Dryness Level; Dryer Settings Chart - Electrolux EIED55H Use And Care Manual

Front-load gas & electric dryer
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Operating Instructions
Dryness Level (Auto Dry)
The appropriate dryness level will automatically
be indicated when the cycle is selected.
To change the preset level, press the dryness but-
ton to scroll to the degree of dryness desired.
To protect your fabrics, not all dryness levels are
available with every cycle. If a dryness level is not
appropriate for the cycle, it cannot be selected and
will not be lit by pressing the dryness button.
The dryness level selected for the cycle will be
remembered and recalled each time that cycle is
selected in the future.
To change the dryness level once the cycle has
begun, press the pause button, make the new
selection and press start again.
Select the normal dryness level for most Auto Dry
Occasionally a load may seem too damp or over-
dried at the end of the cycle. To increase drying time
for similar loads in the future, select max. For loads
requiring less drying time, select less.
Select damp for items you wish to partially dry be-
fore hanging or ironing.
Drying Time (Time Dry)
Press the time dry button under the display
window to select 15, 30, 45, 60 or 75 minutes of
drying time. This button only operates with the time
dry cycle. If you press the time dry button while in
an Auto Dry cycle, an error chime signal will sound.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents