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Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner's Manual: Global Mode; Metronome Settings; Adjusting The Volume Of The Audio In; Synchronizing The Ea-1 With External Midi Devices (midi Clock)

Korg analog modeling synthesizer owner's manual.
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6. Global mode

In Global mode you can set parameters such as Metronome or
Protect. Press the Global mode key to enter Global mode.
To execute Global mode, press a different mode key.
The settings you make in Global mode will be cancelled
if you turn off the power without Writing. If you wish to
save the settings you make, you must perform the Write
operation (refer to p.40 "Saving the settings you modify
in Global mode").
Metronome settings
Specify how the metronome will function. If you will be using
realtime recording to create a pattern from scratch, it is conve-
nient to use the metronome. The metronome will sound at quar-
ter-note timing.
oFF: The metronome will not sound.
The metronome will sound only during recording (when
the Rec and Play/Cancel keys are lit).
When recording, a one-measure count will be sounded
before recording begins. The metronome will sound only
during recording.
When recording, a two-measure count will be sounded
before recording begins. The metronome will sound only
during recording.
The metronome will sound during playback and record
ing. There will be no count before recording begins.
1. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
cate Metronome.
2. Rotate the dial to make the metronome setting.
3. Press the Pattern or Song key to return to the previous mode.
The metronome setting cannot be written. When you
turn on the power, it will always be "oFF."
Adjusting the volume of
the Audio In
Input Gain
These parameters adjust the volume that is input to the Audio
In jacks. For the procedure, refer to p.19 "Connecting various
sources to the audio inputs" in section 3. Basic Operation (Quick
oFF, r-0, r-1, r-2, on
Synchronizing the EA-1
with external MIDI devices
(MIDI Clock)
The Global mode Clock setting allows the tempo of the EA-1 to
be synchronized with the tempo of an external MIDI device that
is able to send or receive MIDI Clock messages.
For details on synchronization settings of your external MIDI
device, refer to the owner's manual for your device.
Even if you set Clock to Ext, the EA-1 will operate with
its own internal clock if no MIDI Clock messages are
being received at its MIDI IN connector.
Synchronizing the EA-1 to a
master external MIDI device (Ext)
1. Use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI IN connector of the
EA-1 to the MIDI OUT connector of the external MIDI device
(sequencer or synthesizer etc.).
2. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
cate Clock.
3. Rotate the dial to select "Ext" (external clock).
4. Make settings on the external MIDI device (master) so that it
will transmit MIDI Clock messages.
5. Return to Pattern mode or Song mode.
6. When you start the sequencer of the external MIDI device,
the EA-1 will simultaneously begin playback.
7. If MIDI Clock data is being received at the MIDI IN connec-
tor, you can make the EA-1 playback in synchronization with
the external MIDI device by pressing the EA-1's Play/Pause
MIDI cable
MIDI keyboard or
sequencer etc.
If the MIDI Clock parameter is set to "Ext" and the EA-
1 is synchronized to the external MIDI clock, it will syn-
chronize to the tempo of the external sequencer, and it
will not be possible to change the tempo on the EA-1.
If a MIDI Start message is received while the EA-1 is
already playing in synchronization with MIDI Clock, the
EA-1 will begin playback from the beginning of the cur-
rently playing pattern (or in the case of a song, from the
beginning of the pattern that was playing when the Start
message was received).
6.Global mode
int, Ext


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