Cycle Selection - Electrolux EIED55H Use And Care Manual

Front-load gas & electric dryer
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Operating Instructions

Cycle Selection

Turn the cycle selector in either direction to the
cycle desired. The indicator for that cycle will be
illuminated. Press on the cycle selector knob to
extend it or return it flush to the console.
For best results
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be dried.
To change the cycle once it has begun, press the
cancel button before selecting a new cycle. Just
turning the cycle selector knob to another selec-
tion will not change the cycle.
Auto Dry cycles take the guesswork out of select-
ing the correct drying time for each load. Moisture
sensing bars at the back of the dryer drum sense
the moisture level of the load as it tumbles through
the heated air. With Auto Dry cycles, the load will
automatically be dried at the selected temperature
to the desired dryness level.
Auto Dry cycles save time and energy and protect
fabrics. When the load has reached the selected
dryness level, it will continue to tumble, unheated,
during a cool down period. This helps reduce
wrinkling and makes items easier to handle during
Drying time varies depending on size and damp-
ness of load and fabric type. If the load is too small
or almost dry, the moisture sensing bars may not
detect enough moisture to continue the cycle and
the cycle may end after a few minutes. If this oc-
curs, then select the time dry cycle to dry such
Room temperature and humidity, type of installa-
tion and electrical voltage or gas pressure can also
affect drying time.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents