HP iPAQ rw6800 User Manual
HP iPAQ rw6800 User Manual

HP iPAQ rw6800 User Manual

Hp ipaq rw6800: user guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 HP iPAQ...
  • Page 2 Remove the battery cover and place the SIM card inside the holder Install the battery and replace battery cover Charge the battery NOTE: Solid green LED indicates a full charge, which may take about 1.5 hours.
  • Page 3 Insert the Getting Started CD Follow the on-screen instructions on your personal computer Set up your HP iPAQ Follow the on-screen instructions until setup is complete.
  • Page 4 Microsoft, Windows, the Windows logo, Outlook, and ActiveSync are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. HP iPAQ Products are Powered by Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 software for Pocket PC. SD Logo is a trademark of its proprietor.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Left and Right Side Components ..... . 9 Setting Up Your HP iPAQ ......9 Step 1: Remove the battery cover and slide in the SIM card .
  • Page 6 Viewing Call History ......21 Locking and Unlocking Your HP iPAQ ....21 Entering Text .
  • Page 7 Digital Imaging Features......35 HP Photosmart Camera Icons ..... . . 36 Taking a Photo .
  • Page 8: Frequently Asked Questions

    Setting up E-mail account--topics on pages 30 and 31 Using the Phone, page 23 Taking a Photo, page 46 Resetting Your HP iPAQ, page 14 Wi-Fi, page 33 Bluetooth, page 35 Battery Saving Tips, page 18 Protecting the HP iPAQ Screen from Cracking or Damage, page 49 –1...
  • Page 9: Box Contents

    Box Contents This illustration depicts the items that come in the box with your HP iPAQ. Use this illustration to become more familiar with your new device. NOTE Box contents vary by model. Box Contents Removable flip cover(s) HP iPAQ...
  • Page 10: Getting Started Cd Contents

    • Additional software for your HP iPAQ and personal computer All software and documents are designed to be installed on your personal computer to enable you to use your HP iPAQ to its full potential. NOTE All current Microsoft operating systems are supported by ActiveSync 4.1, except Windows 98SE and Windows ME.
  • Page 11: Finding More Information

    Connecting to and synchronizing with a computer Troubleshooting on ActiveSync connections Programs that are on your HP iPAQ Getting Started CD and Help located on the Additional programs that can be installed on your HP iPAQ Safety precautions Web sites optimized for your...
  • Page 12: Components

    Components IMPORTANT Not all models or features are available in all regions. Top Components Component Mini-SD Storage Slot Power Button Stylus Function Insert a Mini-SD (Secure Digital) storage card for data storage. Turn the unit on and off. Use to input information: •...
  • Page 13: Bottom Components

    Charging/Communications Port Headphone Connector Microphone Front Panel Components HINT Be sure to lift the flip cover on your HP iPAQ before you start tapping the screen. Function Add a strap to carry your HP iPAQ. Push the stylus into this hole to perform a soft reset of the HP iPAQ if it locks up or needs resetting.
  • Page 14 • Flashing Blue—Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is on. • LED off—Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are off. Listen to phone calls, sounds, and notifications from here. • Flashing Green—your HP iPAQ is in a mobile phone coverage area. • Flashing Amber—an event notification on your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 15: Back Panel Components

    Battery Cover Function With the camera turned on, frame the subject in the camera lens and view the photo object on your HP iPAQ screen before capturing the photo. Use the mirror lens to center your own image for a self-photograph.
  • Page 16: Left And Right Side Components

    Digital Camera Button Setting Up Your HP iPAQ Use the following steps to quickly set up your HP iPAQ and connect it to your personal computer. The illustrations in the previous sections display the specific location of the HP iPAQ components.
  • Page 17: Step 2: Install The Battery And Replace The Battery Cover

    Step 4: Insert the Getting Started CD into the CD drive of your personal computer Use the Getting Started CD to complete the setup of your HP iPAQ and to synchronize the HP iPAQ with your personal computer. The HP Install Wizard automatically opens, and the application starts to run.
  • Page 18: Step 5: Follow The On-Screen Instructions On Your Personal Computer

    Step 6: Set up your HP iPAQ When you turn on your HP iPAQ for the first time, follow the instructions on the screen. Use the stylus to enter information. (See the product component illustrations for the location of the stylus.)
  • Page 19: Finding The Serial Number And Model Number

    Locate the Serial and Model numbers before contacting HP Customer Support, particularly if you are calling for in-warranty support. View the Serial Number and Model ID by tapping Start > HP Help And Support > Serial and Model Number. You can also find this information underneath the battery of your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 20: Today Screen

    Today screen as a notification. Status Icons The following status icons are displayed on the Navigation or Command bar. Tap the icon on the HP iPAQ screen to view more information related to the item. Icon Status Active connection to a wireless network.
  • Page 21: Wireless Manager

    Icon Status (continued) Active data connection to GPRS network. Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) is registered and available, if you are subscribed to the EDGE technology. Active data connection to EDGE network Phone is powered off. Phone is powered on. Network is searching or unavailable.
  • Page 22: Checking The Battery Charge Level

    Getting Started CD. Battery Saving Tips The, HP iPAQ is as individual as you are. You can adjust the settings on your HP iPAQ to fit your individual needs and to help your battery last as long as possible between charges. Here are some recommendations for how to conserve battery life.
  • Page 23: Synchronization

    Connections tab > Beam, then uncheck the Receive all incoming beams check box. HP also offers a variety of accessories to keep your HP iPAQ charged when you are out of the office for extended time periods. These include a vehicle adapter and a battery charger.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Help For Synchronization Issues

    • Click Next if you want to synchronize directly with a Microsoft Exchange server. 6. When the Synchronization Options screen displays, select the items you want to synchronize between your HP iPAQ and your computer, and then click Next. 7. After your items have been synchronized, click Finish.
  • Page 25 (A hard or clean reset clears all user-installed settings, programs, and data and restores your HP iPAQ to factory settings.) You can reinstall your applications on your HP iPAQ once the hard or clean reset is complete by using ActiveSync on your personal computer. Once your HP iPAQ is synchronized properly, go to ActiveSync on your personal computer and select Tools >...
  • Page 26: Using The Phone

    If you purchased a prepaid SIM card to use with your HP iPAQ or, if your service provider issued you a SIM card with a preset PIN, the following information is not applicable.
  • Page 27: Answering A Call

    NOTE You can make calls to emergency service numbers under any circumstances, even if you have enabled the SIM PIN and/or locked your HP iPAQ. Making a Call from Contacts 1. From the Today screen, tap the Contacts softkey or tap Start >...
  • Page 28: Making A Call Using Speed Dial

    Call History > Menu > Filter. Locking and Unlocking Your HP iPAQ You can lock your HP iPAQ to prevent accidental key presses and unintentional phone calls while you carry your HP iPAQ. NOTE When your device is locked, you can still receive phone call notifications and see appointment reminders.
  • Page 29: Entering Text Using Block Recognizer

    Text Input Method Keyboard Letter Recognizer Transcriber HINT Change the text input method from within any program by tapping the Input Selector arrow and tapping an input method. Entering Text using Block Recognizer 1. From any program, tap the Input Selector arrow, and then Block Recognizer.
  • Page 30: Entering Text Using Letter Recognizer

    Push technology keeps your Outlook Mobile up-to-date by delivering Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks list quickly and directly to your HP iPAQ. For more information about Connect to Mobile Business E- mail using Exchange Server 2003, contact your IT administrator or mobile phone service provider.
  • Page 31: Synchronizing With A Server Via Gsm/Gprs/Edge

    HP iPAQ models. Synchronizing with a Server via GSM/GPRS/EDGE The HP iPAQ offers you a comprehensive set of wireless capabilities to keep you connected in or out of the office. With Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service/Enhanced Data Rates for...
  • Page 32: Setting Up A Pop3, Http, Or Imap4 E-Mail Account

    Settings. 11. Tap Finish. You can set up your HP iPAQ to synchronize with Exchange Server over a wireless network or through a cable, infrared, or Bluetooth connection to a personal computer. You must have the following information to sync wirelessly: server name, user name, password, and domain name.
  • Page 33: Composing And Sending Outlook E-Mail Messages

    If Auto configuration is successful, your user name is already entered and you can tap Next, then Finish to complete setting up your account, or tap Options to access additional settings. For example: • Change the time intervals for downloading new messages •...
  • Page 34: Sorting The Message List

    Wi-Fi With wireless access HP iPAQ to the Internet. Instead, access points transmit data to and from your wireless device. Your HP iPAQ can connect to an 802.11b WLAN or connect directly to other WLAN-enabled devices. With Wi-Fi, you can: •...
  • Page 35: Configuring Network Security Settings

    To turn on Bluetooth: 1. From the Today screen, tap the Wireless Manager icon. 2. On the Wireless Manager screen, tap the Bluetooth button. When Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth LED on the front of your HP iPAQ flashes blue. –28...
  • Page 36: Connecting To A Bluetooth Headset

    You can display appointments on the Today screen. If you use Outlook on your personal computer, you can synchronize appointments between your HP iPAQ and computer. You can also set Calendar to remind you of appointments with a sound or flashing LED.
  • Page 37: Scheduling An Appointment

    6. Tap OK. The meeting request is sent to the attendees the next time you synchronize your HP iPAQ. When attendees accept your meeting request, the meeting is automatically added to their calendars. When their response is sent back to you, your calendar is also updated.
  • Page 38: Creating A Contact

    Tap a contact in the list for a summary of contact information. If you use Outlook on your computer, you can synchronize contacts between your HP iPAQ and your personal computer. Creating a Contact 1. Tap Start > Programs > Contacts.
  • Page 39: Locating A Task

    • Filter the list by category. Tap Menu > Filter, and tap the category you want displayed. Mobile Entertainment Your HP iPAQ is a mobile entertainment device that allows you to listen to music files and FM radio stations. PocketMusic Pocket Music is preinstalled on your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 40: Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

    Microsoft. With this new version, you can: • Sync your music, photos, videos, and recorded TV to your HP iPAQ for easy enjoyment on the go. • Automatically convert video and recorded TV during sync to an optimized and size reduced format for better viewing on your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 41: Internet Explorer Mobile

    .dot format. To access Word Mobile, tap Start > Programs > Word Mobile. Excel Mobile You can create and edit workbooks and templates on your HP iPAQ with Excel Mobile. With Excel Mobile, you can: • View, edit, and create charts and graphics, which can be embedded as objects in a worksheet or placed on a separate worksheet.
  • Page 42: Using Modem Link

    PowerPoint Mobile. Using Modem Link You can use your HP iPAQ as a wireless modem. The Modem Link software is preinstalled on your HP iPAQ and guides you during the installation process. If you have not done so, install a GPRS-enabled SIM into your HP iPAQ before setting up Modem Link.
  • Page 43: Hp Photosmart Camera Icons

    1. From the Start menu, tap Programs > HP Photosmart Camera. 2. Locate the camera lens on the back of the HP iPAQ and frame the subject in the digital viewfinder located on the HP iPAQ screen. 3. Tap the Zoom-In icon on the screen to zoom in on the subject, or tap the Zoom-Out icon to zoom out.
  • Page 44: Tips For Taking High-Quality Pictures

    5. Do one of the following: • Press the Shutter button on the right side of the HP iPAQ. • Tap the Shutter icon on the screen to take a photo. • Press down on the middle of the 5-Way Navigation button.
  • Page 45: Taking A Video Clip

    To take a video clip: 1. Tap Start > Programs > HP Photosmart Camera. 2. Locate the camera lens on the back of the HP iPAQ and frame the subject to be photographed in the digital viewfinder located on the HP iPAQ screen.
  • Page 46: Obtaining Services For A Cracked Or Damaged Screen

    • When not in use, close the flip cover on your HP iPAQ and store it in a case. You can select from a wide variety of case options at www.hp.com/accessories/ipaq • Do not place anything on top of your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 47 Index AC adapter 2 ActiveSync 11 Answer/Send button 7 Appointments 29 Back components 8 Battery charging 10 checking charge level 15 cover 8 icons 15 installation 9 LED 7 Light bulb icon 15 replacing cover 10 saving tips 15 Belt holster 2 Block Recognizer 22 Bluetooth Bluetooth headset 29...
  • Page 48 3 HP iPAQ enhancements 3 installing software 3 Handwriting recognition 23 Headphone connector 6 HP Digital Camera 8 HP Help and Support 12 HP Install Wizard 11 HP Photosmart Camera 35 HP Photosmart Mobile 37 Icons camera 36...
  • Page 49 Power button 5 PowerPoint Mobile 34 Product component illustrations 5 Product ID, location 12 Protecting the HP iPAQ screen reducing damage risks 38 routine care 38 Receiver 7 Removable flip cover 2 Removable/Rechargeable battery 2 Resets clean 12 soft 12...
  • Page 50 Artwork Part Number: 408825-001...

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