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Listening With Headphones - JVC KV-DV7J Instructions Manual

Dvd/cd player
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Table of Contents
To stop playback temporarily
Press 8 (STEP). A still picture appears while
playing a DVD or VCD.
• You can advance the still picture frame by
frame by pressing the button repeatedly. (See
page 18.)
To resume playback, press 3.
To stop playback
Press 7.
If you are playing back a DVD or
VCD, this unit can memorize the
end point ("7" appears for a while
on the screen), and when you start
playback again, playback begins from where it
has been stopped. (Resume play)
To eject a disc
1 Press OPEN on the unit to open the slot cover.
2 Press 0 on the unit (inside the slot cover).
The disc automatically comes out of the
loading slot.
To locate a particular chapter or track
You can move to another chapter or track while
playing a disc.
• Press ¢ to go ahead to the beginning of the
next track.
Each time you press the button consecutively,
the beginning of the next tracks is located and
played back.
• Press 4 to go back to the beginning of the
current track.
Each time you press the button consecutively,
the beginning of the previous tracks is located
and played back.
If you press and hold the button, you can fast-
forward (by holding ¢) or fast-reverse the play
(by holding 4).
* Manufactured under license from Dolby
Laboratories. "Dolby" and the double-D symbol
are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
Confidential unpublished works. © 1992–1997
Dolby Laboratories. All rights reserved.

Listening with headphones

1 Connect the headphones to the PHONES jack
on the unit.
2 While holding SHIFT (S), then press
H/P VOL 5 or H/P VOL ∞ to adjust the
headphones volume.
DO NOT use the headphones while driving. It
is dangerous to shut off the outside sounds
while driving.
About sounds reproduced through the rear
• Through AUDIO (L/R):
Analog stereo signals are output.
When playing a source encoded with Dolby
Digital* (
) , multichannel signals are
mixed to the left and right front channel
signals, then output.
– You cannot reproduce the sound encoded
with DTS Digital Surround** (
• Through DIGITAL OUT:
Digital signals (Linear PCM, Dolby Digital,
DTS Digital Surround) are output through this
terminal. (For more details, see page 35.)
To reproduce the multichannel sounds such
as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround,
connect an amplifier or a decoder compatible
with these multichannel sources to this
terminal, and set "DIGITAL OUT" correctly.
(See page 22.)
** Manufactured under license from Digital Theater
Systems, Inc. US Pat. No. 5,451,942, 5,956,674,
5,974,380, 5,978,762 and other world-wide patents
issued and pending. "DTS" is a registered
trademark of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Copyright 1996, 2000 Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.


Table of Contents

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