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NEC SV8100
In Mail
Quick Reference Guide
To Forward Incoming Calls To Your Mailbox
When Your Phone is Busy or Not Answering
Press the Speaker key
Dial 744 or press the Call Forward Busy/No
Answer Function Key (if one is programmed
on the phone)
Dial 1 to Set
Dial the VM Pilot Number 350
Press Speaker key to Hang up
To Cancel:
Press the Speaker Key
Dial 744
Dial 0 to cancel forwarding
Press [Speaker] key to hang up
To Access the voice messaging system from
outside the company dialing your main
telephone number or the 24/7 back door line:
Dial the company telephone number:
When you hear the main greeting
Dial [#] and your mail box number; or at this
point dial [*] and your co-workers extension
to leave a message
Enter security code when prompted
NOTE: If an operator or co-worker answers your call
when calling into the office from the outside ask to be
transferred to the voice mail pilot number 350. At the
automated attendant greeting dial
[ # ]and your mail box number to log into the IN Mail
To Access your personal voice mail box from
any phone:
Press [Message] key and 2 on key pad to
access VMSG system, (or dial voice mail
pilot extension 350)
Dial your mailbox number
Enter Security Code if/when prompted.
Upon reaching the Main Menu:
Navigate through the voice mail system by
pressing the desired alpha soft keys or
numeric feature codes as shown below.
To Access a Feature from Your Mailbox
Main Menu
Dial the letters to the left of the feature
name. The corresponding numbers for those
letters are shown on the right, or press the
desired VM feature soft key.
Dial 0 for recorded HELP instructions
NOTE: New Mail Box Subscribers will need to
access the following mail box options in order to
set up and personalize your mail box. Perform the
following functions, minimum:
Personal greeting [ up to 3]
Record your name for directory, and
Assign a security code
Feature Codes/Names:
[G/4] Mailbox Greeting: Caller hears your active
greeting (1-3) only if you do not answer or are busy.
[RN/(76] Record Mailbox Name: In-Mail will play
your mailbox name in the voice prompts instead of
your mailbox number



Summary of Contents for NEC SV8100

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