Reattaching Door And Hardware - Electrolux 134700400 Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux front-load washer installation instructions
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Reversing Door

Reattaching door and hardware

M) Reattaching Door Assembly
1 Open the hinge to a 90 degree angle.
2 Install the door onto the hinge locating pins.
3 Secure the door with 4 long, course-thread,
counter-sunk screws.
4 Close the door and test the operation of the
N) Reversing Trim Ring
1 Trim ring orientation is marked on the back.
2 Remove the trim ring cover plate. To remove
the cover plate from the right, pivot point is
up. To remove the cover plate from the left,
pivot point is down.
3 Rotate the trim ring cover plate and move
it to the opposite opening in the trim and
O) Reinstalling Trim Ring
1 Close the door.
2 Orient the trim so 12 position is
approximately ¾" to the left of top center.
The opening in the trim ring should be on the
hinge side.
3 Insert the trim ring in the slots and rotate it
clockwise approximately ¾".
P) Reinstalling Trim Plug
1 Open the door to a 90 degree angle.
2 Install the trim plug with 1 long, course-
thread, panhead screw.
Q) Plug in washer and continue operation.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents