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Special Notes About Microwaving - Frigidaire GLMB186C Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire glmb186c: operating instruction
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Special Notes About Microwaving

If you see arcing, press the CLEAR/OFF pad and correct the problem.
Arcing is the microwave term for sparks in
the oven. Arcing is caused by:
• Metal or foil touching the side of
the oven.
• Foil not molded to food (upturned
edges act like antennas).
• Do not pop popcorn in your microwave
oven unless in a special microwave
popcorn accessory or unless you use
popcorn labeled for use in microwave
• Some products such as whole eggs and
sealed containers—for example, closed
jars—will explode and should not be
heated in this microwave oven. Such use
of the microwave oven could result in
• Do not boil eggs in a microwave oven.
Pressure will build up inside egg yolk
and will cause it to burst, possibly
resulting in injury.
• Metal, such as twist-ties, poultry pins, or
gold-rimmed dishes, in the microwave.
• Recycled paper towels containing
small metal pieces being used in the
• Operating the microwave with no food
inside for more than a minute or two
may cause damage to the oven and could
start a fire. It increases the heat around
the magnetron and can shorten the life
of the oven.
• Foods with unbroken outer "skin"
such as potatoes, hot dogs, sausages,
tomatoes, apples, chicken livers
and other giblets, and egg yolks
should be pierced to allow steam
to escape during cooking.

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Table of Contents

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