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Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner's Manual: Midi Filter Settings; Adjusting The Pitch Bend Range; Saving The Settings You Modify In Midi Mode (write)

Korg analog modeling synthesizer owner's manual.
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7.MIDI mode

MIDI filter settings

Here you can select the types of MIDI message that will be trans-
mitted and received.
For each character "PCE" in the display, select "O" if you want
that type of message to be transmitted and received, or select "-
" if you do not want that type of message to be transmitted or
1. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
cate MIDI Filter.
2. Rotate the dial to select the combination of message types
that will be transmitted and received; "O" allows transmis-
sion and reception, and "-" disables it.
P: Transmission/reception of Program Change, Bank Select,
and Song Select messages.
C: Transmission/reception of Control Change messages.
E: Transmission/reception of Exclusive data. However
when the parameter select LEDs indicate Dump, Exclu
sive data can be transmitted/received regardless of this
None will be
Only P will be
All will be
(Factory settings)
Adjusting the pitch bend
You can adjust the range of the pitch bend that will occur when
MIDI Pitch Bend messages are received.
Bend Range
1. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi-
cate Bend Range.
2. Rotate the dial to select the bend range. +/–1 will allow a bend
range of a semitone, +/–2 a whole tone, +/–7 a fifth, and +/–12
an octave.
On some sounds, it may not be possible to bend the
pitch upward a full octave.
Displayed alternately
Saving the settings you
modify in MIDI mode (Write)
When you perform the Write operation in either MIDI
mode or Global mode, the modified settings of both
modes will be saved.
Here's how to save the MIDI mode settings. If you wish to save
the settings you modify, you must perform this Write opera-
tion. Each time you turn on the power, those settings will be in
effect. Conversely, if you do not wish to save the modified set-
tings, simply turn off the power without performing the Write
1. Press the Stop/Cancel key to stop playback.
2. Press the MIDI mode (or Global mode) key.
3. Press the Write key once (the key will blink). The display will
indicate "---."
4. Press the Write key once again to write the data.
To cancel, press the Stop/Cancel key.
In Global mode or MIDI mode, it is always possible to execute
the Write operation, regardless of the Protect settings (see the
previous section).
Never turn off the power while data is being written to
memory. This may damage the data.


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