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Connecting An Sd Memory Card; Using The Online Help - Panasonic SV-SD50 Operating Instructions Manual

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Connecting an SD Memory Card

Connect the included USB Reader/Writer to checkout (record) tracks to
your SD Memory Card.
• Connect to an AC power supply when using a portable computer. Data
can be lost or errors can occur if the computer turns off during opera-
• Operation cannot be guaranteed under the following circumstances:
· When you have connected two or more USB Reader/Writers to your
computer or are using another USB device.
· When you have connected another SD Memory Card adapter.
· When you are using a USB hub or extension cord.
1 Turn on the computer and start Windows.
2 Connect the USB Reader/Writer to
the computer's USB port.
The "New Hardware Found" screen
The driver for the USB Reader/Writer
is enabled automatically.
Check that it appears in Windows
Explorer as a removable drive.
3 Taking care that the card is facing
the right way, insert the SD
Memory Card into the USB
You can damage the card and USB Reader/Writer's slot if you insert
the card incorrectly.
Ensure the USB Reader/Writer's ACCESS lamp is off before inserting
or ejecting SD Memory Cards.
Do not remove the SD Memory Card while checking out even if
the ACCESS lamp is off.
The USB Reader/Writer
• Do not wet, drop, or expose the USB Reader/Writer to impacts.
• Do not use or store in locations directly exposed to sunlight, a heat
vent, or a heating appliance.
• Do not disassemble or modify.
• Do not insert foreign objects into the slot.
Protecting the data on your SD Memory Card
Performing the following actions before RealOne for Panasonic has start-
ed completely, while the USB Reader/Writer's ACCESS lamp is on, and
while checking out tracks can damage your SD Memory Card and corrupt
the data it contains.
• Inserting or ejecting the SD Memory Card
• Connecting or disconnecting the USB Reader/Writer
• Shutting down RealOne for Panasonic or Windows forcefully
• Turning the computer off forcefully (for example, unplugging the AC
power supply cord)
To protect your data
• Switch the write-protect switch
Memory Card to "LOCK". Unlock when you want
to record or edit the card again.
• Do not touch the metal terminals of the card with
your hands or metal objects.
• Use an oil-based felt pen to write on the card. Do
not use pencil or ballpoint pen as these can dam-
age the card.
Starting RealOne for Panasonic
Double-click on the desktop icon.
RealOne for Panasonic starts and the registration wizard
If the icon is not on the desktop, from the [Start] menu, select "Programs"
→ "RealOne Player".
Playlists created with RealOne for Panasonic cannot be played
on SD Audio Players.
To the com-
puter's USB
Insert label-up with the
cut-off corner facing in
of the SD

Using the online help

Online help for RealOne
These instructions describe basic operations such as installation. For
more detailed instructions, refer to the online help included on the CD-
To show the online help
• After
Panasonic, select [Help Contents]
from the "Help" menu.
To search using the table of contents
• Double click on
to display its contents.
• Click on
to see an explanation.
Searching by keyword
The table of contents is replaced by a list of keywords when you click on
the "Index" tab.
You can find a keyword by either entering it or scrolling through the list.
Double click on the keyword to see an explanation.
The SD Audio Help includes explanations about the sections of RealOne
for Panasonic specific to Panasonic that have not been explained in
these operating instructions or in the Online Help for RealOne.
• AAC settings and explanations
• Data conversion
• Checking out and checking in with SD Memory Cards
And more
To show the online help for SD Audio
After starting RealOne for Panasonic.(See "Starting RealOne for
1 Connect the USB Reader/Writer(See "Connecting an SD Memory
2 Insert an SD Memory Card into the USB Reader/Writer.
3 Click on [Devices].
4 Double click on "Panasonic Device" and then double click on "SD
5 Click on the [SD Audio Help] button.



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