Canon VB-H47 Installation Manual
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Network Camera
Installation Guide
15 (0.59)
Please be sure to read the "Safety Precautions" section for correct use.
Request a professional installer for all installation work. Never try to install
the camera yourself. Doing so may result in unforeseen accidents such as
dropping the camera or electric shock.
Some cameras are not available in certain countries or regions.
47 (1.85)
47 (1.85)
15 (0.59)
Unit: mm (in.)


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Summary of Contents for Canon VB-H47

  • Page 1 Network Camera Installation Guide 47 (1.85) 47 (1.85) 15 (0.59) 15 (0.59) 4-M3 Unit: mm (in.) Please be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” section for correct use. Caution Request a professional installer for all installation work. Never try to install the camera yourself.
  • Page 2: Included Items

    This document has been prepared with the utmost attention to accuracy. If you have any comments, however, please contact a Canon sales representative. Canon shall assume no liability for any outcome of using this product, notwithstanding items listed above. ■...
  • Page 3: Part Names

    Part Names 1. Audio input terminal (common LINE IN and MIC IN) (P. 1 5) 2. Audio output terminal (LINE OUT) (P.15) 3. 100Base-TX LAN connector (P.11) 4. Power connection terminal (P.12) 5. Reset Switch 6. External Device I/O Terminals (P.13) 7.
  • Page 4: Before Installing The Camera

    Before Installing the Camera When Using a Memory Card Insert a memory card before installing the camera.
  • Page 5: Installing The Camera

    Installing the Camera A ceiling mount cover or indoor dome housing is necessary to install the camera on a ceiling. The installation method using the ceiling mount cover is explained here. 43 x 84 mm (1.69 x 3.31 in) Use the template to make mounting screw holes and wiring holes in the ceiling. The template is included in the ceiling mount cover (sold separately).
  • Page 6 Installing the Camera Install the safety wire (0.7 m)(27.56 in.). After firmly attaching the wire to the anchor or structure, secure it to the camera. Safety wires are included in the ceiling mount cover (optional). The screws (nominal diameter: M3, length: 6 mm (0.24 in.), head shape: bind) are to be fastened to the camera.
  • Page 7 Installing the Camera Fix the camera, which has the ceiling bracket is attached, to the ceiling. Be sure to separately prepare mounting screws, according to the installation location and material. (Nominal diameter: M4, Head Shape: pan, x 4)
  • Page 8 Installing the Camera Connect the cables that are passed through the wiring holes to the camera. For power supply, refer to “Power Supply” (P. 11). For network terminal, refer to “Interface” (P. 18). Cutout section Install the ceiling mount cover. Align the ( ) mark on the ceiling mount cover with the ( I ) mark on the back of the camera, and turn it clockwise to the position of the ( I ) mark to mount it.
  • Page 9 Installing the Camera External dimensions of the ceiling mount cover (sold separately). 180 (7.09) (2.60) 140 (5.51) 4- 3.4 ( 0.13) 46 (1-13/16) 116 (4.57) 83.5 (3-9/32) 4- 4.5 ( 0.18) 85.7 (3-3/8) 14- 4.5 ( 0.18) Junction box plate 144 (5.67) 4- 3.4 ( 0.13) Ceiling bracket...
  • Page 10 Installing the Camera When Using the Junction Box Use the mounting bracket of the junction box included in the ceiling mount cover (sold separately). M3 x 4 M3 x 4 Install the junction box plate on the junction box. Prepare the screws separately by referring to the instruction manual of the junction box and the external dimensions of the junction box plate (P.9).
  • Page 11: Connecting The Camera

    PoE (Power over Ethernet) For details, refer to “Other” > “Power Supply” (P. 19). For PoE powered devices, check with a Canon's sales representative. Some PoE devices allow power limits for each port, but applying limits may interfere with performance. In this case, use without any restrictions.
  • Page 12 Connecting the Camera ■ External Power Supply 12 V DC input can be used. Connect the included power connector as shown below. Screwdriver Tightening torque: 0.25 N·m (max.) Strip Approx. 5 – 7 mm (0.20 – 0.28 in.) Power connector (included) Recommended cable: Single wire/ stranded wire AWG No.
  • Page 13: External Device I/O Terminals

    Connecting the Camera External Device I/O Terminals The External Device I/O Terminal has two input terminals and two output terminals, and consist of two IN terminals, two OUT terminals, and one GND terminal for a total of five terminals The GND terminal is a shared terminal, and is connected to the camera's interior GND. When using the external device input and output at the same time, couple the GND wire from the input cable with the GND wire from the output cable, conforming to the wire range, and connect it to the GND terminal.
  • Page 14 Connecting the Camera ■ External Device Input Terminal The external device input terminal consists of an IN terminal (IN1 or IN2) and a GND terminal. Connecting wires to the IN and GND terminals and opening or closing the circuit notifies the Viewer. Important • When connecting sensors and switches, use those that have terminals which are isolated from internal power and GND.
  • Page 15: Audio Input/Output Terminals

    Connecting the Camera Audio Input/Output Terminals Each audio input/output terminal has one input system and one output system. Connecting the camera to an audio input/output device such as a microphone or a speaker with an amplifier allows you to send/receive audio through the viewer. ■...
  • Page 16 Connecting the Camera Important • Using incorrect settings for [Audio Input Mode] may damage the camera and/or microphone. Be sure to configure the settings correctly. • Microphone characteristics may affect volume and sound quality. • Images and audio do not always synchronize properly. • Audio may be interrupted depending on PC characteristics and network environment.
  • Page 17 Accessories The following dedicated accessories can be purchased separately as necessary. (Some accessories are not available in certain countries or regions.) A ceiling mount cover or indoor dome housing is necessary to install the camera on a ceiling. Ceiling Mount Cover SS40-W-VB/SS40-B-VB Dedicated accessory used to install the camera on a ceiling.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Specifications For specifications not listed below, refer to Network Camera's “Specifications” ■ Camera Lens 20x optical zoom (16x digital zoom) lens with auto focus Angle of View For 16:9 aspect ratios Horizontal: 62.4° (W) – 3.3° (T) Vertical: 36.3° (W) – 1.9° (T) For 4:3 aspect ratios Horizontal: 47.9°...
  • Page 19 Specifications ■ Others Operating Environment Temperature: DC, PoE: -10°C – +50°C (+14°F – +122°F) Humidity: 5% – 85% (without condensation) Temperature: -30°C – +60°C (-22°F – +140°F) Storage Environment Humidity: 5% – 90% (without condensation) Power Supply PoE: PoE power supply via LAN connector (IEEE802.3at Type1 compliant) AC Adapter: PA-V18 (100 –...
  • Page 20: Safety Precautions

    Failure to do so may result in fire or electric shock. • If conditions such as smoke, strange sounds, heat or strange odors are discovered, immediately stop using the camera and contact a Canon's sales representative. Continuing the use of the product may result in fire or electric shock.
  • Page 21 • Depending on the computer and network environment, high-precision video transmission cannot be guaranteed due to video latency or loss of video. Canon will assume no liability for any accident or damage resulting from use of the camera under the conditions above.
  • Page 22 Safety Precautions Important • Installation of a lightning arrester (a surge protection device) is recommended as a measure against failures caused by lightning strikes. • Do not hold the device by the camera head. • Never touch the camera head during initialization. • Do not turn the camera rotator by hand.
  • Page 23 • Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable in any way in the event of a dispute between any user and any third party concerning the installation of the product or...
  • Page 24 © BIE-7316-000 CANON INC. 2022...

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