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Resuming Playback Control; Using The Time Search Feature; A-B Repeat; Remaining Play Time - GE GE1101P User Manual

Dvd user's guide
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Resuming Playback Control

To resume the Playback Control mode, press MENU (the disc's menu appears).

Using the Time Search Feature

You can use the Time Search feature to begin playback from any point on the disc (in the
currently playing title) by entering the elapsed time. For example, if you have a favorite scene
that begins 12:34 minutes into the movie, you can go directly to that point in the title.
1. Press the TIME SEARCH button on the remote (the time search prompt will be displayed).
2. Enter the elapsed time where you want to begin playback. As soon as you enter the last
number, playback will begin from the time that you specified.
Note: This feature does not work in Playback Control mode.
A•B Repeat
A-B Repeat lets you repeat a specific segment on the DVD that you define. The segment will
repeat until you turn it off.
Use A-B Repeat to repeat a segment if a
track that you've set.
chapter 4 _______________________________________________________________ 41
1. At the start of the segment you want to repeat, Press the A-B button
on the remote. The Info Display shows "REPEAT A."
2. Allow the movie to play to the end of the segment you want to mark.
You must let the movie play in standard playback mode to set the B
point in A-B Repeat. If you rewind or fast-forward, A-B Repeat is
3. Press A-B again to set the B point.
4. The segment that you set plays until you turn A-B Repeat off. To turn
A-B repeat off, press A-B to resume normal playback.

Remaining Play time

You can use the REMAIN button on the remote to see the remaining
time of a title or track.
1. Press the REMAIN button. The remaining running time of the
currently playing track is displayed.
2. Press REMAIN a second time. The total remaining time is displayed.
3. Press CLEAR to clear the display from the screen.
Playing Video CDs


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