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JVC CH-X1000RF Service Manual

JVC CH-X1000RF Service Manual

Compact disc automatic changer


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CH-X1000 / CH-X1000RF
CH-X1000RF is a combination of CH-X1000 and KS-RF37.
KS-RF37 is a combination of Remote control and the RF unit.
Safety precaution
Important for laser products
Location of main parts
Removal of main parts
Pickup replacement procedure
JC 12 Forced eject procedures
This service manual is printed on 100% recycled paper.
Wiring connections
Description of major ICs
CH-X1000 /X000RF
Area Suffix
Northern America
Feb. 2001


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for JVC CH-X1000RF

  • Page 1 COMPACT DISC AUTOMATIC CHANGER CH-X1000 / CH-X1000RF Area Suffix Northern America CH-X1000 KS-RF37 CH-X1000RF is a combination of CH-X1000 and KS-RF37. KS-RF37 is a combination of Remote control and the RF unit. Contents Safety precaution Troubleshooting 1-21 Important for laser products...
  • Page 2: Safety Precaution

    Safety precaution Burrs formed during molding may be left over on some parts of the chassis. Therefore, pay attention to such burrs in the case of preforming repair of this system. Please use enough caution not to see the beam directly or touch it in case of an adjustment or operation check.
  • Page 3: Important For Laser Products

    Important for laser products 5.CAUTION : If safety switches malfunction, the laser is able 1.CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT to function. 2.DANGER : Invisible laser radiation when open and inter 6.CAUTION : Use of controls, adjustments or performance of lock failed or defeated. Avoid direct exposure to beam. procedures other than those specified herein may result in 3.CAUTION : There are no serviceable parts inside the hazardous radiation exposure.
  • Page 4: Location Of Main Parts

    Location of main parts Main board ass'y Mechanism ass'y wire Bottom view Positioning motor ass'y Jack board ass'y Sensor board ass'y Mechanism board ass'y Top side view Mechanism & lifter unit Magazine house section Remove the main board view Feed motor Positioning motor ass'y Spindle motor...
  • Page 5: Mechanism Section

    Removal of Main Parts Disassembling Procedures Perform operations according to the items to be disassembled. Replacement of the Pickup 1. After removing the exterior (top and bottom)... 2. Proceed to the "Pickup Replacement" section. 3. When applying grease, refer to the Exploded View. Use new grease.
  • Page 6: Removing The Top Cover

    Removing the Top Cover 1. Remove the four damper bracket fixing screws (2) to remove the damper brackets. 2. Pull out the dampers, being careful not to damage them. When re-attaching a damper, insert your finger to push out the center of the damper to mount it on the damper shaft, as shown in Fig.
  • Page 7 Changer Mechanism Section Sensor Assembly Unit 1. Remove the two screws (1) securing the sensor assembly Sensor unit. Assembly 2. Unhook the springs on the back of the sensor assembly unit from the holes on the chassis. Magazine Lock Arm 1.
  • Page 8: Top Plate

    Rear Slider Can be removed at the stud position 1. Position the unit with the front section facing down. Rotate (at the widest hole) the third gear located on the back of the main unit in the Remove direction of the arrow (clockwise). Shift 2.
  • Page 9 Lifter Unit 1. Unhook the elevator spring located on the front side of the unit. (Be sure to first unhook the spring from the lifter side as shown in the upper part of the diagram.) 2. Lift the lifter unit upward, then remove the lower rod to Unhook this remove the lifter unit from the chassis.
  • Page 10: Pickup Assembly

    Pickup Assembly 1. Remove the three mechanism PCB fixing screws (6) located on the back of the traverse mechanism. 2. Disconnect the two feed motor wires (blue and white), two Pickup Flexible PCB spindle motor wires (red and black) and two tray motor CN501 wires (brown and black) that are soldered to the mechanism Pickup: Remove...
  • Page 11: Tray Motor

    Tray Motor 1. Remove the two screws (11) securing the tray motor. 2. Remove the two screws (12) to remove the tray motor assembly from the tray motor holder. Separation of the Chassis L Assembly and Chassis R Assembly 1. Remove the two screws (13) retaining the chassis "L" and "R"...
  • Page 12 Precautions On Reassembling When reassembling, also refer to the disassembling procedures. Pickup Assembly Attached to chassis Mounting the Traverse Mechanism 1. When mounting the pickup assembly, attach the feed slide shaft assembly to the traverse chassis. Apply E-JC-525 grease to the shaft. 2.
  • Page 13 Mounting the Lifter unit 1. Insert the shafts (B) of the traverse mechanism assembly into the slide grooves (F) on the lifter unit. 2. Shift the hook of the lifter unit to the edge, and shift the sliding lever inside the side bracket unit to the edge as well. 3.
  • Page 14 Connection of the Chassis "L" Assembly and Chassis "R" Assembly 1. Attach the lower rod to the chassis "R" assembly. While shifting the rod toward the front side, mount the rod on the lifter unit. With the rod mounted, place the lifter unit on the chassis "R" assembly.
  • Page 15 Mounting the Top Plate 1. Mount the upper rod on the lifter side (j) and set it on the rear of the top plate, then mount the other end of the upper rod to (k). 2. Check that the five points (l, m, n, o and p) are correctly positioned.
  • Page 16 Mounting the Front Slider and Rear Slider 1. Position the unit with the rear side facing down, then rotate the third gear in the direction of the arrow (clockwise) until the lift arm comes to the position at which the holes are exposed, as shown in Fig.
  • Page 17 Mounting the Sensor PCB Assembly 1. Attach the longer spring to the white resin, and attach the shorter spring temporarily to the sensor assembly bracket. 2. Mount the sensor assembly so that the shaft of the lift arm is inserted into the longer hole on the white resin located on the back of the sensor PCB assembly.
  • Page 18 Pickup Replacement Procedure Third Gear 1. Remove the bottom cover, front panel and top cover from the exterior section. Main PCB 2. Unplug the flexible ribbon wire from connector CN502 Assembly on the traverse mechanism PC board assembly. 3. Turn the rear slider and third gear in the lifter section counterclockwise until the traverse mechanism assembly is in the lowermost (bottom) position.
  • Page 19 10. Remove the two rack arm fixing screws (4). Grounding Point Pull out the feed slide shaft. Remove the shaft holder fixing screw (5). Pickup 11. When mounting the lifter bracket after replacing the pickup, shift the lifter unit lever approx. 30 mm towards the inside, then mount the lifter bracket.
  • Page 20 JC12 Forced eject procedures Magazine eject does not function. Completed RESET (Press EJECT for 3 sec.) Check that the trays remain no more than 10 mm inside the magazine. Are trays stored in the magazine? Check visually. Remove the bottom cover Improperly positioned Is the disc set in the playing Peel off the sticker on the left side...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Servicing procedures for CH-X400 & CH-X450 error displays Error display Servicing procedure E1: Eject error The magazine cannot be ejected until S601 (magazine switch) turns off. Can the magazine be ejected? YES 1, NO 1 The magazine switch (S601) does not turn off even though the magazine is completely ejected. 2 Check that the magazine is not engaged with the mechanism assembly.
  • Page 22 CH-X1000 & CX-H1000RF Error code The following error codes can be displayed and stored in up to 3 memories when the KD-MX3000 is used with the controller. Refer to the KD-MX3000 service manual regarding error code indication. The error code indication when using the earlier controller is the same as the CH-X99,KD-MK88 and other 12CD changer models.
  • Page 23 Flow chart for reading TOC (Table of contents) Power ON • When the laser diode correctly Set Function to CD • When the pickup correctly moves emits to the inner area of the disc Microprocessor Microprocessor Disc inserted commands commands TC9462 53 Pickup feed to the inner area CN502 5...
  • Page 24: General Section

    General section Turn the power on with no magazine loaded. Reset Move the lifter until it The lifter moves up or Check the linear position comes to the STOP down and stops. sensor (VR601). position (shipping position). The position motor does Check the wiring of the not function.
  • Page 25: Feed Section

    Feed section Is the voltage output at Is the wiring for IC521 Is 5V present at IC581 Check CD 9V IC521 pin u 5V or 0V? (90) (100) correct? pin 6? and 5V. Check the vicinity of IC521. Is 4V present at both Is 6V or 2V present at Check the feed motor sides of the feed motor?
  • Page 26 Signal processing section Is the sound output from No sound from either Compare the L-ch and both channels (L, R)? channel. R-ch to locate the defective point. Normal Is 9V present at IC101 pin Check the vicinity of the (8)? Q981 audio power supply.
  • Page 27: Wiring Connections

    CH-X1000/CH-X1000RF Wiring connections Sensor Ass'y CN503 CN904 CN601 WJM0017-002A Connect Board CN903 Spindol Motor Ass'y Feed Motor Ass'y Tray Motor Ass'y Mechanism Board Ass'y (SURFACE SIDE) CN501 CN502 Pick Up Ass'y LV30450-003A Wiring of mechanism board section 1-26...
  • Page 28 Descriprion of major ICs BA5926S(IC581):CD/POSITION/TRAY DRIVER 1.Terminal layout & Block diagram BIAS 13.3K x3/8 x3/8 13.3K LEVEL SHIFT LEVEL SHIFT LEVEL SHIFT T.S.D LEVEL SHIFT LEVEL SHIFT 13.3K LEVEL SHIFT x3/8 x3/8 13.3K T.S.D: Thermal shut down circuit D: Driver buffer Unit of resistor:[ 2.Pin function No.
  • Page 29 UPD780058GC-067(IC601):CPU 1.Terminal layout 2.Block diagram TO0/P30 16-bit TIMER/ TI00/INTP0/P00 PORT0 P01-P06 EVENT COUNTER1 TI01/INTP1/P01 PORT1 TO1/P31 P10-P17 8-bit TIMER/ TI1/P33 EVENT COUNTER1 TO2/P32 PORT2 P20-P27 8-bit TIMER/ TI2/P34 EVENT COUNTER2 P30-P37 PORT3 WATCDOG TIMER PORT4 P40-P47 WATCH TIMER SI0/SB0/P25 PORT5 P50-P57 SERIAL SO0/SB1/P26...
  • Page 30 Memory power detect input Unused output port PWR SW CRTL+B detect input BUSOUT JVC bus output BUS INT JVC bus com start interrupt input CD ON CD power control Hi:on EJECT Eject key input PWR CONT Power supply control output Hi:on...
  • Page 31 TC9462F(IC521): DSP&DAC 1.Pin layout & Block Diagram 50 V Servo 49 TRO 1bit control Clock 48 FOO generator TEZI 46 TEI 45 TSIN TEST1 44 SBAD Digital equalizer TEST2 43 FEI Address circuit Automatic adjustment TEST3 42 RFRP circuit BUS0 41 RFZI Micon BUS1...
  • Page 32 2.Pin Function TC9462F(2/2) Symbol Function Pin No. RFRP signal center level input terminal RFCT RFRP zero cross input terminal RFZI RF ripple signal input terminal RFRP Focus error signal input terminal Sub-beam adder signal input terminal SBAD Test input terminal Normally, keep at "vref" level TSIN Tracking error signal input terminal.
  • Page 33 TA2109F-X (IC501) : RF amp. 1. Pin layout 2. Block diagram 15k ohm 30k ohm 7.67k ohm 15k ohm 10k ohm SBAD 10k ohm 20uA 50k ohm 30k ohm 20pF 10k ohm 10k ohm 36pF 21k ohm 29k ohm 2VRO 7.96k ohm 10k ohm 24k ohm 24k ohm...
  • Page 34 BR24CO1AF(IC604):EP ROM 1.Terminal Layout 2.Block Diagrram VCC TEST SCL SDA 1,024bit EEPROM Array 8 VCC BR24C01AF 8bit 7bit Slave Word Data Address 7 TEST 7bit Decoder Address Register Register START STOP 6 SCL Control logic High Voltage Gen. Vcc level detect 5 SDA 3.Pin Function Symbol...
  • Page 35 HD74HC126FP-X (IC651) : Buffer 1.Terminal layout 3.Pin function Input Outout 2.Block diagram Output Input Output Sample as Load Circuit 1 Output Sample as Load Circuit 1 Output Sample as Load Circuit 1 IC-PST600M/G/-W1197(IC602):Reset 1.Terminal layout 2.Block diagram Vout  1‑34...
  • Page 36 CH-X1000/X1000RF VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED MOBILE ELECTRONICS DIVISION PERSONAL & MOBILE NETWORK BUSINESS UNIT. 10-1,1Chome,Ohwatari-machi,Maebashi-city,Japan (No.49594) Printed in Japan 200102(V)

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