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NEC SV8100 Quick Reference Manual page 2

In mail


[OP/67] Mailbox Options:
[S/7] Changes or erases your mailbox
security code
[N/6] Message Notification calls co-worker or
outside number when a new message is left
in your mailbox (optional)
[AT/28] Auto Time Stamp. Plays the msg
time, date and sender info. After the msg.
[#] Exit Menu
To Listen to New, Saved or All Messages:
Press 5 or press the Listen (List) soft-key.
Note: While listening to a new message the following
functions may be performed. Press the following
numeric keys or the soft-key equivalent for the
functions below:
[1N/16] Select New Msg List
[1S/17] Select Saved Msg List
[RE/73] Record Reply
[MF/63] Forward Message
[MC/62] Make call to sender
[TI/84] Get Time/Date stamp
Erase message
Listen to next message
Back up few seconds
[BB/22] Back up to beginning
Go ahead a few seconds
[TI/84] Time and Date messages as you listen to
a message.
Exit Listen Mode
To Record and Send an Internal Voice Mail
Message to Another Subscriber
From the main subscriber menu Dial RS or 77 on
the key pad (or press the soft-key equivalent):
Enter Mail box number, then: press [*] and
re-enter mailbox number
Press [#] to Start Recording
Press [Exit]
While recording a message:
Press [*] to Pause/Resume
Press [E/3]—to Erase Recording
Press [#]— to End Recording
To Access System Administrator (SA)
Options from SA Extension
Log in to your mailbox
Dial [SA/72] for Sys. Admin Options-This
function is available for Administrator Boxes
only or use soft keys to access manager
Use soft keys to navigate through system
administrator functions