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Connecting A Personal Computer; Connecting A Dvd Player With Hdmi Out - NEC MultiSync V461 User Manual

Nec v461: user guide
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Connecting a Personal Computer

Connecting your computer to your LCD monitor will enable you to display your computer's screen image.
Some video cards with a pixel clock over 165 MHz may not display an image correctly.
Your LCD monitor displays proper image by adjusting the factory preset timing signal automatically.
<Factory preset signal timing>
Scanning frequency
640 x 480
31.5 kHz
800 x 600
37.9 kHz
1024 x 768
48.4 kHz
1280 x 768
48 kHz
1360 x 768
48 kHz
1280 x 1024
64 kHz
1600 x 1200
75 kHz
1920 x 1080
66.6 kHz
If you use with a Macintosh PowerBook, set "Mirroring" to Off on your PowerBook.
Refer to your Macintosh's owner's manual for more information about your computer's video output requirements and any
special identification or configuration your monitor's image and monitor may require.
Input TMDS signals conforming to DVI standards.
To maintain display quality, use a cable that conforms to DVI standards.

Connecting a DVD Player with HDMI out

Please use an HDMI cable with HDMI logo.
It may take a moment for the signal to appear.
PC-DVI signals are not supported.
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
Recommended resolution
60 Hz
Compressed image
60 Hz
Compressed image
60 Hz
Compressed image
Compressed image
Recommended resolution

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