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How To Clean The Outside - Frigidaire GLMB186C Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire glmb186c: operating instruction
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Table of Contents
Care and Cleaning

How to Clean the Outside

Do not use cleaners containing
ammonia or alcohol on the
microwave oven. Ammonia or
alcohol can damage the appearance
of the microwave.
Clean the outside of the microwave with a
sudsy cloth. Rinse and then dry. Wipe the
window clean with a damp cloth.
Control Panel and Door
Wipe with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
Do not use cleaning sprays, large amounts
of soap and water, abrasives or sharp
objects on the panel—they can damage it.
Some paper towels can also scratch the
control panel.
Door Surface
It's important to keep the area clean
where the door seals against the
microwave. Use only mild, non-abrasive
detergents applied with a clean sponge
or soft cloth. Rinse well.
Stainless Steel Surfaces
(on some models)
Do not use a steel-wool pad; it will scratch
the surface.
To clean stainless steel surfaces, use a hot,
damp cloth with a mild detergent suitable
for stainless steel surfaces. Use a clean,
hot, damp cloth to remove soap. Dry with
a dry, clean cloth.
If food soil remains, try a general kitchen
cleaner, such as Fantastik® , Simple Green® ,
or Formula 409® .
For hard-to-clean soil, use a standard
stainless steel cleaner, such as Bon-Ami®
or Cameo® .
Apply cleaner with a damp sponge. Use a
clean, hot, damp cloth to remove cleaner.
Dry with a dry, clean cloth. Always scrub
lightly in the direction of the grain.
After cleaning, use a stainless steel polish,
such as Stainless Steel Magic® , Revere
Copper and Stainless Steel Cleaner® , or
Wenol All Purpose Metal Polish® . Follow
the product instructions for cleaning the
stainless steel surface.

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Table of Contents

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