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NEC P401-TMX4D Specifications

40"/46”/52” nec professional-grade lcd display/mounting system/cabling/power suppression
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NEC 2x2 LCD TileMatrix™ Video Wall Solutions
40"/46"/52" NEC Professional-Grade LCD Display/Mounting System/Cabling/Power Suppression
NEC Display Solutions' complete 2x2 LCD TileMatrix Video Wall
Solutions provide for an all-in-one, easy-to-configure solution that is
ideal for dynamic digital signage, information display and command
& control applications.
Exclusive TileMatrix and TileComp™ technologies, combined with
the thin-bezel design of NEC large-screen displays, provide for a
near seamless video wall without the need for additional third-party
equipment. When compared to 82"-108" single-screen displays,
NEC's video wall solutions deliver a more cost-effective and easier-
to-transport and install alternative for your application.
LCD technology alleviates downfalls affiliated with rear-projection
and plasma displays. This includes improved color and brightness
uniformity as well as full HD resolution (X462UN WXGA native) for
stunning video clarity.
Public Information &
Digital Signage
Retail advertising/branding
Corporate lobbies
Houses of worship
Higher education
Solution Features and Benefits
TileMatrix technology is integrated into each NEC display within the
bundle, allowing for easy manipulation of a single picture to 2x2 format
TileComp works in tandem with TileMatrix to compensate for the bezel
width and create a more seamless video wall
Copy function allows the user to apply the settings from one display to all
others in the RS-232 daisy chain, reducing setup time and saving money
(null modem cables included)
Thin-bezel design provides for some of the smallest bezel widths in the
industry (7.3mm screen-to-screen width for X462UN and 31mm for P401,
33.5mm for P461 and 38mm for P521)
Industry's most extensive display control, including RS-232, Ethernet
connectivity, NaViSet software and DDC/CI standard
Rapid Response™ technology delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted
viewing of high-speed, full-motion video
Thermal protection panel contains an extra air gap and heat dissipation
layer designed to distribute heat more uniformly across the LCD layer,
minimizing the risk of image retention
Fan-based technology connected to internal heat sensors automatically
turns on when temperatures reach certain thresholds. Designed to work in
both portrait and landscape orientations, these fans can be always on or
controlled remotely.
Real-time clock allows for content scheduling and monitor sleep/wake
management, improving energy savings and extending display life
NaViSet™ software utilizes the monitor's advanced control and diagnostics
capabilities to provide AV and IT professionals with remote access to
monitor settings over their existing network
Mounting system is compact and slim, which allows the displays to be
mounted as close to the wall as possible (Digital Factory PerfectAlign for
P401, P461 and P521; Chief 2x2 wall mount for X462UN-TMX4D)
Overframe Bezel Kit completes your solution by offering a "finished &
framed" look (two kits included with the X462UN-TMX4D)
Remote Control and Ambient Light Sensor Kit provides the entire video
wall with one sensor that detects ambient light and delivers simple remote
control functionality (included with the X462UN-TMX4D)
DVI daisy chain option board allows for easy digital loop-through of video
signal (four included)
Tripp Lite surge suppressor features six outlets and prevents crashes, reboots
and performance problems
Command & Control
Homeland Security
Weather stations
Call centers
Traffic management
Broadcast stations
Pre-Configured Solution



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  • Page 1 40"/46”/52” NEC Professional-Grade LCD Display/Mounting System/Cabling/Power Suppression Solution Features and Benefits TileMatrix technology is integrated into each NEC display within the bundle, allowing for easy manipulation of a single picture to 2x2 format TileComp works in tandem with TileMatrix to compensate for the bezel...
  • Page 2 The X462UN’s ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring displays of only 7.3mm, a more than 1200% improvement over the standard bezel width from NEC’s 90mm V Series and close to 450% compared to its previously revolutionary 33mm P Series displays.
  • Page 3 2x2 Video Wall System Designed to support NEC’s thin-bezel large-screen LCD displays, this mounting system allows installers to quickly assemble any video wall configuration imaginable. Easy to install and very simple to maintain, this mounting system ensures that every display is “perfectly aligned”...

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