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Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner's Manual: Pattern Set; Using Pattern Set To Perform (pattern Set Play); Registering A Pattern For Pattern Set

Korg analog modeling synthesizer owner's manual.
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4.Pattern mode

Pattern Set

Pattern Set is a function that lets you assign your favorite pat-
terns to each of the sixteen step keys, and switch them at the
touch of a key.
During playback, you can successively switch patterns to per-
form a song.
By using the Select key in conjunction with this to switch pat-
tern set groups, you can register and select 16 x 4 (total of 64)
Using Pattern Set to perform
(Pattern Set Play)
Press the Play/Pause key to begin playback.
Hold down the Keyboard function key and press a step key to
switch to the pattern that was assigned to that step key.
By holding down the Keyboard function key and pressing a
Select key, you can switch to a different group of registered pat-
tern sets. The pattern set group will be indicated by the lower
line of the Select LEDs (red).
By holding down the Shift key and pressing the Keyboard func-
tion key, you can hold the Pattern Set function (the key will
To defeat the Hold condition, press the Keyboard function key
once again (the key will go dark).
Step key
Select LED
A01 A20 B03 B04 A51
C21 C23 C56 C64 C28
B01 B02 B04 B62 A01
D01 D02 D03 D04 D05
Pattern set 1
In Pattern Set Play, the timing at which patterns will change,
tempo adjustment, and functions such as Reset & Play etc. are
the same as for Pattern Play.
Pattern Set cannot be used during recording. When you
enter recording (ready) mode, Pattern Set will be can-
14 15 16
A20 B43 B61
C21 A07 A08
A05 A45 A64
D07 D08 D09
Pattern set 3
Hold down the Shift key and
press the Pattern Set key to
hold the function
Registering a pattern for Pattern
1. With playback stopped, press and hold the Keyboard func-
tion key and press the step key for the location that you wish
to assign a pattern.
2. While continuing to press the Keyboard function key (or while
Hold is still in effect), rotate the dial to select the pattern num-
ber that you wish to assign. Release the Keyboard function
key (or defeat Hold) to complete the registration process.
3. To save the pattern set registrations, press the Stop/Cancel
key to stop playback. Continue pressing the Keyboard func-
tion key, and press the Write key (the Write key will blink).
4. The display will blink "PSt." Press the Write key once again
to save the data.
To cancel, press the Stop/Cancel key.
If the Global mode Memory Protect setting is on, it will
not be possible to write the data. In this case, turn off
the Global mode Memory Protect setting before you ex-
ecute the Write operation.
Never turn the power off during the Write operation. This
may damage the data.


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