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Furuno FM-8800D/8800S Installation Manual

Vhf radiotelephone.
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   Summary of Contents for Furuno FM-8800D/8800S

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    Pub. No. IME-56420-E ( ( TATA TATA ) ) FM-8800D/S FM-8800D/S The paper used in this manual is elemental chlorine free. FURUNO Authorized Distributor/Dealer FURUNO Authorized Distributor/Dealer FIRST EDITION : FIRST EDITION : SEP. SEP. 2004 2004 : : JUN.

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    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING Hazardous voltage. Can shock, burn or cause serious injury. Do not work inside the equip- ment unless totally familiar with electrical circuits. Do not approach the antenna closer than 0.9 m (MPE by FCC) when it is transmitting. The antenna emits radio waves which can be harmful to the human body.

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  • Page 5: System Configuration

    SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Handset HS-2003 100-115/200-230 VAC AC/DC 50/60 Hz, 1φ Power Supply Unit Radio Battery PR-240-CE 24 VDC Category of units Unit Antenna Exposed to weather All other units Protected from weather CH 70 RX Antenna Antenna VHF console RC-8800 Transceiver Unit FM-8800D FM-8800S...

  • Page 6: Equipment Lists

    EQUIPMENT LISTS Standard Supply Name Transceiver Unit Accessories* Junction Box Installation Materials* Spare Parts* Standard Supply for VHF Console Name VHF Console RC-8800-SN RC-8800-DN RC-8800-SA RC-8800-DA Installation CP05-10201 Masteries* Accessories* FP05-05800 Spare Parts* SP05-05501 Type FM-8800D-E-A FM-8800D-E-N FM-8800D-F-A FM-8800D-F-N FM-8800S-E-A FM-8800S-E-N FM-8800S-F-A FM-8800S-F-N...

  • Page 7: Optional Equipment

    Optional Equipment Name OP05-102 Flush Mount Kit Junction Box IF-8810 DMC Interface IF-8820 RB-8800-15 (W/ 1.5 m Cable) RB-8800-20 (W/ 2 m Cable) Remote Station RB-8810-15 (W/ 1.5 m Cable) RB-8810-20 (W/ 2 m Cable) HS-8800-15 HS-8800-20 HS-8800-W-35 Handset HS-2003-15 HS-2003-20 HS-2003-50S HS-6000FZ11...

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    EQUIPMENT LISTS Name AP05-01100 AP05-01200 Antenna Material AP05-01210 05S0309 *10M* 05S0309 *20M* 05S0309 *30M* Signal Cable 05S0309 *40M* 05S0309 *50M* CO-SPEVV-SB-C Twisted Cable 0.2x2P RC-8800-N-75BG VHF Console Kit RC-8800-A-75BG Printer PP-8800 Emergency lamp EMG-1T Type Code No. 000-054-224 000-054-232 000-054-233 000-106-043 000-106-044 000-106-046...

  • Page 9: Mounting

    Observe the compass safe distance to prevent deviation of a magnetic compass, referring to page “ i ”. Note: Take great care not to press the DISTRESS switch during the installation. If you accidentally press the switch, immediately turn off the equipment and contact appropriate authority by telephone.

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    1. MOUNTING Overview of mounting methods Keep pressed for 4 s in case of DISTRESS. The alert is transmitted with steady lighting. DISTRESS IntCom INTL CANCEL ALM STOP PQRS CALL SHIFT Overhead Flush Mount TEST CH16 PRINT FILE SCAN MENU WXYZ HI/L0 Keep pressed for 4 s in case of DISTRESS.

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    Mounting procedure for tabletop, overhead and bulkhead mounting 1. Using the hanger as a template, mark fixing holes in the mounting location. 2. Fix the hanger to the mounting location with self-tapping screws and washers (supplied). (For added support, use nuts, bolts and washers instead of self-tapping screws.) 3.

  • Page 12: Mounting Considerations

    The higher the antenna is mounted above the horizon, the further the communications range. Mounting procedure The basic mounting procedure for antennas supplied by FURUNO is as follows, however consult appropriate outline drawing for details. 1. Fasten the antenna bracket to the stanchion.

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    50 cm of the unit. (Longer cables are available optionally.) Power Supply (option) For Convention vessels, both AC and DC power must be fed to the FM-8800D/8800S, via an AC/DC power supply. When AC input fails, DC power is supplied. FURUNO can supply an AC/DC power supply unit, the PR-240-CE.

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    1. MOUNTING Printer (option) Printer PP-510 To mount the printer, refer to the printer outline drawing at the back of this manual. 1. Select a flat surface. 2. Fix the mounting base to the mounting location with four screws (supplied). 3.

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    Install the junction box near the transceiver unit. Approx. 3 m cable is preattached to the junction box to connect to the transceiver unit. To connect Furuno’s distress message controller DMC-5, the DMC interface IF-8820 (option) is required. 1. Open the cover.

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    1. MOUNTING Remote station RB-8800/RB-8810 (option) Up to four remote stations can be connected in a daisy chain. Note: For the remote station RB-8800, there are two method of cable entry: bottom-side entry and rear-side entry. For rear-side entry, make one or two holes of more than 12 mm diameter. For last station in the daisy chain, just one cable entry hole is needed.

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    Outdoor mounting of RB-8810 Remote station RB-8810 with waterproof-type handset HS-8800-W-35 can be mounted outdoors. The hanger should be coated as directed below with silicone sealant for waterproofness. 1. Fix the mounting base with self-tapping screws. Coat exposed part of these screws with silicone sealant.

  • Page 18

    1. MOUNTING VHF console Install the rack console where the equipment can be easily operated, checked and serviced. Consult with shipyard personnel and ship's officer-in-charge to determine best location. The location must satisfy the following points: • Select a location where controls can be easily operated. •...

  • Page 19: Connections

    Connection of Power Supply Convention vessels, 100/220 VAC ship’s mains Convention vessels must supply both AC and DC power to the FM-8800D/8800S, via an AC/DC power supply unit. Both AC and DC are supplied by the AC/DC power supply unit, and when AC input fails DC power is activated.

  • Page 20

    2. CONNECTIONS Connection of VHF Antenna The VHF antenna is connected to the transceiver unit with a 50 ohm coaxial cable, type 5D-2V. Be sure to leave some slack in the cable for future service and maintenance. Lay the coaxial cable and attach an M-type plug to the cable (if necessary) as follows. 1.

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    Connection of DSC Antenna The DSC antenna is connected to the transceiver unit with a 50 ohm coaxial cable, type 5D-2V. Attach an M-type plug to the cable (if necessary) as shown an page 2-2. Screw the plug into the CH70 RX ANT connector at the rear of the transceiver unit. Connection of Handset Connect the handset cable to the HANDSET connector on the front panel.

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    2. CONNECTIONS Connecting the Remote Station without the Junction The remote station (or DMC Interface, Mic. Receptacle box, etc) can be connected directly to the transceiver unit, using the D-sub connector supplied as installation materials. Attach the connector to the cable as follows. Connector XM2A-3701 &...

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    Connection of AC/DC Power Supply Unit PR-240-CE The power supply PR-240-CE is shipped ready for connection to a 200-230 VAC ship’s mains. If the ship’s mains is 100 VAC – 115 VAC, change the tap connection and terminal board connection as below. Attach label supplied as accessories to the punch mark in the front panel according to the ship’s mains.

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    2. CONNECTIONS Protective earth Connect IV-2.0sq wire between ship’s superstructure and the ground terminal on the PR-240-CE. PR-240-CE Front panel CAUTION Attach protective earth securely to the ship's body. The protective earth (grounding) is required for the AC/DC power supply unit to prevent electrical shock.

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    Jumper Setting for Termination Note: DMC interface is not used for Russian version. It is necessary, for termination, to change the jumper setting for remote station or DMC interface. Open the unit(s) terminated and change the jumper plugs J2 and J3 to ON position (#2-#3). (Default setting is OFF position.) Transceiver Junction...

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    2. CONNECTIONS Set jumper plug to ON (#1-2). 05P0778 RS-485 TERMINATION Remove four screws to open the unit. DMC Interface IF-8820...

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    2.10 Wire connection of VHF console 1. Remove the cover assembly and printer assembly (or concealing lid) form the console. For the printer assembly, remove the cables connected at the Transceiver Unit and the terminal board. Cover assembly 2. Connect the power cable from the ship to the terminal block 1 (+) and 2 (-). Power cable from the ship 3.

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    2. CONNECTIONS This page is intentionally left blank. 2-10...

  • Page 29: Assembling Console Kit

    ASSEMBLING CONSOLE KIT A VHF console kit is required to mount the Transceiver Unit in the field. There are two types as shown below. Type RC-8800-N-75BG RC-8800-A-75BG Assembling the Console Kit 1. Remove the cover assembly, the panel assembly and the printer assembly (or concealing lid) from the console.

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    2. Fix the panel assembly to the Transceiver Unit with binding screws (use original binding screws of the Transceiver Unit). Refer to the figure below. 3. Screw in hex bolts M8x16 and flat washers loosely at both sides of the Transceiver Unit. 4.

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    6. Replace the cable attached to junction box with the cable (55 cm, 37-pin D sub) supplied with the console kit. 7. Connect the cable (37-pin D sub) attached to the junction box to the Transceiver Unit and then mount the junction box on the console. ±Binding screw F M4X8  4 places ±Screw B...

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    Grommets 2 places 8. For the console w/printer, connect the printer cable for data transmission to the PRINTER port of the Transceiver Unit and fix the power cable to the terminal board as before. Then, fix the printer assembly to the console. For no printer, fasten the concealing lid to the console.

  • Page 37: Packing Lists

    PACKING LIST DM-2003-F N A M E マイクセット MICROPHONE SET フック HOOK マイクロフォン MICROPHONE (略図の寸法は、参考値です。 DIMENSIONS IN DRAWING FOR REFERENCE ONLY.) DESCRIPTION/CODE № O U T L I N E ZIRXXCDM002 000-150-017 KON-003 000-150-016 05EC-X-9857 -1 Q'TY 05EC-X-9857...

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    工事材料表 INSTALLATION MATERIALS 番 号 名  称 NAME ミニピン組品(1) CABLE ASSY. コネクタフード(XM2) HOUSING CASE コネクタ(XM2) CONNECTOR +トラスタッピンネジ 1種 SELF-TAPPING SCREW (略図の寸法は、参考値です。 DIMENSIONS IN DRAWING FOR REFERENCE ONLY.) 005-377-800 CODE NO. TYPE CP05-09901 略  図 型名/規格 OUTLINE DESCRIPTIONS L-420 CODE NO. 000-151-748 XM2S-3712 CODE NO. 000-145-423 XM2A-3701 CODE NO.

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    工事材料表 INSTALLATION MATERIALS 番 号 名  称 NAME +トラスタッピンネジ 1種 SELF-TAPPING SCREW (略図の寸法は、参考値です。 DIMENSIONS IN DRAWING FOR REFERENCE ONLY.) 005-949-280 CODE NO. TYPE CP05-08701 型名/規格 略  図 OUTLINE DESCRIPTIONS 5X20 SUS304 CODE NO. 000-802-081 FURUNO ELECTRIC CO .,LTD. 05DY-X-9417 数量 用途/備考 Q'TY REMARKS 05DY-X-9417...

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    付属品表 ACCESSORIES 番 号 名  称 NAME +トラスタッピンネジ SELF-TAPPING SCREW ポリカワッシャー WASHER (略図の寸法は、参考値です。 DIMENSIONS IN DRAWING FOR REFERENCE ONLY.) 005-951-920 CODE NO. TYPE FP05-05511 型名/規格 略  図 OUTLINE DESCRIPTIONS 4X16 SUS304 1シュ CODE NO. 000-802-080 CODE NO. 000-864-937 FURUNO ELECTRIC CO .,LTD. 05DZ-X-9502 数量 用途/備考 Q'TY REMARKS 05DZ-X-9502...

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    付属品表 RB-8800 ACCESSORIES 番 号 名  称 NAME ポリカワッシャー WASHER +トラスタッピンネジ SELF-TAPPING SCREW ブラインドシール SEAL (略図の寸法は、参考値です。 DIMENSIONS IN DRAWING FOR REFERENCE ONLY.) 005-959-720 CODE NO. TYPE FP05-05701 型名/規格 略  図 OUTLINE DESCRIPTIONS CODE NO. 000-864-937 4X20 SUS304 CODE NO. 000-805-687 05-086-1102-2 CODE NO. 100-281-282 FURUNO ELECTRIC CO .,LTD.

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    D-10 D-10 D-10...

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    D-11 Feb.02'05...

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    D-13 Nov.28'03...

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    D-15 Y. Hatai...

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    D-16 Y. Hatai...

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    D-18 Dec.26'03...

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    D-19 Dec.26'03...

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  • Page 67: Interconnection Diagrams

    0.2x2P(5/10/15/20/30m) IV-1.25sq. TITLE FM-8800D/S E.MIYOSHI 名称 国際VHF無線電話装置 TAKAHASHI.T Y. Hatai 相互結線図 MASS NAME VHF RADIOTELEPHONE INTERCONNECTION DIAGRAM C5642-C01- J FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. マイクレセプタクルボックス MIC RECEPTACLE BOX RBD-VHF(B) キ シロ アカ キ クロ キ ハンドセット HANDSET HS-8800 リモートステーション REMOTE STATION...

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    F.GND IV-1.25sq. TITLE RC-8800 (FM-8800) E.MIYOSHI 名称 国際VHF無線電話装置(ラック組込) TAKAHASHI.T Y. Hatai 相互結線図 MASS NAME VHF RADIOTELEPHONE (RACK CONSOLE) INTERCONNECTION DIAGRAM FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. ハンドセット HANDSET HS-8800 リモートステーション REMOTE STATION RB-8800/RB-8810 <No.3/No.4> IV-1.25sq. ハンドセット HANDSET HS-8800 リモートステーション REMOTE STATION RB-8800/RB-8810 IV-1.25sq.

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    キ クロ キ 24VDC TITLE FM-8800D/S E. MIYOSHI 名称 国際VHF無線電話装置 TAKAHASHI.T Y. Hatai 相互結線図(接続箱無し) MASS NAME VHF RADIOTELEPHONE INTERCONNECTION DIAGRAM(W/O J.B.) C5642-C03- D FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Wing Mic ハンドセット HANDSET HS-6000FZ-11 HS-6000FZ-5 DMC-5 Wing Mic ハンドセット HANDSET HS-6000FZ-11 HS-6000FZ-5...

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