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  • Page 1 Glisten Quickstart...
  • Page 2 The online tutorials include an easy search function as well as step-by-step instructions and screen shots to assist your learning. Thanks again for choosing AT&T. Learn how to control your iPAQ—check out this foldout while you read this guide.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents What’s in the box Set up Start with the Today screen Status icons Get to know your keyboard Make a call Listen to your voicemail Add a contact Schedule an appointment Set your alarm clock Text messaging Take and send a picture Web browsing Email...
  • Page 5: What's In The Box

    What’s in the box Rechargeable battery Power adapter USB sync cable HP iPAQ Glisten • Quickstart • Important Product Information...
  • Page 6: Set Up

    Store more photos or other information by adding memory to your phone with a microSD card. With the gold contacts facing down, insert a microSD card into the slot. Note: A microSD card is not included with your iPAQ and can be purchased separately.
  • Page 7: Insert Battery

    Insert battery 1. With the HP logo facing out, push the top of the battery in first. 2. Push the bottom of the battery into the phone. Caution: Only use a battery specifically manufactured for the HP iPAQ Glisten. Replace battery cover 1.
  • Page 8: Turn On Your Phone

    2. Attach the USB sync cable to the power adapter. 3. Plug the adapter into a standard AC outlet. You can now explore your new iPAQ while the battery is charging. It is important that you fully charge your battery before unplugging the USB sync cable.
  • Page 9 Configure your phone The first time you turn on your phone, you are prompted to tap the screen. Next, use the stylus or your finger to align the screen. After you align your phone screen, it is ready to use!
  • Page 10: Start With The Today Screen

    Start with the Today screen The Today screen displays current information and alerts, including new emails, text messages, upcoming appointments, voicemails, and missed calls. Also, you can open items from the Today screen. For example, scroll up or down to calendar by touch, or press the navigation ring, and then press the Center Select key to open your calendar.
  • Page 11: Status Icons

    Wi-Fi on Battery charging Battery full Battery low Bluetooth® on Note: To view a detailed list of status icons, see the HP iPAQ Glisten User Manual on the web. For instructions on how to download the User Manual, see page 35.
  • Page 12: Get To Know Your Keyboard

    Get to know your keyboard Number keys Use these to dial a phone number. Numbers and symbols To enter numbers and symbols, press (function), and then press the required key. When you press twice, it locks FN and all entered characters are numbers or symbols.
  • Page 13 The chart below shows you the corresponding icon that is displayed on the bottom of your iPAQ screen when you use numbers and symbols. Press CAPS key once Press CAPS Lock key twice Press key once Press FN Lock key twice...
  • Page 14: Make A Call

    Make a call Wireless service indicator To make a call, you can start dialing directly from the Today screen and then press Send Note: To go back to the Today screen at any time, press End Or, press Send at any time to open the Phone screen.
  • Page 15: Add A Contact

    Add a contact You can add contacts to your phone and/or to your SIM card. A SIM contact is usually limited to a name and one phone number. Outlook contacts on your phone can contain detailed contact information and multiple numbers. You can also wirelessly synchronize your Outlook contacts with your Microsoft®...
  • Page 16: Schedule An Appointment

    Schedule an appointment You can schedule an appointment from your Today screen. You can also wirelessly synchronize your calendar with your Microsoft Exchange Server. If your phone is synchronized with your Exchange Server, you can add attendees, similar to using Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  • Page 17: Set Your Alarm Clock

    Set your alarm clock 1. On the Today screen, scroll to the clock, and then press the Center Select key. 2. In the Clocks and Alarms section, tap Description, and then enter a name for the alarm. 3. To set what day(s) the alarm sounds, tap a day or multiple days.
  • Page 18: Text Messaging

    Text messaging Send a text message Text messaging allows you to send short messages composed of text and numbers. When you open up or send a new text message, the message is in conversation view. This view is similar to instant messaging—you can see the messages you sent and the replies. 1.
  • Page 19: Take And Send A Picture

    Apps > HP Photosmart Mobile. • For detailed information on how to use your camera, see the HP iPAQ Glisten User Manual on the web. For instructions on how to download the User Manual, see page 35 of this guide.
  • Page 20: Web Browsing

    Web browsing Surf the web with your finger 1. On the keyboard, press 2. Tap in the address bar, enter a web address, and then tap 3. Navigate with your finger. Note: To show the address bar and menu, tap Back Menu Favorites...
  • Page 21: Add A Web Page To Your Favorites List

    Add a web page to your favorites list 1. In Internet Explorer, tap , then tap 2. In the Favorites list, tap 3. Enter a name for the website, and then tap Add.
  • Page 22: Email

    Tap Finish. Your email will now download to your device. Note: Your iPAQ can detect personal email settings for most common email service providers. If it does not detect your settings automatically, please refer to your email provider’s...
  • Page 23: Set Up It Managed Corporate Email

    Set up IT managed corporate email To set up IT managed corporate wireless email, you will need an Exchange server address from your corporate IT organization. Contact your IT administrator for more information about Microsoft Direct Push. Microsoft Direct Push provides wireless access to your corporate email, contacts, calendar and tasks using your Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Page 24 Read your email From the Today screen, you can access your corporate and personal email. In addition to email, you can access text and multimedia messages. 1. On the Today screen, scroll to e-mail. 2. To access an email account, scroll left or right, and then tap the email account.
  • Page 25: Send An Email

    Send an email 1. On the Today screen, scroll to e-mail. 2. To open an email account, scroll left or right, and then tap the email account. 3. In the email account Inbox, tap Menu > New. 4. With the cursor in the box, press the Center Select key to view your contacts list.
  • Page 26: Change Your Ring Tone

    Change your ring tone 1. Press Start , and then tap Phone. 2. Tap Menu > Options. 3. On the Sounds page, in the Ring type list, select a ring type. 4. In the Ring tone list, select a ring tone. Note: After you select a ring tone, you can tap the play button to hear it.
  • Page 27: Get High-Speed Internet Access - Wi-Fi Hot Spots

    Note: Some Wi-Fi hot spots may require additional fees and security credentials for Internet access. For detailed information on Wi-Fi, see the HP iPAQ Glisten User Manual on the web. For instructions on how to download the User Manual, see page 35.
  • Page 28: Find Your Way With Gps - At&T Navigator

    AT&T Navigator, you can search millions of business listings and points of interest (POI) including restaurants, banks and ATMs, hotels, Wi-Fi hot spots, the cheapest or closest gas station, and more—all from your iPAQ. Login to AT&T Navigator To benefit from the GPS services of AT&T Navigator, you need to first activate this feature with AT&T.
  • Page 29: Get Directions

    Get directions 1. Tap Drive To, and then tap Address. 2. Enter your destination address, and then tap Done. 3. On the Going To screen, tap Route.
  • Page 30: Set Up A Bluetooth Headset

    Set up a Bluetooth headset 1. Turn on your Bluetooth headset (purchased separately) and place it close to your phone. 2. Make sure it is in pairing mode (see the instructions that came with your headset). 3. On your phone, press Start , tap Settings >...
  • Page 31 5. Select the headset from the list, tap Next. 6. If necessary, on the Enter passcode screen, enter the passcode provided by the headset manufacturer. 7. When the headset is paired with your phone, on the Settings screen, tap OK. Note: To turn off Bluetooth, press Start , tap Settings >...
  • Page 32: Music & Video

    Music & video Transfer music and videos to your iPAQ Before you start transferring music and videos from a PC to your iPAQ, you need: • Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile® Device Center installed on your PC. You can download them at www.windowsmobile.com/getstarted.
  • Page 33: At&T Services

    To find out if your bank supports Mobile Banking, visit att.com/MobileBanking or contact your financial institution. For more information about adding these services, contact your local AT&T store or call 1-800-331-0500. More information about how to use these services with your iPAQ is available at att.com/Tutorials.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    Turn off backlight if device is not used for box, and then from the list, select a time limit. Reset your iPAQ To remedy performance issues, reset your phone by removing and reinserting the battery. Note: When you reset your phone, unsaved work will be lost.
  • Page 35: Synchronize Your Phone With Your Pc

    User Manual. Important Product Information This booklet, enclosed with your iPAQ, contains health and safety, as well as environmental, regulatory, warranty and licensing information. © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © 2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T...
  • Page 36 HP iPAQ Glisten features Wi-Fi on/off Earpiece Power/sleep on/off Volume up/down Headset jack (3.5 mm) Micro-USB power/ sync connector Navigation ring Press up, down, left, Today screen and right to navigate. Displays current information and Center select alerts, such as new...
  • Page 37 Frequently used applications AT&T AppCenter Shop for games, ringtones, graphics, multimedia, goodies, and other applications. AT&T Navigator Find your way with voice guided turn-by-turn GPS driving directions, real-time traffic alerts, and full-color 3D moving maps and more. AT&T Music Shop for music, songs, music videos, streaming media, and access AT&T’s music player.
  • Page 38: Find More Information

    • Call AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from any AT&T mobile phone for assistance with your service or phone. Find accessories Accessories for your iPAQ are available at att.com/WirelessAccessories or visit your local AT&T store. Document Part Number: 577675-001...

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