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Handling discs

How to handle discs
When removing a disc from its case, press down
the center holder of the case and lift the disc out,
holding it by the edges.
• Always hold the disc by the edges. Do not
touch its recording surface.
When storing a disc into
its case, gently insert the
disc around the center
holder (with the printed
surface facing up).
• Make sure to store
discs into the cases after use.
To keep discs clean
A dirty disc may not play
correctly. If a disc does
become dirty, wipe it with a
soft cloth in a straight line
from center to edge.
To play new discs
New discs may have some
rough spots around the
inner and outer edges. If
such a disc is used, this
unit may reject the disc.
To remove these rough
spots, rub the edges with
a pencil or ball-point pen, etc.
About mistracking:
Mistracking may result from driving on extremely
rough roads. This does not damage the unit and the
disc, but will be annoying.
We recommend that you stop disc play while
driving on such rough roads.
Moisture condensation
Moisture may condense on the lens inside the
unit in the following cases:
• After starting the heater in the car.
• If it becomes very humid inside the car.
Should this occur, the unit may malfunction. In
this case, eject the disc and leave the unit turned
on for a few hours until the moisture evaporates.
Center holder


• Do not insert 8 cm discs (single discs) into the
loading slot. (Such discs cannot be ejected.)
• Do not insert any disc of unusual shape — like a
heart or flower; otherwise, it will cause a
• Do not expose discs to direct sunlight or any
heat source or place them in a place subject to
high temperature and humidity. Do not leave
them in a car.
• Do not use any solvent (for example,
conventional record cleaner, spray, thinner,
benzine, etc.) to clean discs.


Table of Contents

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