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Select Steam; Water Reservoir Drain Operation - KitchenAid 9761936 Use & Care Manual

Classic commercial style dual fuel convection ranges with steam-assist
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Select Steam

Select Steam has 3 settings: High Steam, Low Steam and Keep
Select Steam Settings
High Steam
The High Steam setting gives best results to vegetables, shellfish
and other foods that benefit from a very moist environment with
minimal browning
By setting the temperature at 250°F (120°C), the lowest setting
allowed, you can achieve similar results to steaming on the
Use the broiler pan and grid or a low-sided baking dish for
best results.
Preheating is not recommended.
Cooks cheese-topped casseroles such as lasagna without
over-browning the cheese topping.
For best results, do not use the Select Steam settings for
green beans, artichokes and beets.
Low Steam
The Low Steam setting gives best results to casseroles, roasted
vegetables or other foods that you want to cook with more
browning, but keep moist.
Use a low-sided baking dish for best results.
Preheating is not recommended.
Keep Warm
The Keep Warm function allows hot cooked food to stay warm
before serving without drying them out.
For more information see the "Keep Warm" section.
To Cook With High or Low Steam:
Before baking and roasting, position racks according to the
"Positioning Racks and Bakeware" section.
1. Turn the SELECTOR knob to SELECT STEAM. The display
will be blank and the "High Steam" indicator light will flash on
and off.
2. Turn the SET knob to desired SELECT STEAM setting or
press ENTER for High Steam. The preset temperature for that
setting will appear on the display and the "F" will flash until a
temperature is selected.
3. If desired, turn the SET knob to change the temperature.
The bake range can be set between 250°F and 450°F (120°C
and 230°C).
4. Press the ENTER button. The preset cooking time will appear
on the display. The "Oven Timer" indicator light will flash until
a time is selected.
5. If desired, turn the SET knob to change the cooking time in
1-minute increments.
6. Press the ENTER button to accept the time.
NOTE: If the reservoir needs water, 3 tones will sound and
the display will flash "FILL." The tones will repeat every
30 seconds until the reservoir is filled. Pour water into the
water inlet until the "Full" indicator light comes on.
7. Once the water reservoir is filled, the display will show "LoAd"
in place of "FILL" on the display.
A tone will also sound prompting the user to open the oven
door and insert the item(s) to be cooked.
8. Once the oven door is closed, the oven timer will begin to
count down from the set time and the display will alternate
the set temperature and the remaining time.
9. When the cooking time ends, "0:00" will appear on the
display and 4 tones will sound.
The oven will remain on. Four reminder tones will sound every
minute, and the time will count up in 1-minute increments.
The display will alternate between "0:00" and the count-up
time until you reset or turn off the oven.
10. Press CANCEL and turn the SELECTOR knob to the RESET
position when finished cooking.

Water Reservoir Drain Operation

The reservoir will not drain if the oven is on, if the door is closed,
or if the water temperature is too hot to drain.
If the drain button is pressed when the oven is off and the
oven door is closed, "OPEn" will appear in the display. Open
the door to drain the reservoir.
If the drain button is depressed while the oven is on 3 tones
will sound, "rUn" will appear in the display and the reservoir
will not drain.
If the water temperature is too hot to drain, 3 tones will
sound, "Hot" will show in the display and the reservoir will not
If you will be on vacation or not using your range for an
extended period of time, you should drain the water from the
If you plan to winterize your home, you should drain the water
from the reservoir.
To drain water from the reservoir:
1. Open oven door and pull oven rack out to stop position.
Place a 2 qt (2 L) container under the drain outlet located
directly below drain button.
2. Press and hold the DRAIN button. After a 1-second pause,
water will begin to flow from the drain outlet. Pressure must
be applied continuously to the drain button to continue
draining the reservoir.
3. Once the water stops flowing from the drain outlet the
reservoir is empty. Release the drain button.



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