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Dvd Playback Features; Fast Motion Playback (Picture Scan); Freeze Frame And Frame Advance; Slow Motion Playback - GE GE1101P User Manual

Dvd user's guide
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DVD Playback Features

Fast Motion Playback (Picture Scan)

You can search in forward or reverse mode.
In the above example, the picture
advances 2 frames at a time.
chapter 2 _______________________________________________________________ 27
1. Press the REV or FWD button on the remote during playback to
search through a disc.
2. Press the button again on the remote to search at the next speed.
Picture Scan has 4 speeds. With each consecutive press of the button,
the search speed increases. If you press the button more than 5
times, Picture Scan cycles back to normal playback.
3. Press the PLAY/OK button on the remote to resume normal

Freeze Frame and Frame Advance

1. Press
once to freeze playback.
2. Press of the
button again to advance the picture one frame at a
3. Press PLAY/OK to resume normal playback.

Slow Motion Playback

1. Press SLOW on the remote for forward slow motion playback.
2. Press the button again to decrease the speed. With each consecutive
press of the SLOW button, the playback speed decreases. For
example, The first press of the SLOW button plays back at 1/2
speed, , the second press plays back at 1/4 speed, etc.
3. To resume normal playback, press PLAY/OK or keep pressing the
REV button until normal playback is resumed.
Skipping Chapters
Use the
button to go to the next chapter and the
to the previous chapter.
Playing DVDs
button to go


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