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Dishwasher Features - KitchenAid Architect Series II KUDK03CTSS User Manual

Kitchenaid architect series ii kudk03ctss: user guide
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Wash Area
wash area is located at
the back of the lower level rack.
NOTE: You must select the PROSCRUB
wash option to use this feature. Make sure
items do not interfere with the water feed
tube, spray arms, or PROSCRUB
Load pans, casserole dishes, etc. in
the back of the lower dish rack with
the soiled surfaces facing the
spray jets.
Only one row of items may face the PROSCRUB
Stacking, overlapping or nesting items will keep the
spray jets from contacting all of the surfaces.
Removable Lower Level Rack Inserts
IMPORTANT: This insert must be used when using the
wash option. All insert tines should be in the up
position, and the dish should be placed in the open, middle section
facing the P
spray jets.
The double and single removable rack inserts allow you to adjust
the rack for the type of load you are washing. This is useful when
washing a variety of dishes, pots and pans, or roasters.
A. Double rack insert
B. Single rack insert
To install lower level inserts:
NOTE: It will be easier to install the inserts if you remove the
silverware basket from the rack.
1. Place the double insert end legs under the 3rd wire from the
right and single insert legs under the 2nd wire from the right.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the curved wires, on the bottom
of the insert, fit over the wires in the bottom of the rack.
2. Push down on insert until handle fits against outer rack edge.
3. When center tab under handle locks in under the middle side
rack wire, the insert is in place.
To remove lower level inserts:
Pull handle out to the right and lift up to release and lift insert out of

Dishwasher Features

Your KitchenAid dishwasher may have some or all of these features.
spray jets.
Utensil Basket
Use the utensil basket to hold specialty
cooking utensils (serving spoons,
spatulas, and similar items), or overflow
silverware items.
The basket hangs on the bottom rack in
the right-hand corner. Load the basket
while it is on the bottom rack or remove
the basket for loading on a counter or
NOTE: Spin the spray arms. Be sure
items in the basket do not stop the
rotation of the spray arms.
Small Items Mesh Pouch
This pouch hangs on the front of
the bottom rack. Use it to hold
small items that could otherwise
"fly" around inside the dishwasher
during a cycle.
Adjustable 2-Position Mid Level Rack
After removing the culinary tool rack, you can raise or lower the mid
level rack to fit tall items in either the mid level or bottom rack.
Adjusters are located on each side of the mid level rack. Each
adjuster has 2 preset positions. The high and low positions are
marked on the adjuster.
IMPORTANT: If using the culinary tool baskets in the Down
position, the mid level rack must also be in the lowest position.
To raise the rack, press both rack adjusters and lift the rack until it
is in the Up position and level.
To lower the rack,
press both rack
adjusters and slide the
rack back to its lower
NOTE: The mid level
rack must be level.

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