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Haier Service-1200 User Manual page 13

Twin-tub washing machine with pump
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1. Put the laundries into the spin tub
evenly and smoothly.
2. Press the gland in the tub properly.
Close the inner and outer cover of
the spin tub.
3. Spin
Select suitable spin time according
to the laundries, and do spinning.
During spinning, if there's abnormal
sound, it is generally owing to slanting
placement of the laundries. Please
stop the machine and re-order the
In spinning, it will pause the work if you open the outer cover of the spin
tub. Close it to resume the spinning.
To do spinning and draining
or rinsing with water-filling
together, please first do
spinning for around 1 minute,
then do draining or rinsing
with water-filling. Otherwise
the spinning will stop owing
to too much water stored in
the spin tub.



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