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HP Rx5915 - iPAQ Travel Companion Product Information Manual

Hp ipaq rx5700/rx5900 travel companion product information guide
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Table of Contents




Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for HP Rx5915 - iPAQ Travel Companion

  • Page 1 HP iPAQ...
  • Page 2 HP Care Pack North America: Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Asia Pacific:
  • Page 3 Development Company, L.P. under license. All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Hewlett-Packard Company shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and is subject to change without notice.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents HP iPAQ Product Information Guide Welcome .............................. 1 Box Contents ............................2 Components ............................3 Top Components ......................... 3 Front Components ....................... 4 Back Components ....................... 5 Left and Right Side Components ..................6 Getting Started CD Contents ........................ 7 Navigation Quick Start ..........................
  • Page 5 Resetting Your HP iPAQ ........................25 Performing a Soft Reset ....................25 Performing a Factory Reset ....................26 Entertainment ............................. 26 Windows Media Player 10 Mobile ..................26 Listening to Music and Watching Videos ............27 Clearing the Now Playing List ................27 Updating a Library .....................
  • Page 6 Frequently Asked Questions ......................41 Finding More Information ........................42 Index ................................... 43...
  • Page 7: Hp Ipaq Product Information Guide

    HP iPAQ Product Information Guide CAUTION Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or loss of information. Welcome Thank you for purchasing the HP iPAQ Travel Companion. This guide has been designed to help you begin using your device quickly.
  • Page 8: Box Contents

    Box Contents This illustration depicts the items that come in the box with the Travel Companion. Use this illustration to become more familiar with the device. NOTE Box contents vary by model. Box Contents HP iPAQ Case Mini-USB synchronization cable/power cable (2 ea) HP iPAQ Documentation Stylus 1,700mAH li-ion removable/rechargeable battery...
  • Page 9: Components

    Components NOTE Not all models or features are available in all regions. Top Components Component Function Reset Button Press to perform a soft reset of the Travel Companion. Record Button Press to record voice or sound. SD Slot Insert a Secure Digital (SD) storage card for data storage or a Secure Digital Input/Output card (SDIO) card to extend the functionality of the Travel Companion.
  • Page 10: Front Components

    Front Components Component Function Start Menu Button Press to open the Start menu. OK Button Press to close the current window or exit the current application. ● 9–Way Navigation Button When in Standard mode: ● Top — Scroll up ● Bottom —...
  • Page 11: Back Components

    Back Components Component Function Speaker Use the speaker to get spoken navigation instructions. Battery Cover Release Button Press to remove the battery cover. Battery Cover Remove to install or remove the battery. Stylus Use to input information. Slide out to remove the stylus. Slide in to replace the stylus.
  • Page 12: Left And Right Side Components

    Left and Right Side Components Component Function MMCX External Antenna Port Connects to 3V active external GPS antenna. Charging/Communications Port Connects to mini-USB synchronization cable. Headset Connector Plug a headset into this connector to listen to music. Stylus Use to input information. Slide out to remove the stylus. Slide in to replace the stylus.
  • Page 13: Getting Started Cd Contents

    Getting Started CD Contents The Getting Started CD includes: ● Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 or later ● Microsoft Outlook 2002 ● Additional Product Information ● Important Safety Information ● WorldMate Active Sync Plug-in ● HP Photosmart Premier ● Additional software for the Travel Companion and personal computer All software and documents are designed to be installed on a personal computer to enable use of the Travel Companion to its full potential.
  • Page 14: Navigation Quick Start

    Navigation Quick Start The Travel Companion can be used as a GPS navigation system right out of the box. The sections that follow provide instruction to prepare and use the Travel Companion immediately after purchase. CAUTION Drive with due care and attention when using the Travel Companion for navigation. Installing the Battery The battery provides power for the Travel Companion to operate.
  • Page 15: Powering On And Setting Up

    Replace the cover by first laying the cover on the battery compartment opening, aligning the tabs, and then sliding the cover until it locks into place. Do not attempt to insert the battery cover tabs into the compartment slots without first placing the cover onto the compartment and sliding it closed.
  • Page 16: Navigation Setup

    HP Quick Launch is configured by default to be the home screen of the Travel Companion. Switch to use the Today screen as the home screen by tapping Menu > Settings and clearing the check boxes. You can also access the Today screen from the Start menu. You can also configure Quick Launch by tapping Menu >...
  • Page 17 Attach the power cable to the clips on the back of the Travel Companion holder. Be sure to leave enough cable to plug into the Travel Companion, and that the connector is turned the correct way to plug into the unit. Install the holder onto the windshield mounting bracket.
  • Page 18 To install the Travel Companion: Insert the Travel Companion into the mounted car kit holder (1). Insert the securing clip into the slot on the top of the Travel Companion (2). Plug the power cable into the Travel Companion (3). Use the knobs to adjust the vertical and horizontal orientation of the Travel Companion.
  • Page 19: Using Tomtom Navigator 6

    Using TomTom Navigator 6 For more detailed information about TomTom Navigator 6, see the TomTom user guide on the Getting Started CD. CAUTION Drive with due care and attention when using the Travel Companion for navigation. Navigating to Destinations NOTE TomTom Navigator 6 must first locate its current position before it can plan a route.
  • Page 20: Saving Destinations

    Navigate to: Tap to start planning a route. Find alternative: Tap if you want to avoid part of the route, travel by way of a specific location, or calculate an alternative route. TomTom Traffic: Tap to access information about the traffic along your route. TomTom Traffic is not available in all countries.
  • Page 21: Points Of Interest (Poi)

    ● Safety preferences: Tap to set the safety preferences such as the safety lock. When you enable the safety lock, you cannot access all buttons and features of TomTom while driving. ● Change voice: Tap change the voice that provides spoken instructions. ●...
  • Page 22: Travel Tools

    Travel Tools WorldMate Standard Edition The Travel Companion comes preinstalled with WorldMate Standard Edition. This travel assistant provides a host of tools that aid in travel planning. Features include: ● Clocks for global city list ● Currency converter with ability to automatically or manually update currency rates ●...
  • Page 23 Step 1: Charge the battery CAUTION To avoid damaging the Travel Companion or the AC adapter, be sure all connectors are properly aligned before connecting. It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery the first time. Subsequent charges may take longer.
  • Page 24 Use Microsoft ActiveSync to: ● Synchronize information between your HP iPAQ and up to two computers or one server so that the latest information is in all locations. ● Change synchronization settings and the synchronization schedule. ● Copy files between your HP iPAQ and computer. ●...
  • Page 25 Troubleshooting Help for Synchronization Issues Following is a list of symptoms that may indicate synchronization issues are occurring: ● No ActiveSync chimes sound (or a gray icon displays), and there is no activity in the ActiveSync window on your personal computer. ●...
  • Page 26: Finding The Serial Number And Model Number

    ● On your personal computer, in ActiveSync, select File > Connection Settings. Confirm that USB is selected as a connection method. ● Connect your HP iPAQ to a different USB port on your personal computer. ● Check your mini-USB synchronization cable. Consider using another mini-USB synchronization cable if one is available.
  • Page 27: Today Screen

    On the Hint tab, enter a phrase to help you remember your password. Be sure that your hint doesn't allow others to guess your password. The hint is displayed after the wrong password is entered five times. When prompted, tap OK. The next time your HP iPAQ is unused for the specified amount of time, you are prompted to enter your password.
  • Page 28: Ipaq Wireless

    Icon Status Microsoft ActiveSync is synchronizing. Speaker is on. Speaker is off (or in mute position). Battery power is low. Battery power is very low. E-mail has been received. Instant messages received. iPAQ Wireless Tap Start > iPAQ Wireless or tap the iPAQ Wireless icon on the Today screen to launch iPAQ Wireless, which provides a control center to turn WLAN and Bluetooth on and off, and to configure their settings.
  • Page 29: Checking The Battery Charge Level

    *WLAN is available on rx5900 series models only. The iPAQ Wireless screen has two power buttons to turn wireless features on and off. The WLAN and Bluetooth tabs allow you to access each wireless activity individually. Configure wireless connections by tapping View WLAN Networks on the WLAN tab or Bluetooth Settings on the Bluetooth tab.
  • Page 30: Entering Text Using Block Recognizer

    Text Input Method Definition Block Recognizer Use a single stroke to write letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation that are then converted into typed text. Perform gestures to enter Return and Backspace. Keyboard Tap keys on the on-screen keyboard displayed on the screen to enter text. Letter Recognizer Write individual letters, numbers, and punctuation that are converted into typed text.
  • Page 31: Entering Text Using Letter Recognizer

    NOTE Enlarge the keys even more by selecting the Use gestures for the following keys check box. Fewer keys appear on the keyboard, but you can do gestures for Space, Backspace, Enter, and Shift+key. Entering Text Using Letter Recognizer NOTE Some text entry methods are not supported in all languages.
  • Page 32: Performing A Factory Reset

    NOTE Be sure to close all running applications before performing a soft reset. To perform a soft reset: Locate the recessed Reset button on your HP iPAQ. Use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button. The HP iPAQ restarts and displays the HP QuickStart Tour. Performing a Factory Reset A factory reset clears all user-installed settings, programs, and data, and restores your HP iPAQ to factory settings.
  • Page 33: Listening To Music And Watching Videos

    With this new version: ● Sync music, playlists, videos, and recorded TV to your HP iPAQ for easy enjoyment on the go. ● Automatically convert video and recorded TV during sync to an optimized and size reduced format for better viewing on your HP iPAQ. ●...
  • Page 34: Updating A Library

    Updating a Library In most cases, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile automatically updates your libraries as necessary. However, you can manually update a library to ensure that it has links to any new files that you might have recently copied to your HP iPAQ or a removable storage card. If you are not already on the Library screen, tap Menu >...
  • Page 35: Viewing A Slideshow

    Tap E-mail Attachment. Tap the Reduce sent photo size to check box and select the reduction percentage desired. Tap Next. Enter the appropriate e-mail address or use Contacts by tapping Menu > Add Recipient. Enter other appropriate information, such as an e-mail title and message. Tap Send.
  • Page 36: Assign A Picture To The Today Screen Background

    Tap Menu > Edit. Tap Menu > Remove Picture. Assign a Picture to the Today Screen Background You can set the Today screen background to display a picture. To assign a picture to the Today screen background: Tap Start > Programs > Photosmart Mobile. Tap the thumbnail.
  • Page 37: Viewing Today's Agenda

    You can display appointments on the Today screen. If you use Outlook on your personal computer, you can synchronize appointments between your HP iPAQ and computer. You can also set Calendar to remind you of appointments with a sound or flashing LED. You can look at your appointments in various views (Day, Week, Month, and Agenda).
  • Page 38: Sending A Meeting Request

    To have the time entered automatically in Day view, tap the time slot for the new appointment, and tap Menu > New Appointment. Sending a Meeting Request Use Calendar to schedule meetings via e-mail with contacts who use Outlook or Outlook Mobile. To send a meeting request: Tap Start >...
  • Page 39: Finding A Contact

    If most of the contacts you create have phone numbers that begin with the same area code, in Contacts, tap Menu > Options and enter that area code in the Area code box. For more information about creating contacts, tap Start > Help on your HP iPAQ. Finding a Contact To find a contact on a long list: Tap Start >...
  • Page 40: E-Mail

    E-mail Different Ways to Access E-mail Messages When using Messaging, you can send and receive e-mail messages several ways: ● Synchronize Outlook e-mail with your personal computer Tap Start > Messaging to use your Outlook e-mail address. ● Microsoft Exchange 2003 Exchange enables you to wirelessly synchronize your Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts to remotely check appointments and other information.
  • Page 41: Setting Up A Pop3, Http, Or Imap4 E-Mail Account

    Enter your name, password, and domain, and then tap Next. Select the Save password text box if you want to enable automatic sync. To change the rules for resolving synchronization conflicts, tap Advanced. Select the check boxes for the types of information items that you want to synchronize with Exchange Server.
  • Page 42: Composing And Sending Outlook E-Mail Messages

    NOTE You can set up several e-mail accounts in addition to your Outlook E-mail account. You cannot add a new account while connected. Tap Menu > Stop Send/Receive to disconnect. Composing and Sending Outlook E-mail Messages To compose and send a message: Tap Start >...
  • Page 43: Word Mobile

    Before connecting to the Internet, setting up a wireless connection or network card, obtain the following: ● Internet Service Provider (ISP) or wireless service provider ● ISP server phone number or access point ● User name and password To access Internet Explorer Mobile, tap Start > Internet Explorer. Word Mobile You can create and edit documents and templates in Word Mobile.
  • Page 44: Wlan

    NOTE Slide shows created in *.ppt or *.pps format with PowerPoint ‘97 and later can be viewed on your device. PowerPoint features that are not supported on your HP iPAQ include: ● Notes: Notes written for slides are not visible. ●...
  • Page 45: Searching For Wlan Networks To Access

    Searching for WLAN Networks to Access Networks that have been already configured are preferred networks. Choose whether to connect only to preferred networks or to have your HP iPAQ search for and connect to any available network (preferred or not). Tap Start >...
  • Page 46: Turning Bluetooth On Or Off

    For more information, refer to Additional Product Information located on the Getting Started CD. Turning Bluetooth On or Off To turn on Bluetooth: Tap Start > Today > iPAQ Wireless. On the iPAQ Wireless screen, tap the Bluetooth icon. When Bluetooth is turned on, the wireless LED on your HP iPAQ flashes blue. To turn off Bluetooth, tap the Bluetooth icon again.
  • Page 47: Obtaining Services For A Cracked Or Damaged Screen

    Obtaining Services for a Cracked or Damaged Screen NOTE HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of failure to follow the instructions that came with the HP branded product. Refer to the warranty document included with your HP iPAQ for more information. If you have a nonwarranty event occur such as a damaged or cracked screen and want your device repaired, contact HP Customer Support at
  • Page 48: Finding More Information

    Finding More Information For information on… See this source… Using your HP iPAQ Additional Product Information on the Getting Started CD. Connecting to and synchronizing with a computer ActiveSync Help on your computer. To view Help, start ActiveSync, then click Help > Microsoft ActiveSync Help. Troubleshooting on ActiveSync connections ActiveSync Troubleshooting on your computer.
  • Page 49 Index Connections Internet sites 42 antenna port 6 Bluetooth 39 sources 42 Appointments 31 WLAN 38 Contacts Getting Started CD 7, 17 adding picture 32 Battery GPS 10 creating 32 checking charge level 23 GPS software 13 finding 33 light bulb icon 23 sorting 33 saving tips 23 synchronizing 32...
  • Page 50 Protecting the HP iPAQ screen Text LED 6 reducing damage risks 40 Block Recognizer 24 Letter Recognizer 25 routine care 40 entering 23 Letter Recognizer 25 on-screen keyboard 24 Messaging & Security Feature Pack Quick Launch button 6 Transcriber 25 (MSFP) with Microsoft Exchange Today screen 2003 Servic Pack 2 34...

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