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Playing Discs; General Operation; Basic Playback; Using The Menu For Dvd - GE GTD120 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Playing Discs

General operation

1 When you complete all the connections, plug the AC
power cord of the player.
2 Press ON/STANDBY to switch on the main power.
3 Press SOURCE to select the input source.
4 Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray, press again
to close the disc tray.
5 Press VOL +/- to increase or decrease the volume
6 Press MUTE to turn off the sound. To restore, press it

Basic playback

Start playback
• Press PLAY / PAUSE
To pause playback, press PLAY / PAUSE
• Some discs will start playing automatically, and
others will display the menu on the TV screen. Use
to select a track, or press the
number keys (0 ~ 9) to go to the desired track/
Stop playback
Press STOP .
Skip to another track/chapter
Press l
l repeatedly during playback to skip to the
next or previous track/chapter.
Fast search
• For DVD / mp3 discs
FF(fast forward): FF 2x, FF 4x, FF 6x, FF 8x.
FR(fast reverse): FR 2x, FR 4x, FR 6x, FR 8x.
• For VCD / CD
FF(fast forward): FF 1x, FF 2x, FF 3x, FF 4x.
FR(fast reverse): FR 1x, FR 2x, FR 3x, FR 4x.
• To resume normal playback, press PLAY
ll on the front panel.
ll again.
Using the menu for different types
of discs
Using the On-screen banner display
Time Display
1 Press INFO while playing a DVD.
The on-screen banner display appears on the TV screen.
The contents of the menu vary from disc to disc.
2 Use the
buttons to select the item you want to
change. And use the
Depending on the disc, you can use the number but-
tons (0~9) to select the item.
3 Use the number buttons (0~9) to input the time you
want to go to play.
4 Press INFO again or press CLEAR to exit.
Time Display (all Info Displays)
This feature displays the time that has elapsed during
playback. For DVD, the time displayed refers to the current
title and acts as a Time Search feature. You can skip right
to any scene.
Highlight the Time Display, and use the number buttons
on the remote to enter the elapsed time you want to go
to. You must use two digits for each field. For example, if
you enter 01:35:12, playback will start at 1 hour, 35
minutes, and 12 seconds.
For Audio CD, the time displayed refers to the track
that's playing.
Title/Track Icon (all Info Display)
Some DVD contain more than one title. Each title is
divided into chapters. CD are divided into separate tracks.
To select a title/ track: After you highlight the Title / Track
icon, use the number button(s) on the remote to enter the
title number (track number) and press OK, or press the
buttons to scroll through the titles/ tracks.
Note: Many discs only have one title.
buttons to change the


Table of Contents

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