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Panasonic SV-SD750V Operating Instructions Manual

Sd audio player
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Operating Instructions

SD Audio Player
Model No.
Before use, please read these instructions completely.



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic SV-SD750V

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions SD Audio Player SV-SD750V Model No. Before use, please read these instructions completely. GC SG GK GN GH RQT8299-B...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caution for AC mains lead Playing tracks (AUDIO mode)..16 (For Hong Kong area)....2 Grouping favorite tracks Introduction........2 (Registering marks)....19 Accessories ........5 Using the FM radio Location of Controls......5 (FM TUNER mode) ....20 Touch Slide function ....... 6 Voice recording Installing SD-Jukebox .....
  • Page 3 ≥ Panasonic will in no way be liable for any losses of data caused by this product. ≥ Panasonic will also in no way be liable if you are unable to record due to a problem with this unit or an SD Memory card.
  • Page 4 ≥ SD logo is a trademark. ≥ miniSD is a trademark of the SD Card Association. ≥ Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. ≥ WMA is a compression format developed by Microsoft Corporation. It achieves the same sound quality as MP3 with a file size that is smaller than that of MP3.
  • Page 5: Accessories

    Accessories cards with the following ∑ Stereo earphones capacities (from 8 MB to For Hong Kong, China, 2 GB) in this unit. (Panasonic Australia and New Zealand cards are recommended.) (L0BAB0000196) 8 MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, For other areas (L0BAB0000200) ∑...
  • Page 6: Touch Slide Function

    2. Hold switch [HOLD1] Touch Slide function 3. Microphone [MIC] This function enables you to select 4. Strap fixture items in menus or tracklists more 5. Earphones jack (M3 jack) quickly. The function is off when 6. Battery lid this product is purchased. Refer 7.
  • Page 7: Installing Sd-Jukebox

    SD devices. problems may occur on some ≥ Before installing the PC systems. Please note that software, check your PC Panasonic and Panasonic meets the system dealers cannot be held liable for requirements. (P10) any lost audio data or other ≥...
  • Page 8 ≥ If you click [Yes] on the next ≥ If the icon is not on the screen displayed, the desktop: from the [start] menu, SD-Jukebox icon appears on the select desktop after restarting the PC. [All Programs]#[Panasonic]# [SD-JukeboxV5]# [SD-JukeboxV5]. RQT8299...
  • Page 9 (PDF file). Read the operating instructions (PDF file) From the Windows [start] menu, select > > [All Programs] [Panasonic] Recording CDs to your PC > [SD-JukeboxV5] 1. Start SD-Jukebox. [SD-JukeboxV5 Operating 2. Insert a music CD in your Instructions].
  • Page 10: Operating Environment

    Operating environment Compatible PC: IBM PC/AT compatible personal computer Compatible OS: ® ® ® ® Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP 2, 3, 4, Microsoft Windows ® ® XP Home Edition/Microsoft Windows XP Professional, or SP 1, 2 ® ® CPU: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or higher RAM: 256 MB or more...
  • Page 11: Connecting To A Pc

    ≥ Depending on your computer system, you may experience problems such as being unable to record or use recorded music data. Please note that Matsushita is in no way liable for any music data you lose, or for any other direct or indirect damages. ∫...
  • Page 12: Power Supply Preparations

    ∫ Charging the battery ≥ Your computer may not start (restart) while the unit is The battery is not charged at connected. Disconnect the USB the time of purchase. Charge cable from the unit when starting before initial use. (restarting) your computer. 1.
  • Page 13: Battery Indicator

    ∫ Battery indicator 2. Charge the rechargeable battery. (Using the AC The battery indicator appears on adaptor) the display panel. ≥ After the battery indicator has blinked for a while, the unit will be turned off soon. When the battery indicator is ≥...
  • Page 14: Inserting And Removing Sd Memory Card

    ≥ If the temperature of the 1. Open the card lid. rechargeable battery is high or low, charging may take longer than usual and you may not be able to charge. (P28) ≥ The AC adaptor is for use with this unit only.
  • Page 15: Formatting Sd Memory Card

    ∫ SD Memory card write- ∫ Folder structure of an protect switch SD Memory card used for this unit If the switch is moved to the [LOCK] position, data cannot be written or erased and the card PRIVATE MEIGROUP SDPLAYER cannot be formatted.
  • Page 16: Playing Tracks (Audio Mode)

    ∫ Operations while ≥ Use the rechargeable battery stopped (Track list) If : or 9 is pressed, the and AC adaptor together, or use the fully charged rechargeable track list is shown. Select a track battery. and then press 1/∫ to start play. Playing tracks (AUDIO mode) ≥...
  • Page 17: Resume Function

    ≥ [BEST TRACKS] Play resumes from where it was Play tracks classified in BEST last stopped. TRACKS by a Panasonic device This is cancelled if an SD with the BEST TRACKS function. Memory card is changed. — This is not displayed when no track is classified in [BEST ∫...
  • Page 18 ≥ [MOOD] [INTRO PLAY] (When stopped only): Select the playlist classified into Plays the first 10 seconds of the Music Sommelier (Mood each track in a selected playlist Analyzer) playlist in SD-Jukebox. in order For operation details, refer to ≥ During [INTRO PLAY], press [PLAY LIST].
  • Page 19: Grouping Favorite Tracks (Registering Marks)

    [DISPLAY ITEM] [LANGUAGE] [PL&TITLE]: ]: Japanese Displays playlist title and track [ENGLISH]: English title ]: Simplified Chinese [ARTIST&TITLE]: ]: Traditional Chinese Displays artist and track title [INITIALIZE] name Select [YES] to return settings [INFO&TITLE]: to the default settings. Displays track information MODE select: AUDIO (codec and sampling rate) and Volume: 12...
  • Page 20: Using The Fm Radio (Fm Tuner Mode)

    3. Press MARK. ≥ [MARK REGISTERED] ≥ If a mark is registered or displayed. removed during play, the ≥ Up to 99 tracks can be information is written onto the registered. SD Memory card after play ≥ It may not be possible to stops.
  • Page 21: Presetting Stations

    2. Press : or 9 to select ≥ Auto Preset may not function if the station. reception is weak or there is ≥ Press and hold for more than excessive noise. If an 2 seconds for automatic unwanted frequency or noise tuning.
  • Page 22: Recording The Fm Radio

    6. Press r or s to select ≥ The “xxxx” in a [Fxxxx] file [PRESET MEMORY] and name is the recording counter. then press 1/∫. (It increases by 1 each time a recording is made irrespective of the mode selected.) It returns to “0001”...
  • Page 23: Voice Recording (Voice Rec Mode)

    ∫ [FM TUNER] mode menu ≥ [TUNING MODE] [MANUAL]: 1. During FM reception, press You can select the stations MODE twice. (frequencies) manually. (P21) 2. Press r or s to select an [PRESET]: item and then press 1/∫. You can select the preset ≥...
  • Page 24 ∫ [VOICE REC] mode 2. Press MARK, face the microphone and record. menu ≥ Press 1/∫ or MARK to stop 1. Press MODE twice. recording. 2. Press r or s to select an item and then press 1/∫. ≥ Repeat this step to select other items.
  • Page 25: Playing Recorded Tracks (Voice Play Mode)

    ∫ Operations while Playing recorded tracks stopped (File list) (VOICE PLAY mode) If : or 9 is pressed, the file Tuner recording and Voice list is shown. Select a file and recording files can be played. then press 1/∫ to start play. ≥...
  • Page 26: Indications

    ≥ [1-FILE LOCK] ≥ [SETUP] Locking a selected file so it cannot Refer to [SETUP] in the [AUDIO] be erased. mode menu. (P19) Press i or j to select [LOCK] and then press 1/∫. If [UNLOCK] is ≥ Files recorded on this unit have selected, lock is cancelled.
  • Page 27: Care And Use

    7. Track/file play time 9. Display items etc. 8. Track/Playlist/file number : Track title ([AUDIO] mode only) : File name If [DISPLAY ITEM] (P19) is ([VOICE PLAY] mode only) [ARTIST&TITLE] or : Playlist name [INFO&TITLE], the playlist ([AUDIO] mode only) information [ ] is displayed as : Artist name...
  • Page 28 ≥ When carrying the unit, do Blinking of the status indicator not drop or bump it. Also, Intervals of about 3 seconds do not put it in the pockets During audio play, voice play and of your pants. FM tuner reception A strong impact can break the Intervals of about 1 second unit’s casing causing the unit to...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Guide

    ∫ Rechargeable battery Wash thoroughly with water if electrolyte comes in contact with ≥ Remove the battery if the unit is any part of your body. not to be used for a long time. ≥ Carry and store the rechargeable CAUTION! battery in the supplied DANGER OF EXPLOSION IF...
  • Page 30: Specifications

    There is a lot of noise. ≥ Are you using the unit near a television or mobile phone? The AC adaptor or the unit becomes warm. ≥ It becomes slightly warm during charging. This is not a malfunction. Cannot use the SD Memory card. ≥...
  • Page 31 Full charging time (Rechargeable battery (supplied)): When using the AC adaptor/Approx. 2 hours When connecting the USB cable to a PC/ Approx. 3 hours Battery duration (Rechargeable battery): SD audio continuous playback (Using the stereo earphones, [EQ] is [NORMAL], [EFFECT] is [OFF] and recommended bit rate (AAC: 96 kbps).): Approx.
  • Page 32 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. RQT8299-B Web site: F1105Re0 ( 1000 A )