Spirit XT685 Owner's Manual

Spirit treadmill user manual.
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T readmill
Please carefully read this entire manual before operating your new treadmill


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    XT685 T readmill OWNER’S MANUAL Please carefully read this entire manual before operating your new treadmill...

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    XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 3: Product Registration, Important Safety Instructions, Important Electrical Instructions, Important Operation Instructions, Product Features, Programmable Features

    Product Registration Important Safety Instructions Important Electrical Instructions Important Operation Instructions XT685 Assembly Instructions T ransportation Instructions Product Features Operation of Y our Console Programmable Features Using Heart Rate T ransmitter General Maintenance Service Checklist - Diagnosis Guide Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty ATTENTION This treadmill is intended for residential use only and is warranted for this application.

  • Page 5

    Congratulations on your new treadmill and welcome to the Spirit Fitness family! Thank you for your purchase of this quality group treadmill from Spirit Fitness. Your new treadmill was manufactured by one of the leading fitness manufacturers in the world and is backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

  • Page 6

    11. Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being use or where oxygen is being ad ministered. 12. Connect this appliance to a properly grounded outlet only. See Grounding Instructions. 13. The appliance is intended for household use. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - THINK SAFETY! XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 7: Grounding Instructions

    Whenever the adapter is used, it must be held in place by a metal screw. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 8

    Be familiar with its function and limitations. The treadmill will stop, depending on speed, with a one to two step coast anytime the magnet is pulled off the console. Use the Stop / Pause switch in normal operation. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 9

    Assembly Video To assist you in assembling your new Spirit Fitness treadmill, we have posted an assembly video at the following link: http://www.spiritfitness.com/customerservice/video/treadmillvideos.html Pre-Assembly Cut the straps, then along the dotted line on the bottom of the box; lift the box over the unit and unpack.

  • Page 10

    Don’t completely tighten these until the end of step 3. HARDWARE #102. 5/16” x 15mm #108. 3/8” x 2T Button Head Socket Bolt (6 pcs) XT685 T readmill #103. 3/8” x 2” Split Washer Button Head Socket Bolt (2 pcs)

  • Page 11

    XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 12

    Doing so may affect the console function. Firmly tighten with the Combination M5 Allen Wrench & Phillips Head Screw Driver (107). HARDWARE #108. 3/8” x 2.0T Split Washer (4 pcs) XT685 T readmill #104. 3/8” x 1-3/4” Button Head Socket Bolt (4 pcs)

  • Page 13

    Firmly tighten the eight Button Head Socket Bolts inserted in Step 1 with the M6 Allen Wrench (106). Place the accessory holder tray (48) securely on top of the cross brace (3). HARDWARE #102. 5/16” x 15mm Button Head Socket Bolt (4 pcs) #105. 3.5 x 12mm Sheet Metal Screw (10 pcs) XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 14

    Screws (147) on each side. Refer to the illustration for screw placement. Tighten with the Phillips Head Screw Driver (109). HARDWARE #146. 5 x 16mm Self Tapping Screw (2 pcs) XT685 T readmill #84. Speed Nut #147. 5 x 16mm Clips (4 pcs) Sheet Metal Screw...

  • Page 15

    Carefully lift the treadmill at the rear roller area, grasping the two end caps, and roll the treadmill away. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 16

    Handrail Adjustments The XT685 treadmill allows you to make speed and incline changes on the side handrails. You can also choose to turn these off if you frequently hold on to these rails. This is achieved by pressing the disable button on the right side of the lower portion of the console.

  • Page 17

    10 programs. The significance of the bar graph colors are as follows: • 50-60% of maximum is Amber • 65-80% of maximum is Amber and Green • 85-90% or more is Amber, Green, and Red XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 18: Getting Started

    XT685 Console Integrated Muscle Speakers for Activation MP3 player Profile Contact Heart Swivel Fan to Rate Grips keep you cool Getting Started Power the treadmill on by plugging it into an appropriate wall outlet, then turn on the power switch located at the front of the treadmill below the motor cover. Ensure that the safety key is installed, as the treadmill will not power on without it.

  • Page 19

    “picture” as values are changed during a workout. The speed and incline profiles will display half of the program at one time (9 columns). They will both scroll right to left. The Lap track will move in a counterclockwise direction. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 20: Pulse Grip Feature, Calorie Display

    The treadmill will draw very little current in sleep mode (about as much as your television when it is turned off). 2. Remove the tether cord. 3. Turn off the main switch on the front of the treadmill, below the motor cover. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 21

    The XT685 offers nine factory preset-programs, two user defined programs and one Manual program. Each preset program has a maximum speed level that is displayed when a desired workout is chosen. The maximum speed that the particular program will achieve will be displayed in the Speed window.

  • Page 22: User Programs

    After the program has ended, there will be a 3:00 cool down (1:00 @ 1mph, 1:00 @ 2mph, and 1:00 @ 3mph) or you have the option of pressing the Stop key to end the workout. XT685 T readmill + / -...

  • Page 23

    5 exercises a 2nd & 3rd time. CAUTION Exercises that require dumbbell use - Select a pair of dumbbells that you will be able to safely and effectively maneuver over the strength interval time you have chosen. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 24

    2. Begin with your elbows bent at 90˚ 3. Fully straighten your arms 4. Repeat this sequence for the duration of the strength interval XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 25

    2. Tuck your upper arms into your ribcage 3. Curl the dumbbells to shoulder height by pivoting at your elbows 4. Slowly lower to the start position 5. Repeat this sequence for the duration of the strength interval XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 26: Preset Programs

    Preset Programs XT685 has eight different programs that have been designed for a variety of workouts. Seven of these programs have factory preset Speed and Incline level profiles for achieving different goals. HILL Resistance: This program follows a triangle or pyramid type of gradual progression from approximately 10% of...

  • Page 27

    Incline: This program will spike similar to the speed profile, but in different segments (columns); this means that all of your lower extremity muscles will be equally challenged throughout this program. The incline alternates between 25 & 65 % of maximum elevation INCLINE INCLINE INCLINE XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 28: Heart Rate Programs

    With all Spirit Fitness Heart Rate programs treadmills you may use the heart rate monitor feature without using the Heart Rate program. This function can be used during manual mode or during any of the nine different programs.

  • Page 29: Rate Of Perceived Exertion

    If you are feeling tired and sluggish, it is because your body needs a break. In this condition, your pace will feel harder. Again, this will show up in your RPE and you will train at the proper level for that day. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 30

    Perimeter fence for a pet. Some people have problems with the transmitter picking up a signal from their skin. If you have problems try wearing the transmitter upside down. Normally the transmitter will be oriented so the Spirit Fitness logo is right side up.

  • Page 31: Heart Rate Program Operation

    9. When the program ends you may press Start to begin the same program again, Stop to exit the program or you can save the program you just completed as a custom user program by pressing a User key and following the instructions in the Message Center. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 32: Belt Adjustments

    - that connects the motor to the front roller. If that belt is loose it feels similar to the walking belt being loose. Tightening the motor belt should be done by a trained service person. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 33

    Proper belt tracking is an owner responsibility common with all treadmills. ATTENTION Damage to the running belt resulting from improper tracking / tension adjustments is not covered under the Spirit Fitness warranty. XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 34

    Do not lubricate with other than Spirit Fitness approved lubricant. Your treadmill comes with one tube of lubricant and extra tubes can be ordered directly from Spirit Fitness or your authorized Spirit Fitness dealer. Keeping the deck lubricated at the recommended intervals ensures the longest life possible for your treadmill.

  • Page 35

    If an extension cord is required it should be as short as possible and heavy duty 16 gauge minimum. Low voltage. Contact an electrician or your Spirit Fitness dealer. A minimum of 110 volt AC current is required. High belt/deck friction. See General Maintenance section on cleaning the deck.

  • Page 36: Calibration Procedure, Adjusting The Speed Sensor

    Units (Sets the display to readout in English or Metric display measurements) ODO Reset (Resets the odometer) vi. Pause Mode (Turn on allow 5 minutes of pause, turn off to have the console pause indefinitely) LCD Test (Tests all the display functions) XT685 T readmill...

  • Page 37

    T readmill Warranty - Effective September 15, 2010 Spirit Fitness, Inc. (Spirit Fitness) warrants all its treadmill parts for a period of time listed below from the date of retail sale, as determined by sale receipt, or in the absence of a sales receipt eighteen (18) months from the original factory shipping date. Spirit Fitness’ responsibilities include providing new or remanufactured parts, at Spirit Fitness’...

  • Page 38

    2601 Commerce Drive Jonesboro, AR 72401 - Phone: 800-258-4555 - Fax: 870-935- 7 611 www.spiritfitness.com © 2011 All Rights Reserved. XT685 Owner’s Manual 1. 1 Rev . 1...

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