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Haier Service-1200 User Manual page 5

Twin-tub washing machine with pump
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Safety precautions
Do not stretch hands into the working
machine. It is dangerous even if the
rotation is slow. Take special care of
the children.
Do not put any hot or heavy items
( such as the kettle with hot water )
on the washing machine.
Handicapped or children without care
shall not use the machine.
To protect your laundries and wash-
ing machine, please take out all of the
coins, buttons, sand, hairpin and
other foreign materials before washing.
Do not decompose, repair or alter the
machine by yourself.
Do not wash laundries with volatile
materials (such as thinner, petrol etc.).
Keep the machine away from direct
sunlight and heat source like the
Please check if the water faucet is open,
and if the connection of the water inlet
pipe is proper.
It is suggested to use foamless washing
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