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GE GLD3806T Owner's Manual page 19

Tall tub dishwashers


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possible Causes
Control panel lights
Time too long between
go off when you're
touching of selected pads
setting controls
Water standing in
This is normal
the bottom of the tub
Water won't pump
Drain is clogged
out of the tub
This is normal
Sanitized light does
The door was opened and the
not illuminate at the
cycle was interrupted during
end of the cycle
or after the main wash portion
The incoming water
cycle only)
temperature was too low
Normal operating sounds
Detergent cup opening
Water entering dishwasher
The motor stops and starts at
various times during the cycle
Drain pump sounds during
pump out
Rattling dishes when the spray • Make sure dishes are properly loaded. See the loading the
arm rotates
What To do
• Each pad must be touched within 30 seconds of the others.
To relight, touch any pad again, or unlock and relatch door.
• A small amount of clean water around the outlet on the tub
bottom at the back of the tub keeps the water seal lubricated.
• If you have an air gap, clean it. See page 18.
• If the dishwasher drains into a disposer, run disposer clear.
• Check to see if your kitchen sink is draining well. If not, you
may need a plumber.
• Warm, moist air comes through the vent by the door latch during drying
and when water is being pumped out. This is necessary for drying.
• Do not interrupt the cycle anytime during or after main wash.
• Raise the water heater temperature to between 120°F and 140°F.
• These are all normal. No action is required.
dishwasher racks section.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents