Reversing Door; Preparing To Reverse Door Swing; Removing Door And Hardware - Electrolux 134700400 Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux front-load washer installation instructions
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Preparing to reverse door swing

1 Be sure you have adequate swing area before reversing door.
2 You will need a screw driver with a #2 square bit.
3 Protect flat work surface, such as top of washer or floor near
washer, with a soft cloth or towel.
4 Be sure washer is unplugged from power source!
Failure to disconnect power source before servicing
could result in personal injury or even death.

Removing door and hardware

A) Removing Trim Ring
1 Open the door to a 90 degree angle.
2 Remove and save the trim plug and long,
course-thread, panhead screw.
3 Close the door.
4 Rotate the door trim approximately ¾"
counter-clockwise and pull it away from the
front of the door.

Reversing Door

B) Removing Door from Hinge
1 Reopen door to 90 degree angle.
2 Remove 4 long, course-thread, counter-sunk
hinge screws from door.
3 While supporting the weight of the door
with both hands, separate the door from the
4 Gently place the door face down on a flat,
covered work surface.
Tools needed:
Screwdrivers with
#2 square &
straight bit

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents