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Control Panel; Cleaning And Maintainance - Haier HDY60 Owner & User Manual

Clothes dryer
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A – Program control knob
There are 7 drying program to choose from. Turn knob to your desired program.
B – Start / Pause button
After selecting your desired drying program, press this button to start the dryer. To
pause the dryer while in operation, press this button again. The display will flash
digits and the machine will come to a halted. To resume drying, press this button
C – LED screen
This screen displays the remaining cycle time for the program and if selected,
delay time.
D – Delay button
This is a delay start button. It allows you to start the dryer after a preset time.
Press this button before you start your program. The delay range is between 1 –
12 hours. Every touch of the button will be in increments of one hour. After you
have set your delay time, press the Start/Pause button to start the delay operation.
You will notice a light flash to the left of the delay button.
E – Set program
This program is used for custom setting. The shortest drying time which can be
set is 20 minutes (0:20) and longest drying time is 4 hours (4:00).
To set your drying time, select "SET" on the program. You will notice 1:40 flashing
on the LED display. To increase the drying time, press the "START/PAUSE"
button ONLY while the time is flashing. This will increase the time in 10 minute
increments. To decrease the drying time, press the DELAY button ONLY while the
time is flashing. This will decrease the time in 10 minute increments.
Once you have set your desired drying time, let the flashing time come to a stop
and press "START/PAUSE" button to commence drying.
If you happen to miss pressing either buttons while the time is not still flashing, turn
the program knob back to "OFF" and try again.


WARNING! Unplug the power cord prior to any cleaning
Cleaning the surface
Wipe off any dust or dirt on the body of the dryer and surface off the main control
Note: Do not use excessive water. Just a damp cloth is fine.
Do not use solvent.
Do not use spray cleaners when cleaning the interior.
Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Cleaning the filter screen
To ensure a good ventilation effect during drying, the filter screen must be cleaned
before or after each use.
1. Removing the filter.
Gently push together the clip on the filter screen and
then pull out towards yourself.
2. Cleaning the filter
Remove the lint with a soft brush or
vacuum cleaner. Pay attention and do not
damage the filters.
At the same time, remove any remaining
lint from the perforated metal lint screen on
the door.
3. Re-installing the filter
After cleaning filters, put the screen back in place. Note:
Never operate your dryer without the lint filter.



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