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Haier HDY60 Owner & User Manual page 6

Clothes dryer
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Wall Mounting Instructions
3. To install the hook to the dryer, remove the 2 screws and 2
corks as indicated in Fig. 2.
4. Align hooks as shown in Fig. 3 and each hook should be fixed
up well with three screws. Install the spacers provided as Fig. 3.
2 screws
2 corks
Fig. 2
3 screws
Fig. 3
Wall Mounting Instructions
5. With assistance, mount dryer on wall brackets. See Fig. 4
6. A new control panel film with inverted symbols to suit your inverted
dryer is supplied.Peel the release paper from the back of inverted film
then place new control panel film on the surface so that writing is the
correct way around.
7.Hold the Start/Pause button and at the same time turn the program
dial knob from OFF position to any other program.Keep the "Start/Pause "
button until the displayed is inverted.Follow this same procedure to revert
the display.
Fig. 4



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