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• Put the filter holder and the filter in the
dishwasher every 2 months.


• If left unused for long periods it is advisable to
replace the water in the tank with fresh water and
to empty the boiler by pressing the coffee button
(ref.4) repeatedly.
• Clean the water tank (ref.27) periodically to
remove any lime-scale.
• The water tank is dish-washer safe.
• If Brita decalcifying filters are used it is
advisable to replace the filter every 2000
espresso coffees or at least every two months.
• Ensure that the plastic tube is placed inside the
water tank so the water is fed into the machine.
• Like any other appliance that uses water, it is
perfectly normal for lime-scale to form inside the
boiler of the coffee machine.
It is advisable to clean the boiler every six
months as follows:
Fill the tank with 1.5l water and add half a glass
of vinegar or citric acid.
Press the coffee button repeatedly so that the
water/vinegar solution comes through a little at a
time until the tank is empty.
Repeat the operation until clean water comes
through (with no trace of lime-scale).
Fill the tank with cold water and again press the
coffee button repeatedly to rinse the boiler.
The machine is now ready for use.


• If the light bulb fails, ensure that the light
housing is cool before replacing the bulb. To
replace the bulb proceed as follows:
Disconnect the machine from the electricity
Pull down the glass retaining ring and glass.
Pull out the bulb and replace with one of the
same characteristics making sure that the glass
of the new bulb is not touched by hand.
Carefully wipe the new bulb with a soft cloth.
Refit the glass and glass retaining ring and
reconnect the machine to the electricity supply.
The bulb is a 20 watt, 12 volt halogen bulb
with a bi-pin fitting.
Certain problems are due to lack of simple
maintenance or oversights, which can be solved
easily without calling out an engineer. Before
contacting your local Service Centre, please carry
out the checks listed below.
If the machine does not operate, check that:
− The machine is connected to the electricity
− The water tank is not empty.
If the power supply cable is damaged or for any
other maintenance operation please contact your
local Zanussi Service Centre.


If the problem persists after carrying out the check-
ups indicated in the previous chapter, contact your
nearest authorised Technical Assistance centre.
Always describe the fault and give the model
(Mod.), product number (Prod. no.) and serial
number (Ser. No.) of the appliance which are
indicated on the identification plate of the coffee

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