Frigidaire GLMB186 Use & Care Manual

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Important Operating Instructions ..14-28 Safety Information ,., 2-11 Care and Grounding Instructions ... Cleaning ..3o-31 Features ... 12,29 Troubleshooting ..32-33 Consumer Services Getting Started ..Warranty& Service ..34-36 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS PIN 3161372o4 12-oo J R...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    A list of toll-free and maintain your microwave properly. customer sen,ice numhers is included If you received a damaged the back of this manual. Or call Frigidaire oven,,,immediately (ontact the dealer Consumer Selwices at 1-800-944-9044, (or builder) that sold you the oven.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION To reduce the risk of fire, burns, electric shock, injury to persons, or exposure to excessive microwave energy when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the following sections. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS I This microwave oven is not approved or tested for marine use. ,, Read and follow the specific "Precautions •...
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL INFORMATION BEFOREUSING "To reduce the risk of fire in the oven ,, Do not store this appliance outdoors. Do not use tbis product near water-- cavity: fi)r exanlple, in a wet basement, near -- Do not overcook lood.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Special Notes About Microwaving Arcing I If you see arcing, press the CLEAR/OFF pad and correct the problem. Arcing is the microwave term tbr sparks ,, Metal, such as twist-ties, pouhry pins, the oven. Arcing is caused gold-rimmed dishes, in the microwave.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL INFORMATION BEFOREUSING Safety Fact- SUPERHEATED WATER Microwaved water and other liquids do not always bubble when they reach the boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all. Superheated liquid will bubble up out of the cup when it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Special Notes About Microwaving Microwave-Safe Cookware Make sure all cookware used in your " Do not use recycled paper products. microwave oven is suitable fi)r Recycled paper towels, napkins microwaving. Most glass casseroles, waxed paper can comain metal flecks cooking dishes, measuring cups, custard...
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL INFORMATION BEFOREUSING M icrowave-Safe Cookwa re (continued) "Use tk,il only as directed in this manual. In longer exposures to overcooking, TV dinners may be microwaved in ti)il lood and cookware could ignite. Follow Irays less than 3/4"...
  • Page 9: Grounding Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Grounding Instructions Grounding Instructions Consult a qualified electrician or seia,ice technician if the grounding instructions are not completely understood, or if doubt exists as to whether the appliance is properly grounded. If the outlet is a standard 2-prong wall Ensureproperground exists before...
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Adapter Plugs Adapter Plugs Usage situations where appliance's CAUTION: Attaching the adapter power cord will be disconnected ground terminal to the wall receptacle infrequently. cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the cover screw is (Adapter plugs metal, and not insulated, and the wall permitted...
  • Page 11: Safety Information

    Optional Kits Choose the appropriate Installation Kit below Io com,ert this oven to a built-in wall oven. Available at extra cost ti-om your Frigidaire supplier. For 27" installations: For 30" installations: Model Model GLMB186KB 82-1827-18...
  • Page 12: Features

    Microwave Features Here is a quick guide to the features controls of your microwave oven. NOTE: This manual covers several models so the illustralion may not look exa( l]y like your model. However, operating instruclions ior each of the l_:atures and iunctions of your microwave will he lbund in Ibis manual.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting Started You can microwave by time or with the sensor features. (Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.) @® ®®® Time & Auto Features Press Enter Cook Time I & II P_gss oqTce oT l_)i€_ Amount of cooking time.
  • Page 14: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Changing Power Levels How to Change the Power Level A high setting (10) will cook lhster but Iood may need more frequent stirring, The power level may be entered changed immediately after entering rotating or turning over. Most cooking li:amre time tor C(X)K TIME, TIME will be done on High (power level 10).
  • Page 15 Operating Instructions Time features Cook Time CookTimel CookTimen Allows you to microwave li)r any time up Lets you change power levels lo 99 minules and 99 seconds. automaticany dur'ng cooking. Here s how to do i_: Power level 10 (High) is amomatically set, 1.Press COOK TIME.
  • Page 16 Operating Instructions Cooking Guide For Cook Time I & II NOTE: Use power level High (10) unless otherwise noted. Vegetable Amount Time Comments Asparagus 5 to 8 min., (fi-esh spears) 1 lh. In 1 _A_qt.ohlong glass haking dish, Me&High (7) place 1/4 cup water.
  • Page 17 Operating Instructions Cooking Guide For Cook Time I & II Vegetable Amount Time Comments Corn (frozen kenml) ]O-oz. package 2 m 6 rain. In l-qt. casserole, pla(e 2 tahlespoons water. Corn the cob 1 to 5 ears 1¼ to4min. (fresh) In 2-qt.
  • Page 18 Operating Instructions Time Features Time Defrost Defrosting Tips Allows you to defi-ost fi)r the length of time you select. See the Defi-osdng Guide • Foods li-ozen in paper or plastic can he fiat suggested times. defi-osted in the package. Tightly closed packages should be slit, pierced 1.
  • Page 19 Operating Instructions Defrosting Guide Food Time Comments Breads, Cakes Bread, buns or rolls (1 pc.) 1/4 min. Sweet rolls (approx. 12 oz.) 2 to 4 min. Fish and Seafood Fillets, frozen (1 lh.) 6 to 9 rain. [}lace hlock in casserole. Turn over and Shellfish, small pieces (1 lb.) 3 to 7 rain.
  • Page 20 Operating Instructions Time Features Plus 30 Seconds Express Cook You can use this feature two ways: ,, It will add 30 seconds to the time counting down each time the pad is This is a quick way to set cooking time for 1-6 minutes.
  • Page 21 Operating Instructions Auto Features Auto Defrost Conversion Guide Auto Defrost automad(ally sets the If the weight of tbod is slated in pounds defrosting times and power levels to give and ounces, the ounces mus[ be even defi-osting results tbr meats, poulu T _onverted m tenths (.1) of a pound.
  • Page 22 Operating Instructions Sensor Features Humidity Sensor What happens when using the Sensor Features,.. The Sensor Features detect the increasing humidity released during cooking. The oven automatically adjusts the cooking time m various iypes and Dry off dishes so they don't amounts of ti_od.
  • Page 23 Operating Instructions Sensor Features Popcorn How to Use the Popcorn Feature To subtract time: 1.1:_llow package inslructions, using Cook Time if the package is less than 1.75 Ariel- pressing POPCORN, press 1 ounces or larger than 3.5 (mnces. Pla(e immediately after 1he oven starts fbr 20 the package of popcorn...
  • Page 24 Operating Instructions Sensor Features Reheat How to Use the Reheat Feature How to Change the Automatic Settings For reheating single _r_ngs of previously To reduce time by 10%: cooked tbods or a plate of leftovers. Press 1 after the t;eature pad. 1.Place covered tbod in the oven.
  • Page 25 Operating Instructions Sensor Features Sensor Cooking Baked Potato Veggie 'ltae Baked Polato t_amre cooks 1/2-2 lbs. of Use lhe Veggie _amre to cook 4-16 ounces polames. of flesh, fl-ozen or canned vegetables. 1.Pierce skin wilh tbrk and place potatoes on 1.For flesh vegelables, add 2 tablespoons of lhe mmlable, ffcooking Ihree or more water per serving.
  • Page 26 Operating Instructions Other Features Help Scroll Speed s_ls_d 'ltle HELP pad displays t_amre infbm_ation The scroll speed of the display can he and helpful hirers. Press HELP, Ihen select a changed. Press and hold the AM/PM leature pad. about 3 seconds to bring up the display.
  • Page 27 Operating Instructions Other Features Remind Timer On/Off The Remind leamre can be used like an Timer On/Offoperates as a minute timer alarm Oo{k and can be used at any time, and can be used at any time, even when even when the oven is operating. The Ihe oven is operating.
  • Page 28: Instructions

    Operating Instructions Other Features Child Lock-Out Beeper Press BEFPER to turn the oven beeper You may lock the control panel to prevent on or off. the microwave fl-om being accidentally started or used by children. To lock or unlock the controls, press and hold CLEAR/OFF lbr about three...
  • Page 29: Features

    Feature Information Microwave Terms Term Definition Arcing Arcing is tbe microwave term tbr sparks in the oven. Arcing is caused by: • metal or toil touching tbe side of the oven. • loll ttaat is not molded m lbod (upturned edges act like antennas).
  • Page 30: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning To clean the surface of the door and the Helpful Hints surface of the oven that come together upon dosing, use only mild, nonabrasive soaps or detergents using a sponge or soft cloth. Rh_sewith adamp doth and dry. Removable Turntable and Turntable Support ()pen dae oven door a few minutes...
  • Page 31 Care and Cleaning How to Clean the Outside Stainless Steel Surfaces Do not use cleaners containing (on some models) ammonia or alcohol on the Do not use a steel-wool pad; it will scratch microwave oven. Ammonia or the surface. alcohol can damage the appearance of the microwave.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before You Call For Service... Troubleshooting Tips Oven will not start? Save time and tnoney_ Review Ibis list first and A ti_se in your home may be blown or the you may not need to (all ti)r _lwi( e. ciroait hreaker tripped.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before You Call For Service... Things That Are Normal Control Panel Lighted, Yet Oven Will Not Start? • Steam or vapor escaping d-ore m-ound door. ,, Door not mcurely dosed. Open the door and close _curely. ,, Light reflection around door or omer case.
  • Page 34: Consumer Services

    Consumer Services WARRANTY "_ o_ _ _l_ _ "_ o_ _o_ _ o_ _-_o_ _o_ !o i o_ _ _._'_ @,_o...
  • Page 35 Consumer Services WARRANTY (Continued) * NORMAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONSUMER This warranty applies only to products in ordinary household use, and the consumer is responsible for the items listed below: 1. Proper use of the appliance in accordance with instructions provided with the product.
  • Page 36 Consumer Services IF YOU NEED SERVICE Keep your bill of sale, delivery slip or some other appropriate payment record. The date on the bill establishes the warranty period should service be required. If service is performed, it is in your best interest to obtain and keep all receipts.

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