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Attaching Mounting Accessories

The display is designed for use with the VESA mounting
1. Attach Mounting Accessories
Be careful to avoid tipping monitor when attaching
VESA Mounting Interface
300 mm (P401/P461)
400 mm (P521/P551)
Mounting accessories can be attached with the monitor in
the face down position. To avoid damaging the screen face,
place the protective sheet on the table underneath the LCD.
The protective sheet was wrapped around the LCD in the
original packaging. Make sure there is nothing on the table
that can damage the monitor.
When using mounting accessories other than NEC
compliant and approved, they must comply with the VESA-
compatible mounting method.
2. Installing and removing optional table
top stand
CAUTION: Installing and removing the stand must be done
by two or more people (P401/P461), by four or
more people (P521/P551).
To install, follow those instructions included with the stand or
mounting apparatus. Use only those devices recommended
by the manufacturer.
NOTE: Before using optional table top stand, remove
installed thumbscrews from the display first.
Use ONLY thumbscrews which are installed
on the display.
Handle with care when mounting LCD monitor stand and
avoid pinching your fingers.
NOTE: Place stand onto monitor so that the long end of the
feet are in the front.
ST-4020 is for P401. ST-4620 is for P461.
ST-5220 is for P521, P551.
Optional table top stand
Protective Sheet

3. Ventilation Requirements

When mounting in an enclosed space or recessed area,
leave adequate room between the monitor and the
enclosure to allow heat to disperse, as shown below.
Allow adequate ventilation or provide air conditioning around
the monitor, so that heat can properly dissipate away from
the unit and mounting apparatus; especially when you use
monitors in multiple screen.
4. Prevent Tipping
When using the display with the optional table top stand
fasten the LCD to a wall using a cord or chain that can
support the weight of the monitor in order to prevent the
monitor from falling. Fasten the cord or chain to the monitor
using the provided clamps and screws.
278 mm (P401)
304 mm (P461)
400 mm (P521)
400 mm (P551)
Screw Holes
Before attaching the LCD monitor to the wall, make sure
that the wall can support the weight of the monitor.
Be sure to remove the cord or chain from the wall before
moving the LCD.
Cord or chain

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents