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Electrolux EIED55H Use And Care Manual page 16

Front-load gas & electric dryer


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Operating Instructions
Options, Con't
Select the wrinkle release option if the dried
load might not be removed promptly at the end of
the cycle. To help prevent wrinkles, the dry load
will intermittently tumble for a total of 45 minutes.
sound every 5 minutes to remind you to remove
the dried load.
The extended tumble option can be selected
with wrinkle release to add another 30 minutes of
tumbling without heat.
Select this option to protect a load from exces-
sive heat. The drying temperature will be gradually
reduced as the load dries.
Select this option for loads that may contain
harmful bacteria. An extended drying time at high
heat will kill 99.9% of bacteria with no carryover of
bacteria between loads. Check fabric care labels
to prevent damage caused by high heat.
Select this option to add a chime to the end of
the cycle, to indicate when the load is damp in the
damp alert option, and as a reminder to remove
the load during extended tumble and wrinkle
release. Press the chime button to select the vol-
ume level desired or to turn off the signal.
Saving Favorites
To program a cycle with your preferred settings,
select the desired cycle, drying temperature, dry-
ness level and options. Then press and hold the
my favorite button for 3 seconds.
To use that customized cycle to dry future loads,
simply press the my favorite button and the se-
lected cycle, drying temperature, dryness level
and options will be indicated.
Your personalized cycle can be changed by re-
peating the my favorite procedure.
will be displayed and a chime will
The sanitize option has been certified by NSF
International®, an independent, third-party testing
and certification organization dedicated to public
health, safety and environmental protection.
NSF Protolcol P154
Sanitization Performance of
Residential Clothes Dryers

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents