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Motorola hmvc3020 Quick Start Manual page 4

Wired camera
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Installing Your Wireless Signal Repeater
Warning: When mounting near a window, drilling too close to the glass could break the glass, possibly cause
it to shatter, and cause injury. The window extends deeper into the frame than can be seen; therefore, ensure
your screw is beyond the glass before drilling.
Using the holes on the drilling template found later in this guide, mark the
position of the holes to be drilled.
For drywall or other composite surfaces, use a 7/32" drill bit. Drill a hole for
each of the mounting screws and insert a plastic wall anchor into each hole.
For solid surfaces, use a 1/16" drill bit. Drill a pilot hole for each of the
mounting screws.
Using the screws provided, secure the camera mounting bracket to the wall
the bracket until it is firmly seated and
Position the camera to view the desired area. Please keep
motion sensor distance works up to 12–14 feet (3.5–4 m).
Make adjustments to the camera viewing angle by tilting and panning the camera head with your hand.
you feel it click as the clip engages.
in mind that the field of view is 80 degrees and
1.6 mm (1/16 inch)
. Slide the camera down on to



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