1 from [001] to [300] each function so the recording date and time a recording is made.
  • Page 37: Playing Recorded Files (Voice Play Mode)

    [001]. Press i or j to select [YES] and Playing recorded only then press 1/∫. files SV-SD370V SV-SD570V If [YES] is selected, a confirmation (VOICE PLAY mode) screen is displayed. Press i or j to Tuner recording and Voice select [YES] and then press 1/∫.
  • Page 38 ∫ Operations while stopped 3. Press r or s to select an item and then press 1/∫. If : is pressed, the beginning ≥ Repeat this step to select of the file or the previous file is other items. selected. If 9 is pressed, the next file is selected.
  • Page 39: Mode Menus

  • Page 40: Indications

    INTRO 7. Play indication (during play): Mode (while stopped): 8. Current track number/Total number of tracks [FM TUNER] mode 1. Mode 2. Presetting stations (SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only) 3. EQ : S-XBS S-XBS 4. Remaining battery power S-XBS 5. FM audio MONO...
  • Page 41 [VOICE REC] mode 1. Mode 2. Remaining battery power (SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only) 3. Remaining recording time 4. Recording status ¥: While recording ∫: While recording is stopped [VOICE PLAY] mode 1. Mode 2. Playable files (SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only) : Voice file : FM tuner recording file 3.
  • Page 42: Care And Use

    ∫ When one of the following messages appears on the display ≥ Do not remove the SD Memory card. ACCESSING CARD ≥ The SD Memory card is protected with a CARD LOCKED password so that recording and play are not BY PASSWORD possible.
  • Page 43 PC is finished. ≥ use or store in humid or dusty ¢SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only locations. ∫ Rechargeable battery ≥ use or store in locations ≥ Remove the battery if the unit is exposed to corrosive gases.
  • Page 44: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide No operation. ≥ Is the hold function on? (P27) ≥ Has the battery run down? (P23) (If the battery has not run down, try removing and re-inserting it.) ≥ Are the connections for the rechargeable battery dirty? Play time is short after recharging. ≥...
  • Page 45 The recording date and time of files recorded on this unit is shown ¢ as [2006/01/01/00:00] on Voice Editing. ≥ This unit does not have a clock function so the recording date and time of files recorded on this unit is shown as [2006/01/01/00:00] on Voice Editing. (P36) ¢SV-SD370V/SV-SD570V only RQT8640...
  • Page 46: Specifications

    When using the AC adaptor/Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes Battery duration (Rechargeable battery): SD audio continuous playback (Using a Panasonic SD Memory card, the stereo earphones, [EQ] is [NORMAL], [EFFECT] is [OFF] and recommended bit rate (AAC: 96 kbps).): Approx. 25 hours ¢1...
  • Page 47 Maximum dimensions: SV-SD370V/SV-SD310 44.3 mm (W)k55.2 mm (H)k12.4 mm (D) (JEITA) SV-SD570V/SV-SD510 45.5 mm (W)k57.5 mm (H)k15.4 mm (D) (JEITA) Mass: SV-SD370V Approx. 37.8 g (with rechargeable battery) Approx. 25.3 g (without rechargeable battery) SV-SD310 Approx. 37.4 g (with rechargeable battery) Approx.
  • Page 48 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. RQT8640-1B Web site: F0306Re1046 ( 1500 B )

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