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Zanussi instruction coffee machine zcof636x
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• Once the required quantity of coffee has been
supplied, press the coffee button a second time to
stop supply.
• Remove cup(s) from the machine.
• Take the filter holder off the ring nut and dispose
of the used pod.
• To make good espresso coffee, the cleanliness of
the machine and the right temperature are
• Make sure that the filter, the filter holder and the
ring nut are kept completely clean.
• Unless you are away for long periods, keep the
machine turned on and the filter holder in the
ring nut to keep it hot.
• Heat the coffee cups by filling them with hot
water (press the coffee button).
eliminates some of the water left in the boiler as
well as heats the filter holder.
• When you have finished using the machine clean
the filter holder by running the machine without
coffee. This method eliminates any residues
which could alter the flavour of the coffee the
next time you use the machine.
• For an excellent espresso, let the machine run for
20-25 seconds. The time required depends on the
texture of the ground coffee, the quantity of
coffee used and how firmly the coffee is pressed.
The machine is already calibrated to make good
quality coffee. If necessary the grinding texture
and the quantity of ground coffee dosed can be
adjusted (see paragraph "First Use") to obtain the
required strength and flavour.


• Place the coffee cup below the steam spout
(ref.16), using the handle to move the spout so as
not to cause burns.
• Turn the steam knob (ref.1) anti-clockwise.
• Press the hot water button (ref.5). Release the
button when you have the required amount of
hot water and close the steam knob (ref.1).


• Steam is used to make cappuccino coffee (see
chapter "Recipes").
• Keep the steam button (ref.6) pressed and wait
until the red indicator light (ref.9) goes out.
• Place a receptacle beneath the steam spout and
slowly turn the steam knob (ref.1) anti-
• When you have finished with the steam close
the steam knob by turning anti-clockwise
(ref.1) and press the steam button (ref.6).
• If the steam comes into contact with a cool
surface on the surrounding furniture or outside
This also
of the appliance, e.g. a trim, it will condense
and produce water droplets. This is quite
normal and not caused by a fault with the
machine. To prevent discolouration, regularly
wipe away condensation from surfaces.


This is a normal espresso coffee with steam-heated
milk that gives the coffee a milder flavour and a
rich, frothy topping. Serve in a large cup.
Pour cold milk into a tall jug and heat it using the
steam spout if your machine has one. Add only the
froth to the espresso coffee, to do this either tilt the
jug slightly rocking it backwards and forwards
while you pour or use a spoon to scoop off the
You can also add a dusting of cocoa powder to

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