GE GLD4160L00SS Installation Instructions Manual
GE GLD4160L00SS Installation Instructions Manual

GE GLD4160L00SS Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in dishwasher


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Built-In Dishwasher
If gou have questions,
call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737)
or visit our websJte at:
Read these instructions completelu and
Observe all governing codes and
, Note to Installer - Be sure to leave these instructions for the
consumer's and local inspector's use.
Note to Consumer - Keep these instructions with your
Owner's Manual for future reference.
, Skill Level - Installation of this dishwasher requires
basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing skills. Proper
is the responsibilitg
of the installer. Product
failure due to improper installation is not covered under
the GE Appliance Warranty. See warrantg information.
, Completion Time - 1 to 3 Hours. New installations require
more time than replacement installations.
The dishwasher MUST
be installed
toallow for future removalfromtheenclosure
if service is required.
If Uou received a damaged dishwasher, Uou should
immediately contact your dealer or builder.
Optional Accessories - See the Owner's Manual for available
custom panel kits.
Read and observe all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS
shown throughout
these instructions. While performing
installations described in this booklet, gloves, safety glasses
or goggles should be worn.
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Summary of Contents for GE GLD4160L00SS

  • Page 1 GE Appliance Warranty. See warrantg information. , Completion Time - 1 to 3 Hours. New installations require more time than replacement installations.
  • Page 2: Parts Supplied

    Preparation Installation PARTS SUPPLIED: [] Two #8-18 x 5/8" Phillips special head screws, to secure dishwasher to underside of countertop Side and Top TMm Pieces on some models or to side of cabinets. (In user bag.) Clamp Drain Hose [] Side and top trim pieces on some models [] Drain hose [] Drain hose hanger #8 Phillips...
  • Page 3 Preparation Installation PREPARE DISHWASHER ENCLOSURE WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or injuru to persons, the installer must ensure that the dishwasher is completel Uenclosed at the time of installation. This Wall Area The dishwasher must be installed so that drain hose is no must be Free more than 10' in length for proper drainage.
  • Page 4: Prepare Electrical Wiring

    Preparation Installation PREPARE ELECTRICAL WIRING FOR PERSONAL SAFETY: Remove house fuse or open circuit breaker before beginning installation. Do not use an extension cord or adapter plug with this appliance. Electrical Requirements Cabinet , This appliance must be supplied with 120V, 60 Hz., and connected to an individual properly grounded...
  • Page 5: Prepare Hot Water Line

    Preparation Installation PREPARE HOT WATER LINE STEP I CHECK DOOR BALANCE . The line may enter from either side, rear or floor within the With dishwasher on the wood skid, check the door balance shaded area shown in Figure K by opening and closing the door.
  • Page 6: Step 3 Remove Toekick

    Installation Instructions STEP 5A INSTALL DRAIN HOSE TO STEP 3 REMOVE TOEKICK /_._ DISHWASHER DRAIN PORT , Remove the /7//f ,//1 2 toekick screws Skip this step if drain hose has been pre-installed. and toekick. --__///A/o_/f_" In this step gou will need the drain hose set aside prior Set aside for use "_ [.-'_--_-/...
  • Page 7: Step 6 Position Water Line And House Wiring

    Installation Instructions STEP 6 POSITION WATER LINE STEP 8 SLIDE DISHWASHER PARTIALLY AND HOUSE WIRING INTO CABINET DO NOT PUSHAGAINST FRONT PANELWITH KNEES. , Position water supply line and house wiring on the floor of the opening to avoid interference with base of dishwasher and DAMAGE WILL OCCUR.
  • Page 8: Step 10 Push Dishwasher Into Final Position

    Installation Instructions STEP 10 PUSH DISHWASHER INTO STEP 3.3.LEVEL DISHWASHER FINAL POSITION IMPORTANT- Dishwasher must be level Tip: Check tub insulation blanket, if equipped. It should be forproperdishrack operationand wash performance. positioned so it is not "bunched up" or interfering with door springs.
  • Page 9: Step 13 Connect Water Supply

    Installation Instructions STEP 13 CONNECT WATER SUPPLY STEP 12 POSITION DISHWASHER, SECURE TO COUNTERTOP OR CABINET Connect water supply line to g0 ° elbow. Slide compression nut, then ferrule over end of In this step you will need the 2 Phillips speciol head water line.
  • Page 10: Step 14 Connect Drain Line

    Installation Instructions STEP 14 CONNECT DRAIN LINE DRAIN LINE INSTALLATION , Connect drain line to air gap, waste tee or disposer FOLLOW ALL LOCAL CODESAND ORDINANCES. using either previously determined method. Identify the type of drain hose you have. The molded Method 1 - Air gap with waste...
  • Page 11: Step 15 Connect Power Supply

    Installation Instructions STEP 15 CONNECT POWER SUPPLY STEP 16 PRE-TEST CHECK LIST If o power cord with plug is used, proceed to Step 16. Review this list after installing your dishwasher to avoid . Remove junction box cover. charges for a service call that is not covered by your .
  • Page 12: Step 17 Dishwasher Wet Test

    "Rinse Only" cycle. Check for leaks and , Be sure to leave complete literature package and correct if required. Installation Instructions with the consumer. SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE GE Consumer & Industrial O 2005 General Electric...

Table of Contents