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GE GLD3806T Owner's Manual page 12

Tall tub dishwashers


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using the dishwasher.
This dishwasher may have a SmartDispense
which automatically dispenses liquid automatic
dishwasher detergent into each cycle based on soil
level and water hardness.
To utilize the SmartDispense
it must first be filled. Although any liquid or gel
automatic dishwashing detergent can be used in
the SmartDispense
dishwashing detergents are not the same. Most
automatic dishwashing detergents are chlorine
bleach-based (such as Cascade
enzymes (such as Cascade Complete
Do not mix any chlorine bleach-based automatic
dishwashing detergent with any dishwashing
detergent containing enzymes as this could cause
the detergents to congeal and lead to blockage of
the SmartDispense
label to determine if the detergent is chlorine
bleach-based or one that contains enzymes. It is
recommended that the same type of detergent be
used when refilling your SmartDispense
powder detergent, tablets or any liquid soap or
detergent normally used for washing hands or
dishes in a sink. Only use liquid or gel detergent
specifically designed for use in an automatic
circunstancia agregue detergente en polvo,
tabletas, o jabón o detergente líquido normalmente
utilizado para lavar manos o platos en un
fregadero. Sólo utilice detergente líquido o en gel
específicamente diseñados para utilizar en
lavaplatos automáticos.
Filling dispenser
To open the dispenser for filling, push down and
turn the blue cap counterclockwise until the cap
is loose. Lift cap off.
detergent dispenser
Detergent Dispenser,
system, all liquid or gel automatic
) while others contain
system. Check the detergent
Absolutely do not add
Bajo ninguna
(on some models)
Set the door at a comfortable angle to fill the
Aim the detergent bottle at the opening in the door
and begin to fill.
The dispenser will hold 40 oz of liquid dishwasher
detergent (standard size bottle).
When full, replace the cap and turn clockwise
until tight to ensure that no water enters the
dispenser. If residue is left on
the door, it will be washed off in the next cycle.
Turn clockwise until tight.
An indicator light will turn on to notify you when the
dispenser needs to be filled again. After filling, the
light will not turn off until the door is closed. A full
dispenser will last approximately 1 month for the
Light will turn on when it is time to refill.
average user.nOTE: If you are not using
and you want to turn the lOW
dETErGEnT lEd light off, press the AddEd HEAT pad
5 times within 3 seconds. You will hear 3 beeps, then
the light will go off. You can turn the light back on by
pressing the AddEd HEAT pad 5 times within 3

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents